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How Do I Care for My Insoles?

Depending on what your insoles are made of, getting them too wet is extremely inadvisable. Foam cushion or cloth covered insoles are especially susceptible to water damage. In the event that your insoles become water-logged, remove them from your shoes as soon as possible, gently pat with a dry towel to remove any surface moisture […]

Why Select New Balance Insoles for Your Shoes?

New Balance, like other companies that manufacture running shoes, insoles and orthotics, has a reputation to stand behind. If you buy any New Balance orthotic or insoles, you can expect that they will be OVC-free and latex-free. That’s exceptionally good news for those who are sensitive to chemicals and latex. Did you know that latex-free […]

New Balance Insoles: The Best in Cushion and Arch Support Shoe Insoles

For those seeking insoles that provide superior cushioning and specialized support for the foot, the New Balance Insoles offer a diversified line up of shoe insoles.   The basic premise of the new balance insoles is in providing a excellent base of cushion whether its a regular cushion insole or rigid orthotic arch support.  The […]