Sof Sole Fit Insoles – Great For Your Tight Shoes

Have you ever noticed that regular, basic insoles don’t fit right in certain shoes of yours sometimes? Your feet feel too snug inside your shoes, and as a result, they wear down your skin leaving you prone to developing blisters. If this describes your situation, you might need to consider wearing special insoles designed for extra tight shoes.


Say no to all of that discomfort and blisters by getting yourself a pair of Sof Sole Fit insoles. These are some of the only orthotics on the market designed for extra tight shoes.


So what is it that makes an orthotic designed for tight shoes?


1. Minimal Cushioning – Too much cushioning is one of the primary reasons why standard insoles won’t fit inside any of your right shoes. Sof Sole Insoles are also very lightweight and weigh in at 1.8 ounces.

2. Type of material used – These Sof Sole Insoles are made with EVA foam and a nylon plate.

3. Designed to promote natural range of motion – These Sof Sole orthotics are engineered for perfect fit, hence the name Sof Sole Fit. With a natural range of motion, you can expect balance, stability, and a medial longitudinal arch functioning as it should – not too flexible and not too stiff.

4. No over-correction of the arch – By selecting the exact arch type of Sof Sole Fit orthotic, you can prevent over-correction. For example, the flat feet version provides an arch of 2.8 cm. The neutral arch Sof Sole insoles are 3.0 cm for the arch height. The high arch Sof Sole insoles are 3.3 cm for the arch height.


Sof Sole FIT

Sof Sole FIT

With all of these features in the Sof Sole insoles, you never have to chose between affordability and comfort again. The Sof Sole Fit for tight shoes also has an extremely unique design on the inside of each shoe; an orange footprint for high arches, a green footprint for neutral arches, and a blue foot print for low arches.


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