Hot or Sweaty Feet? -the Right Shoe Insoles Will Work
Check out our choices of Cool Summer Insoles below... The Insole received a new product from one of our Manufacturers -Spenco Medical Insoles a little over a year ago. I will tell you that we had our doubts with the new Spenco Polysorb FLOW-Cool Performance Insoles as they claimed to dissipate heat and keep one's feet cool. After-all, That's a pretty hefty claim! For time to time, we've taken calls from our customers, whom are dealing with warm sweaty feet or perhaps even suffer from a hot-foot neuropathy. Naturally, we suggest that if one suffers with a persistent hot foot that they should seek the medical opinion of a Podiatrist. Other than maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise regimine, and proper sleep, one's options to cure the problem is limited; unless, a medical route is taken. So when one of our regular customers, Lou Anne, called in to place another insole order, I took the opportunity to ask her if a solution (with her doctor) was found for her burning-foot neuropathy? Her response was no; yet, she was optimist that a solution would be found with continuous testing. I mentioned how the Spenco Polysorb FLOW-Cool Insoles claimed to reduce heat with a blended EVA-Foam Based Insole that had a Magnesium Oxide material embedded for natural heat dissipation in the shoe insert. That it incorporated performance contours and breath-holes that naturally circulated airflow with the movement (gait) of one's foot with air-channeling technology that aided in reducing heat build-up. Lou Anne was open to trying the Spenco FLOW-Cool Insoles so we agreed to ship her a free pair with her regular order of shoe insoles. After a couple weeks of use, I am happy to report that Lou Anne called in with good news. Not only did the Flow-Cool Insoles work -but she wanted to order another two pair of them. She stated that she did feel a big [caption id="attachment_4527" align="alignright" width="103" caption="Pedag Summer Insoles"]Pedag Summer Insoles[/caption] improvement in the temperature of her shoes and feet. Perhaps, we've found a solution for your feet too. The Spenco FLOW-Cool Insolesare recommended for those seeking to reduce heat build-up and keeping their feet cool -while at the same time provide added support and shock absorption from the daily rigors that our feet take.

NOW - for a Pure Cotton Terry Coolness,   The Pedag Summer Insoles are the way to go...

The Pedag Summer Insoles are a pure cotton terry insole with a latex backing to prevent slippage.   For a Cool Fresh Feel and a sweat absorbing cotton, The Summer Insoles are ideal as they are machine washable and for the price -cannot be beat.  Check out the Pedag Summer Insoles Review. For those seeking additional help in Odor Absorption, simply upgrade to the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles that offer a natural odor absorption with pure cotton terry top and natural sisal bottom.   The Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles are machine washable too.  Check out the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles Review So as the heat rises this Spring & Summer, consider comfy cool cotten terry insoles or an insole built to dissapate heat with either the Cool Flow Insoles or the Pedag Summer Insoles at The Insole            
SOLE Softec Response Footbeds: Definite Foot Pain reduction…
I work on my feet 40 hours a week and also jog 15-20 miles per
week. I recently developed a moderate case of plantar fascitis.
I knew custom insoles were supposed to help this ailment but
didnt want to visit the doctor until i tried other options.
Bought these Sole Softec Response insoles and they provided 
immediate relief from my symptoms.

Foot pain cut by 70% and i can really notice when i am not
wearing them. If you can afford the "steepish" price tag
they are well worth the investment. and are an alternative
to seeing the doctor.  I change
them out in all my shoes and plan on buying another pair.