Why Insoles for High Arches Are Recommended

Have you ever wondered why insoles for high arches are recommended?


If there’s a high arch in a foot, the foot is not considered flexible. Surprisingly to some, it’s a flat foot that is actually the most flexible but a flat foot is so flexible that the bones in the natural arch of the foot lose their shape with every step taken.


high arch

high arch


A high arch is where the bones of the feet are positioned in a higher arch, and it’s not flexible. The bones hold the position of the foot and arch in its place.


A high arch may result from a neurological condition although it may also be a genetic trait passed down from parents to the children. In some neurological conditions, the arch continues to get higher and higher until it is impossible to walk.


There may be pain with a high arch because the muscles of the feet are forced to do extra work by keeping the foot in that high arch position. Without insoles for high arches, the foot muscles will tire from the extra work and cause pain and stiffness.


With insoles for high arches in your shoes, the high arch support acts as a crutch for your foot and relieves some of the muscle overactivity.


The point is that with a high arch, you are always going to have this muscle overactivity, and that’s why you need insoles for high arches. The insoles for high arches are exactly the answer for your high arches.


You may be thinking, “Wait a minute. My high arch feet are pretty. They allow me to wear high heels for a longer period of time. And I don’t feel any pain or stiffness. I still don’t think I need insoles for high arches.”


If so, remember that there are many cases where the pain and stiffness isn’t felt in a child with a high arch until he or she reaches the

insoles for high arch feet

insoles for high arch feet

teen years. But still you have the structure of a foot that is going to break down in time and cause the pain and stiffness. It’s like a bridge made of wood. Sooner or later the wood will decay and will need to be replaced. But if you know that ahead of time and are watching for it, you can add reinforcement and prevent the collapse.


Insoles for high arches are the same. They are reinforcement. They allow you to go on about your life to take care of all the other fires. And you’ll know that one fire is already put out before it occurs – the fire from a high arch. Insoles for high arches are always a smart move.