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Superfeet Easy Fit High Heel Insoles

Superfeet Easy Fit High Heel Arch Support Insoles

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Superfeet Easy-Fit 3/4 Arch Supports specifically designed for high heels greater than 1 inch. The lightweight, 3/4 length profile centers the foot, reduces over-pronation, and allows the heel fat pad to naturally cushion impact.
Superfeet Easy Fit High Heel Arch Support Insoles Superfeet Easy-Fit Products use the same biomechanical shape and deep heel cup as the Trim-To-Fit, but are designed to fit in tighter fitting dress, casual, high heels, or sporting shoes. The lightweight, 3/4 length profile centers the foot, reduces over-pronation, and allows the heel fat pad to naturally cushion impact. The 3/4 High Heel redistributes the body’s weight so it is no longer completely resting on the ball of the foot. The full foot is in contact with the bottom of the shoe, adding stability and reducing fatique, blisters, pump-bumps and knee and back pain. * Recommended for boots or fashion heels of 1” or higher * NO TRIMMING NECESSARY

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Customer Reviews

  1. Love my heels... again! Review by eamoorenc

    I used to wear heels everywhere! But, LIFE took over, and 2 babies later, "heels" were "pretty little things" that collected dust in the back of my closet. I wanted to wear them, but I couldn't find them comfortable. When I had enough of the "mommy" look, and needed my heels - I decided to try the Superfeet High Heel inserts. It seemed like they were able to remove the pressure from the ball of my foot and helped distribute weight evenly. They can be worn under the lining of the shoe, but I have found them very comfortable ontop as well, if the lining of the shoe is not removable. If the lining is not removable and don't like them against your foot, The Insole Store carries a few very thin liners that could be added and still won't occupy too much of the shoe. (Pedag Summers/DeoFresh) (Posted on 1/28/2013)

  2. Comfortable but wore out quickly for me Review by cwr

    I bought these in addition to a pair of the Superfeet green insoles which I love. The green insoles were about 4 months old when I purchased these and while these have already worn out in the ball of the foot my green insoles are still going strong. I really didn't find the extra cushioning worth the loss of durability. Also, if you change your insoles between shoes, especially boots, these are quite a bit more cumbersome to get in and out of the shoe. If you aren't hard on insoles these may be perfect for you, if you tend to destroy insoles, I would go with the green insoles. (Posted on 8/12/2011)

  3. Simply the best Review by Jon

    I work as a fireman, and I am on my feet for up to 18 hours sometimes. I use to have horrible foot and lower back. I decided to give these a try a couple of years ago, and am just now returning to order a couple more pairs. These insoles are awesome and worth the price. The foot and lower back pain went away in the first week of wearing them. I was concerned at first, because it felt like the arch was set too far back. After reading the small pamplet that came with it; I realized that they were suppose to be that way. I strongly recommend these to everyone. (Posted on 4/11/2011)

  4. I like the superfeet orange better than the superfeet green Review by Geoff

    The superfeet orange work very well. After a long day on my feet at work or after a long walk my feet aren't sore. I have been wearing superfeet green for several years but decided to try the superfeet orange but really I didn't think I would notice any difference between the two, but I was wrong. The superfeet orange are more comfortable for me than the green are and I am now only plan on using superfeet orange. Nice shoe inserts but I do not see why they are higher priced than the superfeet green. Still, I would recommend the superfeet orange and know that whoever tried them would be happy. (Posted on 12/19/2010)

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