Hallux Valgus, or commonly known as bunions, is a deformity of the foot where your big toe moves towards the other toes, causing the joint to protrude. The meaning of hallux refers to your large toe, and valgus meaning misalignment or displacement.

Bunions can cause calluses where the joint protrudes, corns, inflammation of the big toe and the metatarsal joint, and general discomfort of the forefoot.

Bunions, which are most of the time hereditary, can also be caused by wearing tight shoes, narrow shoes, high heels, and shoes that crowd the foot. Most of the time, some only believe that surgery is the answer, but that is not always the case!

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December 19, 2018

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We asked two members of our warehouse team to write a review on their favorite products that they use on a regular basis. You can read about their specific foot conditions and the products that they use to address them.

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Winter is upon us and its that time of year again where a pair of insoles that are designed for winter foot wear make a world of difference. They typically feature a wool or felt, and sometimes offer additional insulated layers, winter insoles will keep your feet toasty no matter the temperature.

Wool Insoles With Arch Support

  • Superfeet merinoGrey Premium Insoles - This pair of Rigid orthotic insoles features a 90% hypo-allergenic merino wool top cover and is perfect for neutral to high arch types.
  • Powerstep Journey Wool Insoles - This pair of semi-rigid orthotic insoles features a wool top cover with an EVA foam base to help absorb impact shock for all arch types.
  • Pedag Viva Winter Insoles - This pair of semi-rigid orthotic insoles features a pure wool top cover with additional metatarsal pad. They are designed for low to neutral arch types.

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Do You Really Need a Plastazote Insole?

Insoles are made from a lot of different types of materials. Some are made from EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam, others made from rubber, leather, sheepskin, plastic, or plastazote. Of all these materials, plastazote is one of the hardest types of materials and one of the most durable, especially when it’s used to create plastazote insoles.

What is Plastazote?

What is Plastazote? Plastazote is a lightweight and flexible cross-linked Polyethylene block foam  often used to produce artificial limbs and rehabilitation devices. Although this may sound great for those who like ridged inserts a harder type of material in a pair of insoles can have a drawback. It can make the transformation of regular insoles to plastazote based ones insoles  painful or one that causes a bit of foot fatigue.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself if your foot needs hard support or the softer support? Does your foot do well with a more durable design, such as what’s found in the plastazote insoles?

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Icebug Insoles promote natural movement while providing dynamic support for the the foot. They are available in two styles, the Icebug Slim and the Icebug Fat.

The Icebug Insoles are designed to help assist in the treatment and prevention of many common foot conditions such as achilles tendonitis, arch pain/strain, metatarsalgia, over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, supination and many more.

Both insoles are available with three different arch types. Low, Medium, and High depending on your preference. If you are unsure of your foot arch type, you can always find out with the Wet Test.

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