The Top 3 Common Foot Conditions Caused by Running

The Top 3 Common Foot Conditions Caused by Running

Running can put a lot of stress on your feet. In fact, running can put up to 3.5 times the amount of pressure of your body weight on your feet. In this article, we will address 3 of the most common foot issues runner experience and how you can help prevent and treat them.


Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition of the foot where the plantar muscles and connective tissue on the bottom of the foot are inflamed. With this condition, you feel pain towards your heel on the bottom of your foot when applying weight or pressure to this area.

A couple of ways that you can help treat and prevent Plantar Fasciitis are: Full Story

With wedding season upon us and no one should have to say “I do” with sore feet!

Whether you’re the bride in heels, the groom in tight-fitting dress shoes, the wedding planner, or the DJ that is standing the whole ceremony, you’re more than likely going to be in those uncomfortable shoes for a couple of hours.

Dress shoe insoles have a slim profile that are designed to fit in tight-fitting footwear without taking up too much room. Most have a 3/4-length design with orthotic arch support and a leather or soft material top cover, but they are also available in full-length styles.

High heel insoles are designed for shoes with a 1 inch heel or higher. They feature orthotic arch support with a soft top cover to keep hosiery from snagging. Metatarsal and ball-of-foot pads can also help save your feet preventing forefoot pain.

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Hallux Limitus / Hallux Rigidus: How to Treat for Pain Relief
Hallux Rigidus and Hallux Limitus are the same foot disorder but at different stages of development. The condition brings on limited motion to the big toe or a stiff toe. When movement is restricted by a bone spur, upper movement of the toe is restricted. When the joint is capable of motion, the condition is Hallux Limitus. However, if left untreated, the condition advances to Hallux Rigidus or what's known as "Rigid Toe". This condition exists when the big toe is rigid. That is, little to no motion is available. These conditions most commonly afflict people after the age of 30. Full Story
Golf Insoles: Cushions and Orthotic Arch Supports for Foot Pain Relief

I'm always reminded of golf shoe insoles when my father comes into towns.  He's a big golfer and suffers from over-pronation and flat feet.  This morning I had the pleasure of playing a round of golf while watching him instruct my son, Max, the finer points to playing a better game. Orthotic arch supports and shoe insoles for golf shoes require a somewhat different focus as a golf shoe tends to be tight and requires an insole that focuses on minimalism to fit while providing cushion and/or a proper foot foundation.

At, we provided the broadest selection of golf shoe insoles and orthotic arch supports.  

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Many people suffer from bunions, and some to the point that surgery is deemed necessary to fix the problem. But the truth is that surgery on bunions should be a last resort option. The reality is that surgery doesn’t solve the real issue behind the cause of bunions. If the cause is not corrected, the problem may persist and return even after surgery.

A bunion is an inflamed first toe joint usually with an abnormal bone growth that forms on the side of the big toe, or sometimes on the top of the big toe joint. These growths are usually caused by structural imbalances of the foot that are inherited. These imbalances can be made worse by shoes, injuries, arthritis and activities done without proper support of the foot.

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