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Hockey and Skate Insoles: Benefit from Orthotic Arch Support in Your Skates, Too!

Whether you’re on the ice or the rink, proper-fitting skates are important not only for safety but also for performance. As is the case with shoes, skates often lack the necessary foundation to properly support our feet. However, most people don’t realize the importance of having a proper foot foundation in their skates, and many […]

The #1 Mistake with Metatarsal Pad Placement

Metatarsal pads were created to make your feet feel better! Specifically, a metatarsal pad, or met pad for short, is used to help support your transverse arch (this is the arch that runs widthwise across your forefoot located right below the ball of your foot). This will help place your forefoot in a natural resting […]

Soccer Insoles for Cleats in Cushion and Orthotic Support

With extreme sports, a lot of stress and strain is exerted on the foot’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.  Athletes, such as soccer and football players,  are especially vulnerable to foot pain and injuries due to wearing cleats that are thin and lacking in any protection and arch support. Soccer insoles not only provide extra […]