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Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles

Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles

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Regular Price: $21.49

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Quick Overview

Arch Angels Comfort Insoles will help support your child’s foot growth through its most critical stages.

Arch Angels Children's Comfort Insoles

The Arch Angels Children's Arch Support Inserts will help support your child’s foot growth through it most critical stages. A child’s arch starts out flat and develops over several years as the child grows. Since their arch is not fully developed and since the insides of most shoes do not have any arch support built in, the muscles on the of bottom of kids’ feet strain to keep up with the level of activity. With Arch Angels, children can play longer, walk farther, run harder and enjoy being a kid because their feet now have the support they need for developing arches. Simply put, no matter what you pay for your children’s shoes, any shoe with 
Arch Angels™ inside is a better shoe!

Arch Angels™ pick up where the shoe design leaves off – by upgrading the insole.

Arch Angels™ can do what even the best shoes can’t: makes kids' feet more comfortable while enhancing natural arch development & assist pronating. 

Arch Angels™ uses a unique triple-layer design:

  • Cushioning foam top layer 
  • Supportive inner core 
  • Durable, kid-friendly foam bottom 
  • Arch Angels™ are constructed of durable, non-toxic materials, and are
 hand washable. 
  • Arch Angels™ contour to the developing foot, going from a low, gentle curve in the smallest size, to a higher arch that more resembles an adult foot with the largest size. 

Arch Angels™ will fit into any enclosed shoe and can be moved from shoe to shoe to provide uninterrupted support. Try a pair for each shoe today!

Size Options: Arch Angels™ are currently available in five sizes, typically fitting children ages 2 to 8:
Arch Angels® Size Fits Shoes Sizes

  • XS -US Toddler 6-8 (EU Size 22,23,24) 
  • S -US Toddler 9-10 (EU Size 25,26,27) 
  • M -US Children 11-12 (EU Size 28,29) 
  • YS -US Youth 13-1 (EU Size 30,31) 
  • YM -US Youth 2-3 (EU Size 32,33)

Keep in mind that Arch Angels™ will take up additional space inside the shoe, and therefore it may be necessary to move up a half-size shoe to accommodate their cushioning support. Because the product is ¾ length, Arch Angels are designed to fit comfortably into most enclosed shoes.

Fit Guide Arch Angels® should last each child approximately 2 shoe sizes, or about 6-16 months, depending on how fast the child grows. Holding your Arch Angels® up to the bottom of your child’s foot, the leading edge of the insole should reach just to the bottom of the great toe joint, but should not extend past the joint. As the child grows, the orthotic will in effect become shorter, until it extends just to the arch of the foot. Your child may then find their Arch Angels® to be a little uncomfortable at that point, and it is time to move up to the next size!

NOTE: Arch Angels™ will take up additional space inside the shoe, and therefore it may be necessary to move up a half-size shoe to accommodate their cushioning support.

Made In the U.S.A.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Awesome Review by Very athletic son

    My son has been having heel pain in his baseball cleats for two years...the start of this season, it hurt him so bad he had to sit out of the game because he was in tears. We went to the foot doctor and he was diagnosed with severs disease so there was nothing they could do for him because it was just his bone growing and forming like it should be. He loves baseball and for him to sit out killed him. So we decided to get these arch angel insoles and let me just tell you, he wears them in his regular shoes and his cleats and they have been a godsend, he has no more pain and can run like the wind...I think he's even faster than he has ever been(and that's pretty darn fast!). I can't thank you enough for these insoles...I'm so happy we decided on getting these. And we will continue to get them as his feet grow! And the price is pretty awesome too because at the podiatrist they were $60 a pair!!! Thanks again!!! It won't let me pick the stars but these are 10********** (Posted on 5/17/2017)

  2. Support Review by paige

    My 8 Year Old was having tremendous heel pain during lax practice and could barely walk. I bought the arch angels supports for her and the heel pain almost vanished as quickly as it came. (Posted on 3/7/2017)

  3. ArchAngels Insoles Review by Mariah

    My daughter was born with flat feet. Her feet would hurt every night, so when we finally asked her pediatrician he recommended Arch Angels. Every since she has been using the insoles and has not complained about her feet anymore. She has a pair for all her shoes. thank you Arch Angels. (Posted on 10/9/2015)

  4. Great value for great price Review by Lolly

    Got these Arch Angels for my granddaughter and she said her feet stopped hurting right away! Really appreciated The Insole Store got them here in no time, too! (Posted on 5/1/2015)

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