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Revitalign Insoles

Revitalign Insoles are built on a foundation of biomechanically designed technology created by Doctor of Physical Therapy Geoffrey Gray, who is the Founder and Head of Research at Heeluxe Research Lab. Revitalign is a lifestyle brand that is committed to designing orthotics for the everyday active woman. Revitalign’s popular slogan ‘aligned spirits, aligned bodies, aligned […]

Bunion relief doesn’t always have to include surgery!

Hallux Valgus, or commonly known as bunions, is a deformity of the foot where your big toe moves towards the other toes, causing the joint to protrude. The meaning of hallux refers to your large toe, and valgus meaning misalignment or displacement. Bunions can cause calluses where the joint protrudes, corns, inflammation of the big […]

Staff Picks

We asked two members of our warehouse team to write a review on their favorite products that they use on a regular basis. You can read about their specific foot conditions and the products that they use to address them.

Winter Insoles

Winter is upon us and its that time of year again where a pair of insoles that are designed for winter foot wear make a world of difference. They typically feature a wool or felt, and sometimes offer additional insulated layers, winter insoles will keep your feet toasty no matter the temperature. Wool Insoles With […]