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as costly as some of these UGG slippers can get, even if you try to keep them in good shape (which I did to mine) the shearling insoles will wear out before you know it. A replacement set of these and it's just like you have a brand new pair! I know people who have off-brand slippers that the insoles aren't replaceable, so make sure that yours are before you order. As long as they come out of the slipper, I understand you can pretty much use any other brand insole (as long as you order the right size). Good luck. I love my UGG's

- ricknroll11

None of your reviews are of the newer and thinner style of this innersole. While it is well made, I did not find it to be as cushioned in the metatarsal area as the older style. However the newer one has a comfortable top lining. YOUR REVIEWS SHOULD ONLY BE OF CURRENT AVAILABLE ITEMS AND NOT OLDER ONES. NOTE from TheInsoleStore.com: Our reviews are based on what our customers submit; although this new style has been the only style made since 11/2013, customers have not left comments to date of the new slimmer style to fit most all shoes..

- meanjean

I had sever plantar fascitis in both feet and was only able to be on them for about an hour a day and then I was done for. If I went to the grocery store, that was it for me. The pain was intense and I'm no sissy. I bought a pair of orthaheel slippers for in the house and they were the only shoe that I could wear for any length of time. Then I bought a pair of these orthaheel relief insoles and put them in the other shoes that I couldn't wear anymore and they worked! Honestly. It's the only way that I can wear regular shoes anymore. If you suffer from plantar fasicitis try these. If they work for you like they helped me you won't be sorry.

- bizzibee

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Understanding CurrexSole Footdisc Orthotics

The Footdisc insoles were developed by the CurrexSole Company. The name ‘Currex’ actually comes from the words ‘currere’ meaning run and ‘rex’ meaning king. To be the running king, the CurrexSole Company believes that they must have the best analysis systems to evaluate gait during running. However, their name in the industry is known for […]

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The Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis for Women

When you’re a woman, one of the worst things that can happen to your feet is ending up with plantar fasciitis. The podiatrist will give you an ultimatum – either stop wearing high heels or continue to have pain.     Actually, plantar fasciitis is a mechanical problem of the foot and can’t be fixed […]

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Best Insoles for Military Boots

In one study, 10% of the New Zealand Army had plantar fasciitis along with other injuries caused by footwear that wasn’t supporting their feet. Over three months, to have 10% of your army down with stress fractures and other injuries of the back, hip, knee, foot and ankle, is not good – especially when all […]

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