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Customer Testimonials

I am an avid sportsman and outdoor enthusiast. As i have aged, the same sports and athletic endeavor I have lived for have also caused injury, pain and nagging discomfort. Case in point, nerve tenderness between the metatarsals of my right foot. On the doorstep of a surgical procedure to alleviate the pain, I stumbled onto this very simple solution. A sturdy foam pad that adheres to the insole of my cycling, hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking and all else shoes that have virtually eliminated the need to stop, untie my shoe laces, wiggle my toes around for a while then put my shoes back on and continue until the next stop!....these pads have literally changed my daily routine and simplified my life. Do yourself a favor and try these pads!

- Avid sportsman

I've been using the Powerstep Pinnacle PLUS Orthotic Insoles w/Met. Pad since you have offered them. I also put a Dr S thin cushion pad over or under them. It moves and needs adjusted frequently. Please get in Powerstep Pinnacle PLUS Orthotic Insoles w/Met. Pad with the Archlite you have advertised. It would make my day much more comfortable. I am over weight, have planter facetious and am on my feet, on concrete all day.!! Help Moderate Cushioning. ArchLite™ Full-Length shoe inserts help to relieve foot discomfort by providing dual-layer cushioning from heel to toe. Plush VCT® top foam layer and durable EVA foam base give increased cushioning over standard shoe insoles. Ideal for those who require more cushioning and less support. VCT® Variable Cushioning Technology provides targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft, supportive feel Dual layer cushioning with durable EVA foam base Solution for those who prefer cushioning without arch support Heat and friction reducing antimicrobial top cover Slight contouring throughout Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required

- oktoday

Best insoles I've ever owned! There is no better!

- Slayer

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At The Insole Store, We Can Help You Find the Comfort and Relief You Need Today.

The Insole Store features Podiatrist Recommended Spenco Insoles, Polysorb, Orthotic Arch Supports, Arch Cushions, Cushions, Total Supports, Gel Insoles, Gel Cushions, Gel Heel Cushions, Gel Heel Cups, Forefoot Cushions, Specialty Products such as the Insoles specifically made for Men & Women including Diabetic Insoles, Foot Beds, and more. All of Spenco's Foot Care Products have been awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Our Insoles can help treat Arch-Heel Pain, Over-Pronation (Flat-Feet), Metatarsalgia, Plantar Faciitis, Shin Splints, & more.

The Insole Store offers the best selection with the addition of Apara Gel Inserts, Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles, Pedag Leather Insoles, Powerstep Orthotics, ProThotics Diabetic-Arthritic Insoles, Sof Sole Performance Insoles, SOLE Softec Series Custom Insoles, Superfeet Premium Insoles, KidZert's Children's Arch Support Insoles, CurrexSole, FootDisc Insoles & more. We provide the Best Men's, Women's & Children's Shoe Insoles, Inserts, & Orthotic Arch Supports for Athletics-Sports, Casual-Dress, High Heels, Orthotic Sandals, Work, and Medical-Foot Conditions & more.


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