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The Superfeet Company History – Since 1982


It wasn’t until 1982 when an engineering-minded man named Johnny Walker translated the Superfeet designs into a distinct shape that could be mass-produced. And by 1985, the company was established with a storefront in Canada (one in Vancouver and one in Whistler, B.C.) where they sold their SUperfeet insoles and orthotics. Their customers at that […]


Achilles Tendonitis is a debilitating foot disorder that brings on swelling of the Achilles tendon – the tendon running vertically on the back of the heel. Athletes are highly susceptible to contracting chronic Achilles Tendonitis. And if ignored, a mild Achilles Tendonitis injury can develop into Acute Achilles Tendonitis which can be debilitating. It is […]


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome except this disorder occurs in the space between the bones of the feet and the surrounding tissue.  It is caused by a pinched nerve, the tibal nerve. Symptoms include pain on the sole of the foot, usually described as a burning or tingling sensation becoming more […]

Athlete’s Feet

Athlete’s Foot (Tinea Pedis) is a very common fungal infection that is usually easily treated.  Some of the most prevalent symptoms include: * Itching, burning or stinging of the skin in and around the affected area. * Redness or rash in and around the affected area. * In severe cases, blisters that ooz or crust […]