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What Shoe Insole is Best for Me?

Often you are experiencing foot, ankle, shin, knee and/or hip pain and are in search of insoles to help relieve the ache’s & pains. When your foot is not working the way you would like, a good insole can help alleviate any aches, pains, and/or medical conditions. Insoles are referred to as shoe insoles, inserts, orthotics, arch supports, sock-liners, and footbeds. Choosing the right insole for your foot problem can be daunting –especially the first time.

It is our "mission" in "Taking 10,000 Steps a Day with You" 

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If you have foot issues and need help identifying, preventing and/or treating the condition, check out our Foot Care Conditions Glossary

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For those not familiar with Insoles, "the sizing" typically covers a shoe size range (such as women’s 7-8) and when one has a ½ size shoe (such as a Men’s 8 ½ ), you would move up to the next size –such as a Men’s 9-10.  While at the same time 99.5% of All Full Length Insoles are "Trim-to-Fit" Insoles -meaning they can be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit for your shoe.   Click on The Insole Store.com's " How to Trim to Fit Your Shoe Insole Video" or "which foot arch do you have?"to learn how Today!  

Seeking additional foot, insole, arch support, insurance, and/or policies? -check out TheInsoleStore.com's Faq page.

There are many reasons why you would use a shoe insole:

Orthotic Arch Supports

Orthotic Arch Supports are the most popular shoe insoles. One may also refer to them as arch supports or orthotics. While most people are familiar with a cushion or gel insoles, an orthotic arch support often are known as hard, rigid, or stiff. Yes while from an outside view an orthotic arch support appear rigid, they are built to assist your foot into the natural foot position to properly spread the weight and shock of walking/running throughout the foot and use the foots own fat (heel pad) to assist in shock absorption. They do have varying degrees of cushioning on top; however, they all have a reinforced arch support designed to properly support and hold your arch in place. As you walk, your foot arch collapses by design; however, if it collapses too much one can sustain small rips and tears in the muscles and tendons that connect the heel to the toes. This condition is known as Plantar Fasciitis which is the most common foot condition. Wearing sandals, flip-flops, and/or improperly fitted shoes can create the problem too. The Arch Supports are built to be stiff to prevent your foot arch from over-collapsing as your foot absorbs the heavy impact of your body weight. For this reason, these orthotics often feel uncomfortable when you first wear them; however, after a few days or weeks, you will not want to live life without them. Do you have a high arch –check out our High Arch Insoles or if a Low Arch (Flat Foot), check out our Low Arch Insoles. Remember –one should always seek out medical advice prior to self-prescribing orthotics.


Arch Cushions

Arch Cushions are more popular for those with a less severe arch problem or those who cannot get used to an Orthotic Arch Support. Arch Cushions tend to have the same design as an Orthotic; however, will have a foam padding arch support versus a rigid arch support. Sometimes people start with a softer Arch Cushion prior to wearing an Orthotic Arch Support.


Cushion Insoles

Cushioned Insoles are worn primarily for comfort. Yes some Cushioned Insoles have arch padding or a heel cup for extra shock absorption; however, they are made to make you and your feet feel better. Working All-Day on your feet, hiking, walking, and/or wearing cowboy boots, work boots and shoes will leave your feet aching and sore at the end of the day. Cushioned Insoles offer additional circulation, shock absorption, and support for added comfort. A lot of our customers end up wondering why they hadn’t starting wearing them sooner and often put them in all their shoes.


Athletic-Sports Insoles

Athletic or Sports Insoles tend to be more technical in their design. These are insoles engineered for specific functions and needs of the athlete and their foot. Runners need more heel padding and a foot support system to assist with their heel-to-toe (gait) movement. Cyclists and Cleated Track Shoe Runners require a more breathable and compact insole. Skiers, Snowboarders, or those whom wear Winter Boot need an insole that promotes heat retention while Hockey Skaters need an insole designed for the Hockey, In-Line, Roller, Figure & Ice-Skate Boots. Hikers need a Hiking Insole designed to absorb the additional shock impact from the increased weight of backpacks and/or impact from traversing rugged terrain. Involved in Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, or Racquetball? Check out our Court Sports Insoles or take a look at our Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, & Baseball Insoles. Need foot support for your golf shoes? Check out our selection of Golf Insoles.


Gel Insoles

Are you gellin? Gel Insoles are known for having good shock absorption and certain softness too. While the Full Length Gel Insoles can be heavy, there is a certain feeling one gets from a liquid type cushion. Our most popular Gel Insoles are the Heel Pads, Ball of Foot Pads, and/or ¾ Length Gel Insoles.


Unique Insoles

Whether you are looking for extra cushion throughout the day, work relief, sports support, or an insole to assist with medical conditions, The Insole Store has ever type of Shoe Insole for your foot-care needs.

We hope we were able to help with the "Best Insole Buying Guide," Let us know how we can proide additional help!

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