Is a Stability Insole Right for Me?

Stability Insoles are designed to provide the proper foundation for your feet. When your feet are not properly aligned, this can cause instability and improper balance causing many common injuries such as a rolled ankle, a torn ligament, fracture, or even a bad fall. When your feet have the proper support that they need, this will not only help your foot pain, but will also reduce pain in your ankles, knees, hips, and back by aligning your body literally from the ground up.

Stability Insoles provide proper arch support and a deep heel cup to help keep your heel locked in place and are available in a low arch, neutral arch, or a high arch orthotic foot support. If you are unsure what kind of arch type you have, please visit our video directions on how to do the “Wet Test”.

Arch supports and insoles for stability have come a long way from the typical products you can find at your local store. They provide support while giving you additional shock absorption and comfort depending on the activity or type of shoe that you need them for. Stability insoles are available in a semi-rigid arch support, a semi-flexible arch, or a rigid arch support, a non-flexible arch. Most of the time if you are just starting out wearing insoles or arch supports, we recommend trying the semi-rigid arch support at first for a couple of hours a day for about a week, or until your foot gets used to having the proper support it has always needed.

Our Top 3 Arch Stability Insoles are:

  • New Balance Arch Stability Insoles 3720 – This semi-rigid orthotic arch support is designed for low to neutral arch types. They provide extreme cushioning without compromising their deep heel cup or arch support. They are ideal for use in athletic, casual, dress, hiking shoes, and boots with removable shoe inserts.

  • Orthaheel Relief Insoles – Full-Length Orthotic – This semi-rigid orthotic arch support is designed for all arch types. They are clinically proven to align the foot to help alleviate both over-pronation and supination, and relieves pain from flat feet, low arches, and collapsed arches. They feature a deep heel cup, arch support, as well as built-in heel and forefoot padding for increased comfort and shock absorption. They are ideal for casual, athletic, dress shoes, and boots.

  • Sorbothane Ultra PLUS Stability Insoles – This rigid orthotic arch support is designed for neutral to high arch types. They have a deep heel cup and are lined with an air-infused Sorbothane base for maximum shock absorption. They are ideal for athletic shoes and boots. They are also available in a 3/4-length insole.


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