Shoe Insoles for the Minimalist & Tight-Fitting Shoe Runner

There has been alot of talk about ‘barefoot running’ and ‘minimalist running’ shoes in the running and jogging communities. Everyone has their opinion as to what is proper form and function of the mechanics of how one’s foot and skeletal structure is built to run and what level of support, cushion, and protection a foot should have.   Truth be known,  foot injuries occur with any style and protection (at some level) certainly is hard to argue against.   Regardless -at The Insole, we assist our clients as they see fit with shoe insoles, inserts, and orthotic arch supports for all levels of activity from daily living-work issues, medical, sports, and even runners adhering to the minimalist running (shoe) philosophy.

For those wearing minimalist running shoes just like a tight fitting dress, golf, track or soccer shoe, a good orthotic arch support can still be an appropriate addition to providing the ideal cushioning and foot support that one may need to minimize foot, leg, and skeletal pain due to shock and improper alignment.

Some of the tightest running shoes that we’ve had feedback from our customers on are listed below.   For the most part, we’ve been advised that some of our insoles at The Insole work well with the following:

  • New Balance Minimus Road
  • New Balance Minimus Trail
  • Merrel Trail Glove (barefoot series)
  • Saucony Kinvara
  • .

Most of the feedback that we are receiving from our customers is that the tight & minimalist running shoes work particularly well with the following two orthotic arch support insoles:

The Superfeet Black Premium Insole is the lightest, lowest of profile, & most flexible in the Superfeet Premium Insoles line-up and has been a popular choice in both the running and minimalist-barefoot running communities. Now, some may ask about the Superfeet Yellow Premium Insole?  Yes, it is just like the Superfeet Black and even lighter; however, it’s specifically built for cycling & running track (cleated) shoes (not to mention skates, cowboy boots, western boots, or shoes/boots with a 1 1/2 inch heel or greater).   So there is a difference.   If you’ve been using the other Superfeet in your running shoe’s and looking to try an even tighter fitting minimalist running shoe, The Superfeet Black Insole maybe just the solution.

The other popular choice is the Sof Sole FIT Performance Insoles that have recently been released.   The are a very light, flexible, and low-profile shoe insole with the choice between a Low Arch, Neutral Arch, and High Arch Insole style. For more thoughts on the new Sof Sole FIT’s, check out the “Sole Daddy’s” opinion on our guest article: Sof Sole Fit Insoles Review: Are Insoles for me?

So regardless of your opinion on what type of style and/or shoe is best for your jogging and running,  The Insole offers options for the most extreme in tight fitting and minimalist shoes. If your having foot alignment, pain, or issues in general,  we have shoe cushions and orthotic arch support insoles to meet your needs.   Check out the Insoles at The Insole Today!