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Sof Sole Memory Comfort Insoles at The Insole

(Charlotte, NC)  The Insole has added the Sof Sole Memory Comfort Insole to it’s line-up of Sof Sole Performance Insoles.   The Sof Sole Memory Comfort Insoles are a Lifestyle Insole made for casual, dress, and tight fitting shoes for day-to-day living. Tyler McCracken, President, states “The Sof Sole Memory™ Insoles are constructed with our […]

Thank You for the Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles -The Insole

Thank you for excelent service and communication. Looking forward to the new Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles, and will return the other insoles. Harry L.  -Georgia The Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles are are ideal for any type of shoe and any type of activity. Innovative patented air chamber technology helps deliver unsurpassed comfort and shock absorption.  A […]

The New Sof Sole Fit Shoe Insoles: Engineered For The Perfect Fit

Every so often,  a shoe insole manufacturer comes out with a new product; however, it’s rare when a new arch support system is introduced that knocks it out of the ballpark! Sof Sole has given the opportunity to be one of the first independent internet retailers of foot-care products to introduce the  SOF SOLE […] introduces Sof Sole’s NEW FIT Custom Shoe Insoles. Introduces Sof Sole’s NEW FIT Custom  Shoe Insoles. (Charlotte, NC) is proud to announce the New Sof Sole FIT Insoles. As the first independent internet foot-care retailer to have Sof Sole FITs,  all styles and sizes of the Low Arch, Neutral Arch, and High Arch are available for sale at the Sof Sole […]


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome except this disorder occurs in the space between the bones of the feet and the surrounding tissue.  It is caused by a pinched nerve, the tibal nerve. Symptoms include pain on the sole of the foot, usually described as a burning or tingling sensation becoming more […]