Staff Picks

We asked two members of our warehouse team to write a review on their favorite products that they use on a regular basis. You can read about their specific foot conditions and the products that they use to address them.

Ashley M. – I deal with severe plantar fasciitis, so I make sure my feet come first when I am on them all day. I received a sample pair of the OS1st FS4 No Show Plantar Fasciitis Socks and immediately fell in love with them. They are a compression sock that applies pressure right where you need it the most. They not only have easy maintenance with a simple wash and air dry, but they stay hidden and you can’t tell that you even have them on! I now am embarrassed to say how many pairs I actually own!

Another product that I love for after work are the OS1st FS6 Performance Foot Sleeves. These allow my feet to breathe while still providing the support that I need because I love walking around barefoot. They are also great when you’re wearing sandals or flip flops that don’t have any support. If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, I highly recommend these socks as a must try!

Rebecca – I wear the Superfeet Berry Premium Insoles for support because I have a high arch and am also on my feet all day. These insoles are awesome because they are specifically designed for a woman’s foot. They are thin and don’t make my shoes feel bulky. They have great semi-rigid arch support that are true to fit so that I can switch them out easily between a couple pairs of shoes. If you are looking for an everyday insole, definitely check these out!