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CurrexSOLE - FOOTDISC Type & Size Selector

Step 1: Determination of Type of Foot

The following is a simple at home test to find out what type of foot you have. To do this you need only a baking sheet, frying pan or shallow dish (at least as large as one of your foot), a little water and a sheet of newspaper.

  1. Pour a little water in the baking sheet and put the newspaper next to it.
  2. Wet your right foot by stepping in the pan.
  3. Take a normal step across the newspaper (not just a footprint, but walk across the paper).
  4. Your footprint is now clearly visible on the paper.

Perform steps 2-4. with your left foot to verify both of your feet are similar (this is not always the case). Compare now your footprints with the image below:

Note: It IS possible that you will be required to use two different sets of insoles to gain the proper fit. Just as some runners have different sized feet requiring multiple pairs of shoes so can be the case with insoles. It is uncommon but it does occur.

currexsole footdisc
  • A: High arched foot - Only the heel and ball of foot are visable.
  • B: Medium arched foot - The foot is evently balanced.
  • C: Low arched foot - The inner arch is sunken, the imprint in the middle is wider compared to a medium arched foot.
  • D: Flat arched foot - The inner arch is almost flat, so that you can see the total foot imprint.


Step 2: Determining Yout Leg Axis

The following test to find out you can easily and quickly determine which axis of the leg you have. Stand straight while looking at the floor-length mirror. Put your ankles together and stand tall. Do NOT hyper-extend your knees. Keep them slightly bent. With two fingers together determine your leg axis:

  1. Bow-legs - At least two fingers fit between the knees when ankles are together.
  2. Straight legs - The knees almost touch when the ankles are together.
  3. Knock-knees - At least two fingers fit between the ankles when knees are together
currexsole footdisc


Step 3: Select the Right Insole

You're done! Now simply combine your “Letter” with your “Number” and you’ll know the size for your needs.

currexsole footdisc

A1, A2, B1, B2: Supination to Neutral: Use the HIGH ARCH – meaning the blue – FOOTDISC / CurrexSOLE insole. Works best for your needs in a neutral shoe.

A3, B3, C1, C2, D1: Neutral to Overpronation: The MED ARCH – meaning the orange – FOOTDISC / CurrexSOLE Insole works perfect for your foot and ankle complex. Use a shoe with a slight medial posting and you’ll feel the most effect.

C3, D2, D3: Overpronation: The LOW ARCH – this is the red – FOOTDISC / CurrexSOLE Insole – protects your foot and ankle joint from soft tissue overuse. Insert the red insole into a shoe with a medial support to maximize the outcome.

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