Spending Too Much on Running Shoes?

Running shoes can certainly run up a bill that exceeds your shoe budget. You may rationalize the purchase by thinking that a well-made shoe is vital for when your feet are out pounding on that pavement. Instead, look for the right pair of insoles that will be sure to protect your feet, as well as your body.


insoles for running shoes

insoles for running shoes


Although there’s certainly some truth to this. You wouldn’t expect a pair of paper-thin running shoes to protect your feet from every nail, sharp stone, piece of metal, and any other dangerous material that the bottom of your foot may come in contact with. Without the right foot protection, all that weight and pressure coming down hard on any of these sharp objects could lead to serious injuries, cuts, and bacterial infections.


But what most people don’t understand is that it’s not only the outside of the shoe that counts; it’s the inside, too. It is extremely important to make sure that you have insoles for running shoes that are personalized for your individual feet. The reason for this? Most running shoes are made and manufactured  in a very cookie-cutter fashion, while feet are not. Your feet may be vastly different than someone with the same shoe size as you, your peers, and even members of your own family. More than likely your shoes will even fit completely different on you than they did at a previous age. When it comes to running shoes, one size certainly does not fit all.


No matter the shoe size, running puts a lot of extra stress on your feet and your body. As a runner, it is very important to make sure that the basics are covered with the right pair of shoes and insoles. A few features that you should be looking for in a good pair of running shoes are: correct arch support for your own individual foot, metatarsal pad support, and a deep heel cup that can prevent foot misalignment and other serious injuries.


When evaluating which pair of insoles are right for you, you should first determine if these three conditions are met. Then you can further explore any of the many additional features that the products have to offer.


The New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insoles IUSA3810 are a good example of insoles designed for those with medium to high arches. They also are designed with an anti-microbial top layer that prevents the foot from over sweating. However, their most unique feature are the custom-made air flow channels that keep feet cool even while out on the move.

New Balance Supportive Cushioning insoles

New Balance Supportive Cushioning insoles


The New Balance MultiSport Cushion Insoles IMCS3100, unlike some of the other insoles, use a gel like arch. This feature is designed and ideal for every day heel and arch support, cushioning, and extra shock absorption.


Superfeet Insoles are another great brand to consider for avid runners and athletes. The company specifically services and caters to the many different needs of athletes. The Superfeet Berry Premium insoles are a great example of insoles that help with shock absorption. This product contains a new, contouring rebound foam that absorbs the shock in your forefoot when running on hard pavement. It is also designed for women with medium to high arches, and feet that tend to perspire more frequently.


You’ll find a large selection of insoles for running shoes at www.TheInsoleStore.com. Go the distance and make your feet happier.