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Customer Testimonials

For anyone who has had planters fasciitis you know how miserable it can make you as well as any of the treatments. All foot doctors said no flip flops! By chance on vacation in the keys my shoes blew out of the boat. I went to the closest store, all they had were flip flops. I told the sales rep my situation and they introduced me to Sole's. What a god send. I'm now on my sixth pair. It has been several years with no reoccurrence of planters fasciitis. Great product great price at theinsolestore.com, thank you!

- Jim

I have many problems with balancing as I needed a support shoe. My husband came out of the Shoe repair shop as I was surprise of the soles in the "flip flops".The incredible comfort, the shape and with spring going to be coming, ladies you gotta try a pair.Thanks Spenco! Mississippi , land of sandals.

- Jody

After trying several products to help with the pain I was experiencing from Planter's Fasciitis I happened to go into a Sun & Ski Store at a mall near by to ask what if anything they could recommend for the issue I was having. The Sales Associate was so helpful. He had me take off my shoe and immediately was able to tell me that based on he was seeing my foot pronates when I jog/run is why I got Planter's Fasciitis and that Super feet should help my problem and give me some relief from the pain I was experiencing. Well sure enough as soon as the insoles were put in my shoes and I began to walk my foot felt much much better. Each day I wear the insoles in my shoes my pain gets better so I'm hoping the pain will eventually subside for good since this has been going on since the day before Thanksgiving 2016!

- Aunt D

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The Insole Store features Podiatrist Recommended Spenco Insoles, Polysorb, Orthotic Arch Supports, Arch Cushions, Cushions, Total Supports, Gel Insoles, Gel Cushions, Gel Heel Cushions, Gel Heel Cups, Forefoot Cushions, Specialty Products such as the Insoles specifically made for Men & Women including Diabetic Insoles, Foot Beds, and more. All of Spenco's Foot Care Products have been awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Our Insoles can help treat Arch-Heel Pain, Over-Pronation (Flat-Feet), Metatarsalgia, Plantar Faciitis, Shin Splints, & more.

The Insole Store offers the best selection with the addition of Apara Gel Inserts, Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles, Pedag Leather Insoles, Powerstep Orthotics, ProThotics Diabetic-Arthritic Insoles, Sof Sole Performance Insoles, SOLE Softec Series Custom Insoles, Superfeet Premium Insoles, KidZert's Children's Arch Support Insoles, CurrexSole, FootDisc Insoles & more. We provide the Best Men's, Women's & Children's Shoe Insoles, Inserts, & Orthotic Arch Supports for Athletics-Sports, Casual-Dress, High Heels, Orthotic Sandals, Work, and Medical-Foot Conditions & more.


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