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CurrexSole RunPro Insoles are great Running Insoles!

I have professional orthotics as my arches often hurt after walking in regular shoes for 30 minutes. I wanted to get a shoe insert for my running shoes so that I didn’t have to keep taking my orthotics in and out of all of my shoes, which was chewing them up pretty badly. After reading […]

Awesome Insoles for running!

I buy expensive, high quality running shoes, but still developed lower leg pain.  I tried a pair of these insoles after a shoe store salesman recommended them.  I ran my best 5K time with them and with no leg pain like I had before. Very happy! I ordered 2 more pair from The Insole […]

CurrexSole RunPro Insoles Review

The CurrexSole Runpro Insoles have got to be the best flexible insoles with an orthotic arch support that I’ve ever seen on the market.  As an active runner, I’m impress with the flexible heel.  Typically, the orthotic arch supports available on the market are an in-flexible one piece orthotic arch from heel to forefoot and […]