Why Going to The Insole Store After You Buy Shoes is Smart

If you just invested a few hundred dollars in new shoes, why should you now invest in orthotics and inserts at The Insole Store?


It’s a simple answer. Because the shoes you purchased are cookie cutter shoes, and not custom-fitted to your feet.


the insole store

the insole store


In the olden days – the 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s before the Industrial Revolution, shoemakers made shoes one by one and fit them to people’s feet. Once industrialization took place, it was possible to make shoes from a mold. But then the big question was this: whose foot would the mold be based on? Would it be a perfectly shaped foot? One with normal arches, low arches or high arches? Would the shoe mold be fit to someone who was older or younger?


Once shoemakers had their mold and set up shoemaking on a conveyor belt line, they didn’t have to spend time fitting shoes to people’s feet. The new technology saved them hours of time. And people continued to buy their shoes.


At that time there was no place to go such as the insole store. However, the need for insoles, orthotics and inserts had begun at that point in time.


Everyone doesn’t have similar feet. Even your right foot and left foot are not the same. One foot may have a bunion; the other does not. One foot may be a half size larger than the other. One foot may be more prone to develop calluses in the metatarsal area. One foot may bee very different from the other because your hip is higher on one side. There are so many variables.


It’s easy to get all excited about new shoes that you purchase. They look great. You can’t wait to wear them with your new dress or suit. They feel good when you slip them on. There’s a certain amount of emotional excitement attached to purchasing new shoes that practically closes your mind off to the possibility that something could be less than perfect about them.

corrective shoe inserts

corrective shoe inserts


But as long as those shoes were not custom-made to fit your feet, they are less than perfect. I hate to break your bubble, but they don’t fit your feet perfectly.


And that’s where you need to go directly to the insole store right after you purchase new shoes. Get the insoles, orthotics and inserts your feet will need. Replace the insoles in the shoes with what your feet need – arch support, metatarsal pad, heel pad, heel lift, deep heel cup, three quarter length or full length, and warming insole or cooling insole.


Trusting that the new shoes you purchased are enough is blind sight. Change blind sight to focused vision at the insole store where you know your new shoes now exactly are perfect with the insoles, orthotics and inserts YOUR feet need.