When we hear the word latex, many thoughts may come to mind. It is an incredibly versatile, widely used material in manufacturing. Latex rubber is a naturally occurring substance found in nature in about 10% of all flowering plants. A synthetic version can also be achieved in a lab. Unfortunately, latex allergies are extremely common. An allergy may develop from repeated exposure to latex products and certain individuals are more susceptible to an immune response from latex antibodies. Latex allergies can range from irritant contact dermatitis (dry, itchy, irritated skin) to allergic contact dermatitis (blistered, oozing rash) to anaphylactic shock, possibly resulting in death. The following populations are at greatest risk for developing an allergy to latex rubber: children with spina bifida, industrial rubber workers, health care providers, and people who have undergone multiple surgical procedures. While there are certainly many shoe insoles, arch supports, orthotic sandals, and footwear on the market utilizing the benefits of latex, it is not a necessary ingredient for a high-quality product. TheInsoleStore.com and our manufacturers recognize that many of our clients would prefer and/or require a product without latex.  And if there is ever a question, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department for the latest product information.

We are proud to offer the following latex-free insoles, orthotic sandals & footwear:

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Insoles for Happy Feet
If you have foot pain, you may have already gone to the doctor and received prescription medications. If so, ask yourself a few simple questions. Was your pain actually diagnosed with a specific foot condition? Is the foot condition a physical problem that can be solved by placing orthopedic inserts or orthopedic insoles in your shoes? Most foot conditions will respond positively to orthopedic inserts and insoles.  Check out our Foot Care Terms Glossary for ideas on prevention and treatment. Full Story
metatarsal Insoles
Forefoot pain can be caused by many different disorders. The most common condition is metatarsalgia, a painful disorder associated with the metatarsal (ball of foot) region of the foot. Metatarsalgia affects the bones and joints at the ball of the foot, and symptoms are generally located under the 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads, which are the knobby tips of your metatarsal bones, located just under the fat pad. Often times, metatarsalgia is also thought of as a symptom of other ailments, such as hallux rigidus, bunions, hammertoes, Morton's neuroma, diabetes, and Achilles tendonitis. Excessive pressure over a long period of time causes the affected areas of the foot to become inflamed and painful. Most often, the pain comes on over several months, rather than all at once. The pain is usually recurrent or chronic and is quite acute. The root cause is often improper fitting shoes, such as those with pointed toes, high heels, and other restrictive-type footwear. Those who participate in high-impact sports are also likely to be affected. Footcare specialists recommend wearing shoes with ample room around the toes so that the toes are not forced into a cramped environment. Poorly fitted footwear can (and often does) inhibit walking and running and can lead to severe foot discomfort. Full Story
Plantar Fasciitis: The Most Common Heel Pain of the Foot
Do you suffer from heel pain? You're not alone. Heel pain affects over two million Americans annually. The pain experienced can range from mild discomfort to outright debilitating pain. But did you know that if you have heel pain, you might have a condition called plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is one of the primary causes of foot pain and usually, manifests in the form of a sharp pain in the foot near the heel. Full Story
Warm Winter Shoe Insoles for Everyday and Athletic Sports
Every year we start to feel the chill in the air, with the leaves falling beginning in late September and with the cold snap in the air we begin to see the demand in our warm winter shoe insoles for everyday living, work, and sports play.  Whether you're looking for orthotic support in your hockey skates, ski boots, or warm winter wool insoles for traipsing through the snow in your boots, TheInsoleStore.com carries the best selection of cushioned insoles, wool, and orthotic arch supports for foot conditions, athletics, and everyday life.   We have broken out our Winter Insoles Line-up into four distinct categories to assist our customers with finding exactly what they're looking for: Full Story