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Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles

Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles

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In stock $ 44.95 Price: $44.95
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In stock $ 44.95 Price: $44.95
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Quick Overview

Superfeet Yellow are designed to fit the exact heel-to-toe profile of hockey, figure, and in-line skates and use with running and trail running shoes, track spikes, hiking boots, work boots, cowboy boots, ski and snowboard boots. Ideal for any footwear with a raised heel.

Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles

Superfeet Yellow are designed to fit the exact heel-to-toe profile of hockey, figure, and/or in-line skates. Offering a wide forefoot for skates, boots, and newer shoes and the Superfeet System to provide maximum support, stability, balance and shock absorption. The rear and mid-foot control points reduce over-pronation and stabilize the mid-foot. With a one and a half inch ramped heel the Superfeet Yellow is ideal for skates, cycling shoes, cleated track shoes, cowboy-western boots or any other shoe-boot that has a raised heel of 1 1/2 inch or greater. The Diamond Venting System is designed to align with perforated outsoules of hockey skates and road cycling shoes for improved air circulation around the foot. The durable and light-weight polypropylene stabilizer cap provides optimum control and flexibility.

Every Superfeet Premium Insole features a patented stabilizer cap for optimal underfoot support. When integrated with the shape and design of the foam full length, this unique combination creates a deep heel cup to cradle the heel’s fat pad for improved natural shock absorption. The system provides comfort and necessary stability for different activities, footwear and foot types. Additionally, because the heel is the foot’s first point of contact with the ground, Superfeet's deep heel cup design absorbs shock and initiates proper bone alignment. From heel strike to toe-off, the high density foam full length supports and provides comfort for the entire foot. Superfeet top covers are treated with Algion - an environmentally friendly prevention system for textiles and fabrics that reduces bacteria and helps prevent foot odor.

Features Include: 
Ideal for feet with low to medium arches; however, works for all foot types

Recommended for use with hockey skates, figure skates, shoes, running and trail running shoes, track spikes, cleats, hiking boots, cowboy boots, work boots, and ski and snowboard boots.

For the best fit, shoes should have a removable insole and ideal for any footwear with a raised heel. This Insole is narrower than the traditional Superfeet Insoles to fit the recommended shoes & boots. 

  • Encapsulating Stabilizer System [ESS] 
  • Top cover treated with Agion antimicrobial technology 
  • Trim to Fit

The Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles are the same version as the old popular bauer superfeet insoles for hockey skates.

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Customer Reviews

  1. AMAZING for ice hockey skates!!! Review by Crematia

    Let me preface by saying I've got the full Morton's foot. Big bunion, high arch that has fallen, neuroma, etc. When I first tried ice skating, I literally ended up sitting on the bench in tears. After some better skates, I learned the routine. Take ibuprofin 20 minutes before. Then, if I could make it through the first 15 minutes of blinding pain, my feet would go numb so I could make it through. Afterwards, the foot cramps were excruciating and would last for over an hour. After about 2 years of this, I decided to try Superfeet Yellows and they did things I didn't even think were possible. For one, they fit in my skates great and didn't alter the fit at all (thankfully because they had been heat-baked). No more numbness, very little pain (after an hour or two on the ice, I could feel some pain in my bunion but that was it), and I could actually feel my edges through the whole time!!! My skating improved drastically because I could actually feel my foot position and edges which was all new to me. I had taken skating classes with numb feet so I could only feel my foot's location, not the blade of the skate. I had no idea that this was happening until I got these. I seriously cannot sing their praises enough. Thank you!!! (Posted on 3/18/2015)

  2. Close but no bullseye Review by Stephen

    Got these to possibly use in a pair of cowboy boots as per description but they are too bulky since the boots are a very close fit. Will use them in another pair of boots that need better support.

    Note from The Insole Store.com: There are times when it is recommended to go up a 1/2 size in shoes when wearing insoles. (Posted on 1/1/2014)

  3. Not so good for Me & Roller Derby! Review by Shannon

    I bought these a while ago to wear in my roller skates when I play roller derby, while they help a little, they don't quite work out for the type of skates derby players wear (a soft boot, as opposed to a hard inline or ice skate) and the way we skate. These insoles are hard and should be very supportive, but it kind of is counterproductive because we skate in one direction most of the time and that hard arch support didn't work with the fact that my right boot is shaped as my stronger pushing foot and is a lot wider than my other boot. I developed a pretty intense callous on my right arch from the hard arch support rubbing against it as I pushed.

    They also have not helped my arch pain while doing agility work, either, so I am going to go for a more cushion/shock absorbing type of insole. I'm sure they work well for less agility-based skating or a harder boot, but not quite what I needed for derby.

    NOTE from The Insole store.com: If the rigid orthotic arch did not work for you and you seek more flexible cushion support, then consider the Powerstep Comfortlast Cushioning Insoles or Sof Sole Arch Performance Insoles (Posted on 11/12/2013)

  4. get these for cycling shoes Review by kg

    Far superior to any stock insoles that come with most cycling shoes. (Posted on 2/25/2013)

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