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Powerstep Pinnacle: It Could be the Answer to Your Prayers

Have you noticed there’s been a breakdown in the whole consumer goods industry in just about every field since the advent of If something is sold to someone – even professionals, it’s no doubt available to the public.   Take the example of physician supplements. Whatever physicians can order for their line of supplements […]

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotics Review

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

“Diagnosed with ruptured posterior tibial tendon. I am 54, 5′ 9” 196 lbs. I jog bout 16 miles a week, and paid much money for overpronating shoes. The shoes allowed me to jog short mileage, had to cut back on the road. Started getting depressed since I could not get my miles in. Advised to […] is the #1 Place to Go Online For Orthotics and Insoles

The minute you notice that your shoes are related to pain or stiffness in your feet is the time to go online to That’s because there’s really no point in suffering one extra minute when there are answers.   Pain relief from orthotics at isn’t some ‘pie in the sky’ concept that was […]