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Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy

Here2Clear - Nail Renewal Therapy

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Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy with 2nd Skin® Technology is a novel, breakthrough technology for use on nails that are dark, discolored, thick and rough on both hands and feet, which is more often than not are the result of nail fungus. Finally, something works! Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is a natural, safe and effective product which can be used to give you healthy, beautiful looking nails again.

Product Description

What is Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy? Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy with 2nd Skin® Technology is a novel, breakthrough technology for use on nails that are dark, discolored, thick and rough on both hands and feet, which is more often than not are the result of nail fungus. An estimated 15 million people suffer from nail discoloration and existing remedies can be toxic, costly and ineffective. Until now, topical medicines painted onto the nail have been ineffective because they do not penetrate the nail. Similarly, oral medications are ineffective due to limited blood supply underneath the nail and are highly toxic to the liver. Finally, something works! Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is a natural, safe and effective product which can be used to give you healthy, beautiful looking nails again. Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy utilizes the synergy of water to penetrate the nail plate and nano-silver to restore and beautify the nail at the source. Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy utilizes a proprietary form of nano-silver, called SilverSol® Technology, which is provided in a gel form that is easy to apply to the nail. Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy was developed by a physician and is hypoallergenic. Each kit provides sufficient components for 30 applications over 3 consecutive months, after which you will notice thinning and clearing of the affected nail and even new nail growth. The answer to make your nails beautiful and healthy looking again is to apply the Silver Gel containing SilverSol® Technology. This patented form of nano-silver, has been shown in laboratory studies, even in a low concentration (12 parts per million per application), to kill a broad range of organisms and further possesses the ability to give nails their natural clarity in combination with the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad. While SilverSol® Technology is highly effective at killing organisms, the key to Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad, which contains more than 90% water. When applied to the top of the nail to cover the Silver Gel, the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad works to soften the nail plate and thus transports the SilverSol® Technology to the source of the discoloration. Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is a natural, safe way to make dark, discolored nails vibrant and clear again. Each kit includes a three-month supply of necessary ingredients to achieve your desired results. Questions & Answers: 1. Will this product work if I have nail fungus? Yes, Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy was developed to address a broad range of nail conditions including yellow, thick and discolored nails which more often than not are the result of nail fungus.* In laboratory studies, Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy quickly (<24 hours) and effectively (>99%) kills a broad range of organisms, including T. rubrum & T. mentagrophytes (the two organisms commonly associated with nail fungus), as well as C. albicans, Ps. aeruginosa, and S. aureus. Additionally, we performed in-house clinical trials on more than 30 persons with yellow, thick and discolored nails. We saw a significant improvement in their nails over the course of the trial ranging from 50% to 75%. Keep in mind that each patient will respond differently, and in most instances, they had very thick and discolored nails that even the strongest medicines would not address. In some instances, we even recommended a second kit for continued application to ensure the effectiveness of the Here2Clear Therapy. Our success lies in Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy's ability to soften the nail with water and all the nano-silver particles to penetrate and eliminate the discoloration underneath to restore your nails to a clear, natural state. The effect of softening the nail is similar to bathing or swimming in a pool. This is why other products and topical drugs, such as Tolnaftate, Clotrimazole and Undecylenic Acid, fail to clear discoloration and fail to cure fungal infections of the nail. 2. How does Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy work? Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy with 2nd Skin® Technology uses water from the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad to deliver the Silver Gel through the nail plate, the skin at the base of the nail (the eponychium) and the skin under the tip of the nail (the hyponychium), allowing the nano-silver from the Silver Gel to directly reach the nail bed and the area where the nail is made (the germinal matrix). Reaching these critical areas will eliminate the discoloration. While the nano-silver used is a very low concentration (12 parts per million per application), laboratory studies have shown that nano-silver, even in this low concentration, effectively kills many organisms and further possesses the ability to eliminate nail discoloration. This product combines the benefits of natural water and the science of nano-silver to provide a product that finally works! 3. Why does Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy work better than other products or therapies? The synergy between water and nano-silver is more effective than most topical agents because more of the nano-silver penetrates the nail and reaches the problem area. Oral medications can be toxic to the body and also have a hard time reaching the problem area because of its limited blood supply. Lasers are expensive and may not resolve the problem of reoccurrence. 4. Is Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy a drug? No, Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is not a drug, but rather a safe and natural cosmetic therapy. This product is very different from oral drugs like Terbinafine or topical drugs such as Ciclopirox, Tolnaftate, Clotrimazole and Undecylenic Acid. A stronger version of the nano-silver (32ppm concentration) is currently approved by the FDA for use in complex wound care applications; however we designed the Here2ClearTM Therapy with 12ppm concentration based upon results from laboratory studies and evaluation from small scale clinical trials. 5. How many toe or finger nails will one 3 month kit of the Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy work for? The Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is designed for application on one large toe or thumb nail, or may be modified to apply on two smaller toe or finger nails. See the Instructions for Use on how to modify the kit components. For your convenience, two extra blisters of the Silver Gel have been included in each month's box. 6. Can I maintain my normal, daily routine? Are there any activities I should avoid? Yes, this product has been designed to allow you to wear shoes (loose-fitting) and to go about your daily routine. In fact, the T-Shaped Bandage will allow you to shower again during the day, such as after exercising. While using this product, you should not swim in lakes, pools or hot tubs as this may inactivate the silver component and reduce the product's effectiveness. 