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“Clearly” a Fan of Clearly Adjustable Heel LIfts

Day 5 with my Clearly Adjustables! I tried these out with much reluctance and now will wear them as I wear my “undies” WITH EVERYTHING! They come in layers, each a millimeter thick, so I had a girlfriend help me measure my inseam – one leg was just under a half inch shorter than the […]

Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts Available at

(Charlotte, NC) The Insole is proud to present the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts for leg length discrepancies, vargus-valgus correction, achillis tendonitis, plantar wart, heel spur treatment, and height lift up to 12mm. Tyler McCracken, President stated “We clearly needed a superior heel lift that wouldn’t compress under weight like cork or foam padding.  We’ve added […]