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Pregnant & No Foot Pain With OOfos Sandals!!!

I discovered these OOfos Sandals & clogs before they were even discovered!  I found them by chance at a local store.  They were the black slides and they were in the men’s department.  I was 9 month’s pregnant, and could hardly walk from my TERRIBLE Plantar Fascitis.  The second I put these on, I cried.  I’m […]

OOfos Sandals are the Best for My Plantar Fasciitis

These are the MOST comfy things that have ever been on my feet! I suffer from severe plantar fasciitis…I haven’t had quality of life for some time from the pain and have been living in a aircam walker(boot)for 2 months.  I work on concrete floors all day and when I come home I AM DONE! […]