Corrective Insoles: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

What does the term ‘corrective insole’ mean? It means an insole that goes into your shoe that has the potential to improve your walk, correct your foot alignment, and make your feet happier.

Corrective Insoles

Corrective Insoles

That’s a lot to fulfill. However, with all the modern technology today, this is much more easily accomplished.


When you consider the evolution of corrective insoles, we’re at the best time in history ever. Not only can you get corrective insoles for arch support, but they also may include heel support, heel alignment, metatarsal support, antimicrobial fabric for decreasing the possibility of microbes breeding in your shoes, cushioning, and much more. You’ll find hundreds of these corrective insoles available on the market today.



Corrective insoles can make a leg length discrepancy disappear. This means your body posture improves, your hips level out, and your back pain decreases.


Corrective insole engineering and design principles can also be used to design sandals, such as Oofos sandals. The Oofos are both fashionable and the perfect orthopedic alternative to wearing those uncomfortable Old Navy thongs every summer. Wearing flat sandals with no foot support can cause serious foot problems and dangerous to one’s health.


The same principle of corrective insoles can be used to design orthopedic slippers, such as the Spenco slippers. These extremely comfortable, warm, fleece-like slippers

Spenco Slippers

Spenco Slippers

can be worn around the house for hours without your feet suffering from plantar fasciitis or other problems. The black and white Spenco slippers are one of the most popular slipper products offered by this brand.


Corrective insoles can be designed in the shoe itself, or they can be selected based to insert into any shoe based on personal needs. Check them out at and see what else there is out there for you.

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