What are Gel Shoe Inserts?

gel shoe inserts

gel shoe inserts


Gel Shoe Inserts are removable shoe inserts composed of gel in specific areas of the insert. The gel is used as a form of cushioning designed to absorb shock and create a smoother walk for each individual. The gel helps to reduce the harsh impact the ground has on the heel, arch and entire foot. This cushioning helps to prevent foot misalignment, and other serious injuries to the body.


There is a large range of gel shoe inserts designed to improve your overall health available at www.TheInsoleStore.com; the largest online retail store for insoles and orthotic shoes. Gel shoe inserts can be designed to improve the overall comfort in your entire foot, or they can be specific for certain needs. For example, if you’re suffering from Achilles tendinitis, having the right heel support is imperative. A gel insole may be exactly what you need to cushion the impact of your heel on hard surfaces. If you’re suffering from Morton’s neuroma, then having a gel insole designed for the ball of your foot would help to cushion and reduce pain.


Here are a few of gel shoe inserts available at TheInsoleStore.com:


  1. Spenco Gel Insoles – These gel inserts are among some of the best, yet least expensive on the market today. They are made of an exclusive gel called TPR, or Thermoplastic Rubber, created by Spenco. TPR creates targeted support and cushioning that helps to reduce the necessary work  performed by your feet, resulting in an extra 44% energy return. This energy return can translate into easily running that extra mile or even adding another 5 miles to your cycling routine a day. Spenco Gel Shoe Inserts have standard heel cushioning and metatarsal arch support necessary for correct foot alignment, as well as a stability cradle design to help support arches. These gel shoe inserts are accepted and recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


  1. New Balance Pro Gel – These gel shoe inserts are designed specifically for athletes, people who are on their feet for long periods during the day, or anyone in need of extra cushioning for their feet. The New Balance Pro Gel insert contains both extra cushioning in the heel, made from the material, Poron, as well as a metatarsal arch cushion that helps to relieve pain associated with Morton’s neuroma. The insert is also made with an antimicrobial, anti-slip top coat, and a deep heel cup for extra cushioning.


  1. Orthaheel Gel Heel Orthotic Inserts – Podiatric recommended, and specific for those with Achilles tendinitis or heel spurs. They contain a rear foot wedge that prevents and corrects overpronation, or flat feet. The heel cup shock dot with gel cushions the heel with every step. The Orthaheel Gel Heel Orthotic Inserts are perfect for those with heel, ankle, foot, knee, leg, and lower back pains.


  1. Sof Sole Gel Arch Comfort Insoles – This product contains a deep heel cup for correcting heel alignment as you walk, and metatarsal pad extra cushioning. The gel helps to absorbs the shock the foot receives from walking and molds to your feet with every daily activity.


  1. Sof Sole Massaging Gel Insoles – These insoles are designed to massage your feet with every step, improving the comfort in rest of your body at the same time. The Sof Sole Massaging Gel Insoles contain 100 different gel cells moving independently in every step. The many different gel cells work to stimulate and massage each part of your foot, 24/7.


  1. Apara Gel Arch Appeal – Made from 100% cool clear silicone gel, these are designed to pamper your arches. Their best feature is that they have sensitive, adhesive backing and can be placed exactly where you want them in your shoe. They also can be specific for high heel shoes.


With the variation of gel shoe inserts on the market, there is one that will surely fit your foot and situation. Try one today because it could mean happy feet within a few hours.

Tyler McCracken - President of TheInsoleStore.com, leading retailer of shoe inserts, insoles, orthotic arch supports, orthotic sandals, and footwear.

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