How to Determine the Best Shoe Inserts For Your Shoes

You may already have discovered the connection between how good you feel during the day and the shoes or orthotics, insoles, or shoe inserts you wear. If so, you’re already ahead of the pack, as most people haven’t been able to determine this. Others are still in the cave man times way of thinking that going barefoot is the answer to their foot ailments!


If you’re searching for the best shoe inserts, there’s a recommended way to do it. First of all, if you are currently seeing a podiatrist, then his recommendations will save you a lot of work in figuring it out. His years of experience and in studying foot bio-mechanics and shoe design make him by far the top expert in this area.


shoe inserts

shoe inserts


If you don’t have a podiatrist and are determined how to choose the best shoe inserts yourself, then use this method:


  1. Collect all your shoes in one location and begin examining them. What type of shoe inserts are in these shoes now? Which shoes do you wear that tire you out? Place them in a pile on your bed. If your feet feel great while wearing the other shoes, put them back in the closet but take the top three pairs and set them aside on the bed.
  2. Next to determine the best shoe inserts you will need, make a list of the type of shoes (athletic, dress, golf, etc.) you have and the type of shoe insert that they have from the stack of shoes that are related to fatigue. Does it have an arch support? Is it cushioned? Is there a heel cup? Is there a metatarsal pad? Are there any other features in the insole?
  3. You’ll most likely find a correlation between the shoes that fatigue your feet the most and the least amount of support.
  4. Next, write down in a new section on the paper what types of insoles the shoes that make your feet feel great have. Do they have arch supports? Are they cushioned? Is there a heel cup? Is there a metatarsal pad? Any other features?
  5. Now compare the lists. Whatever the features are that are found in the top three pairs of shoes are the ones that you should keep in mind for the best shoe inserts you will select.
  6. Next evaluate your own feet. What type of arch do you have? Know if your arches are low, medium or high. Do you have wide feet? Know the health conditions of your feet as well – do you have bunions, hammer toes, corns, calluses, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis, and other foot disorders. Write this down so you will know exactly what type of shoe insert you will need. To determine your best shoe inserts, you absolutely need this information.
  7. Finally begin looking online at for insoles. Your first criteria is to match the type of shoe insert for the arch. Your second criteria is to match the type of shoe insert to the type of shoe you will put the insert into. Is it an athletic shoe or a dress shoe or sandal? This matters. Your third criteria is to match the other features of the shoe insert to what you need.


This is the easiest way to find the best shoe inserts when you have to do it yourself.  For Additional Help, check out our Shoe Insoles Selector, Foot Condition Glossary, Education Video’s & Articles at our Best Shoe Insoles Guide Today!


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