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Stop Hot and Sweaty Feet with Cooling Insoles

  Cooling insoles are the best aide for many people in different situations. For example, you may be a person who sweats a lot during the day. If you’re sweating a lot in the rest of your body, then you’re also sweating a lot from your feet. Having cooling insoles could make your feet a […]


Pain associated with the middle toes of the foot is most likely Metatarsalgia.  This painful foot disorder results in swelling and inflammation of the joints and bones making up the ball of the foot area. Other symptoms can include sharp pain behind the toes in the ball of foot area. Pain increases with any activity […]

Shoe Insoles For Kids

Children can have foot discomfort too. Foot problems are not exclusive to teens and adults. Most of the foot disorders that affect adults can also effect kids and some disorders are exclusive for kids. Ailments such as Severs disease effect only kids. Taking care of your children’s feet at the beginning of their life can […]