When Did Your Feet Crave Wearing Your Black Clogs?

Gone are the days when black clogs didn’t support your feet. Gone are the days when your podiatrist will say to you, “I don’t want you wearing clogs or flip flops. They don’t have any support.”


And gone are the days when black clogs were only for those who had perfect feet.


OOFOS Black Clogs

OOFOS Black Clogs


Enter in the new era of OOFOS Black Clogs that look stylish, feel stylish, and support your feet totally. Some people say they are slip-resistant and that makes them happy because it’s too easy to spill liquids on the floor at home, or have to constantly deal with the big pet dog who seems to carry water in his jowls that dribbles everywhere near his water dish.


When you wear OOFOS Black Clogs, unlike other clogs, your feet feel as if they are being rejuvenated. That’s because the design of them is such that the bones in your feet from heel to toes are all lined up properly. They can’t help but stay in alignment – and that right there is the key to experiencing less foot pain and less foot fatigue.


The OOFOS Black Clogs are also lightweight, and that alone is great for adding to the rejuvenation of the feet. Have you ever noticed that the heavier your shoes, the more tired your feet feel at the end of the day? This won’t ever be a problem with OOFOS black clogs.


These clogs are also machine washable and water-resistant. That seems like an oxymoron but it’s not. You’d think that they would become waterlogged when submerged in the washer but their water-resistance prevents that. What ends up happening is the surface dirt gets agitated off the OOFOS black clogs.  Pretty awesome, huh?


The sizing on these black clogsruns larger so do a little investigation or ask questions before you purchase a pair. Generally you can expect to buy a size a half size smaller than usual.

Black Clog

Black Clog


By the way, the OOFOS black clogs are great to slip on after you’ve run your five miles for the day or biked 40 miles… expect that feeling of sheer comfort. You may even be thinking about the feeling while you’re running or riding your bike; it’s that good for some people.


Check it out at http://www.theinsolestore.com/oofos-oocloogs-black-clogs.html

Tyler McCracken - President of The Insole Store.com, leading retailer of shoe inserts, inserts, orthotic arch supports, orthotic sandals, and footwear.

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