7. Can I use this product on my fingernails and toenails? Yes, this product is equally effective for discoloration of fingernails, as well as toenails. For smaller fingers or toes, simply cut the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad and T-Shaped Bandage to size and follow the instructions included with the kit. 8. Can I wear nail polish while I'm applying Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy? No. Nail polish should not be worn while using this product since it will prevent penetration of the water and nano-silver through the nail plate. Prior to starting use, remove all nail polish and do not re-apply during the 3 month course of using Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy. Once your nail is clear, you may resume applying nail polish. 9. Once the nail is clear, what can I do to prevent reoccurrence of the discoloration? After completing each 10-day cycle of Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy, soak the entire hand or foot in apple cider vinegar for one hour. You may wish to soak your nail scissors, clippers or metal files in the vinegar solution to keep them clean. Wear sandals or roomy, well-ventilated shoes. Let shoes dry for 24 hours before wearing again. Wear cotton socks and change them frequently if your feet get sweaty or wet. DO NOT share nail files or clippers and clean or discard after use. Avoid trauma to the nail. For example, prolonged running or walking can cause bruising to the nail area. 10. Is Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy safe to use regardless of my age or medicines I may be taking? Yes, Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is safe for use and no known limitations exist based on medicines you may be taking. However, we recommend that you consult your physician before use if you have any concerns. Specifically, this product should not be used by: 1) Children under the age of 16 2) Women who are pregnant or nursing 3) Those who have poor blood supply or diminished sensation (neuropathy) in the hands or feet 11. I see improvement after using this product. Can I continue the applications with another kit of Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy? Yes. In some instances, discoloration may be so severe and longstanding that more than one kit is needed. Keep in mind that nails grow slowly, especially toenails, so an additional kit may be needed. An emery board has been included with the kit to roughen and thin the surface of the discolored nail, enhancing penetration of the Silver Gel. For very thick, discolored nails, you should file the surface of the nail prior to using Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy. In some cases, you may wish to consult your podiatrist for options to mechanically thin the nail for best results. 12. The instructions say to apply Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy for 10 consecutive days and then take a break before the next month's application. Why? As you apply Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy, you'll notice that the water from the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad will soften the nail and the skin surrounding it, similar to taking a long bath. By taking a break between applications, you are giving your skin a chance to recover and the nail a chance to grow. Easy Steps STEP 1 – NAIL PREPARATION Prepare the nail by removing any nail polish, trimming the nail and using a file to gently scrape any debris from underneath the nail. Be careful to avoid bleeding or injury. As you use Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy, you will find that a great deal of the discolored nail can be trimmed away and filed down. Use the emery board to file the top surface of the nail. STEP 2 – APPLICATION OF SILVER GEL After bathing obtain the Silver Gel from one blister pack. Remove the foil backing and use your finger to scoop out the gel and apply it to the affected nail. Gently rub some of the excess gel under the tip of the nail and onto the skin around the nail. STEP 3 - APPLICATION OF THE MOIST PAD Obtain one Moist Pad and remove it from its pouch. Remove and discard the blue liner, exposing the wet surface of the pad. Apply the wet surface of the Moist Pad to the nail where Silver Gel has been applied. The Moist Pad should cover the nail and the gel and the sides and tip of nail. STEP 4 – APPLICATION OF THE T-SHAPED BANDAGE Secure the Silver Gel and Moist Pad with the T-Shaped Bandage. To apply the bandage, remove the liner and place the T underneath the affected toe. Fold the center portion of the bandage over the top of the toe and wrap the two side flaps of the bandage over the top as well. This will secure the Moist Pad and Silver Gel in place. If properly applied, the nail will stay wet for 24 hours and the SilverSol® Technology will remain activated. The T-Shaped Bandage is durable enough to allow you to exercise and even shower one more time during the day, if needed. Once the bandage is secure, wear sandals or loose-fitting shoes. STEP 5 – REPEAT APPLICATION FOR 10 CONSECUTIVE DAYS, THEN SOAK IN VINEGAR Shower and repeat steps 2 through 4 daily for 10 consecutive days. Except for bathing, the nail should be kept moist and covered for the entire 10-day period. After completing the tenth and final application, remove the bandage and soak the affected hand or foot in white or apple cider vinegar for one (1) hour to cleanse the surrounding skin and prevent the recurrence of discoloration. You may also soak your nail clippers and metal files in the vinegar to effectively clean them. After completing the vinegar soak, you do not need to do anything until the following month. APPLICATION SCHEDULE Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy requires 10 consecutive applications per month for three consecutive months. In the space provided on each month’s kit, BE SURE TO WRITE THE DATE you start applying Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy. For example, if you start applications on March 1, record the date in the space provided and begin your 10-day applications. The second month’s application would begin on April 1 and the third month’s application would begin on May 1. Kit includes a 3 month supply: - 18ml (0.6 oz.) Silver Gel - 30 T-Shaped Bandages - 30 2nd Skin® Moist Pads - 3 Emery Boards *The statements about Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates medicinal claims regarding drugs and medical devices, not cosmetic products such as this one. Spenco Medical Corporation or its representatives is not making any medicinal claims for Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Spenco Medical Corp., the makers of this product, make no medical claims that the Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is intended to treat, diagnose or cure any particular conditions. Our reasoning for developing Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy is because a large population of Americans (almost 1 in 10) reported having cracked, brittle, dry and/or unsightly nails due to discoloration. The Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy is a cosmetic solution that can restore those ugly nails to their beautiful, natural looking state. It is true that a variety of reasons may exist for unsightly nails and quite often a healthcare professional will verify that those symptoms are indeed the result of toenail fungus. A healthcare professional should be consulted if a specific diagnosis is sought.

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