Product Spotlight – Icebug Insoles


Icebug Insoles promote natural movement while providing dynamic support for the the foot. They are available in two styles, the Icebug Slim and the Icebug Fat.

The Icebug Insoles are designed to help assist in the treatment and prevention of many common foot conditions such as achilles tendonitis, arch pain/strain, metatarsalgia, over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, supination and many more.

Both insoles are available with three different arch types. Low, Medium, and High depending on your preference. If you are unsure of your foot arch type, you can always find out with the Wet Test.

The Icebug Fat Insoles are ideal for shoes with more volume and provides an extra layer of memory foam cushioning than the Slim style. They are perfect for walking, running, hiking shoes and boots, as well as work, ski and snowboard boots.


Fat Medium

Fat Low

Fat High


The Icebug Slim Insoles are ideal for lower volume shoes or shoes with a non-removable footbed such as running, cycling, dress shoes and cleated sport shoes.


Slim Medium

Slim Low

Slim High


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