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CurrexSole Insoles

CurrexSole Insoles

Currex (Lat.: currere = run, rex = king) – the king of running sees itself as an interdisciplinary organization with the aim of developing and producing the best analysis systems and procedures for orthopedic gait and running analysis. Currex developed the FOOTDISC & CurrexSOLE Insoles for all sports activities. With the use of

Currex's patented Foot Analysis, an athlete not only analyses their foot arch type (low, Med., High), they analyze their gait (or stride) to determine what insole is best for those with neutral, bow-legged, and/or knocked-knees (pigeon toed) stances for the proper support of both over-pronating & supinating (over-pronation & supination) feet.

Featuring Every CurrexSOLE Style & Size Available: ActivePro, RunPro, RunFree, EdgePro (HardBoot), and BikePro

Check out our Currex Sizing Selector Pages to properly select the Insole for you.

 For Our Runners, Check out the currexSole RunPro Orthotic Insoles Video

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Arch Type
  1. High (2)
  2. Low (2)
  3. Neutral (2)
  1. FOOTDISC (6)
Foot Conditions
  1. Achilles Tendonitis (3)
  2. Arch Pain / Heel Pain (3)
  3. Bunions (3)
  4. Flat Feet (2)
  5. Heel Spur (3)
  6. High Arched Foot (1)
  7. Matatarsalgia (3)
  8. Over Pronation (3)
  9. Plantar Fasciltis (3)
  10. Sesamoiditis (3)
  11. Shin Splints (3)
  12. Supination (1)
Shoe Type
  1. Athletic (6)
  2. Dress (1)
  3. Casual (2)
  4. Boots (2)
  1. Foam (6)
  1. Normal (6)
  1. Full Length (6)
  2. Trim To Fit (6)
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