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Your Feet Should Not Hurt

It is surprising that many people are shocked at the statement, “your feet should not hurt”.  These people have lived with discomfort so long they have convinced themselves that foot pain is normal for everyone. The logic for the belief that everyone’s feet should hurt is that we put all of our weight on them […]

Flat Feet

“Flatfoot” (also known as pes planus) is a condition where the foot lacks an arch on the inside. It is a very common condition as almost all children start out with little or no arch. Most kids eventually develop a normal arch; however, often people grow to maturity without the development of a normal arch.

The Foot is a Precision Piece of Machinery

The foot is a precision piece of machinery which is fundamental for our movement and daily activities. The foot contains 26 bones including 2 sesemoids under the big toe. A network of muscles, tendons, and ligaments support bones and joints in the foot. Muscles give the foot its shape by holding the bones in position. […]