Currexsole RUNPRO Insoles are Designed for Runners



Currexsole Runpro Insoles can be exactly what you need if you’re a runner. It doesn’t matter if you have a flat foot, high arched foot or a normal arched foot. Currexsole Runpro Insoles are made for each and every type of foot.

Running can bring you a lot of health benefits. It will increase your metabolic rate, which helps you lose weight and keeps you healthy. Running provides great benefits for heart health, as it increases circulation and allows your blood vessels to expand and contract, improving blood vessel elasticity. It also helps you increase insulin’s ability to get into your muscles. And it also increases endorphins that can keep you happier during the day.

Runners are dedicated to their running shoes. One statistic is that two-thirds of runners will make sure that their running shoes are in their luggage even if it means leaving other things behind. With running shoes you may like runner’s insoles.

How Runners Benefit

Currexsole Runpro Insoles are created by the company FootDisc. They’re specifically designed for runners like no other insole. Here’s why:

1. They contain sensor gels in strategic spots of the foot. For example, there’s a phase in the process of walking/running called toe off. This phase relates to your big toe. Your big toe has to be aligned perfectly to have a successful toe off. So by adding a sensor gel beneath the big toe in the Currexsole Runpro insoles, this ends up being a big aid to your running ability.

2. You’ll also find Currexsole Runpro Insoles have sensor gels beneath the heel, too. This supports your foot so you have less force from the pounding of the foot on the pavement from running.

3. Currexsole Runpro Insoles also have extra metatarsal cushioning. This helps you ‘blast off’ during a phase of walking/running called the propulsion phase. With a little extra cushioning in this location, you’ll be able to run longer. Because think about it – how long will you be able to run once you start feeling pain in the ball of your feet during running. With gel, you get that extra support.

Currex RunPro Insoles

Currex RunPro Insoles

4. A shock absorptive surface is also featured in this runner’s insole, perfect for runners. There’s also a memory foam in the insole made with charcoal to absorb foot odors and decrease bacteria that can easily multiply when feet sweat.

5. There’s also a heel cup in the Currexsole Runpro Insoles that helps keep your feet aligned so you don’t misstep.

Try the Currexsole Runpro Insoles if you’re a runner. You’ll be glad you did.