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Sole Insoles are Customizable to Your Feet

Imagine an insole that customizes itself exactly to your feet. How great would that feel getting support with every step you take?   According to the reviews on the Sole Softec Response Custom Footbeds Insoles, having a pair of Sole insoles for plantar fasciitis was the solution they were looking for. They come ready made […]

Sole Custom Footbeds at The Insole

(Charlotte, NC) The Insole offers the widest selection and shoe sizes of SOLE Custom Footbeds shipping to every country in the World. The SOLE Custom Footbeds are a APMA Approved Heat Moldable Insolemade with 3 levels of cushioning and support for Men, Women, and Children with Flat Feet, Low Arches, Neutral Arches, and High […]

How do I clean my Insoles?

Cleaning is simple, most manufacturers recommend washing with warm water and a very mild detergent. Do not put them in a washing machine.

Bunion Surgery Should Be Your Last Resort

Many people suffer from bunions, and some to the point that surgery is deemed necessary to fix the problem.  But the truth is that surgery on bunions should be a last resort option. The reality is that surgery doesn’t solve the real issue behind the cause of bunions. If the cause is not corrected, the […]