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The SOLE Softec Ultra Custom Footbeds Were The Answer to My Plantar Fasciitis

SOLE Softec Ultra Custom Footbeds

“I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for about 6 months. It sidelined my running and became very painful to walk, especially in the morning. I contemplated going to a podiatrist, but did extensive research on the symptoms and cure. A lot of recommendations were for stretching exercises like rolling your heel on a frozen can of […]

Why Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports?

Why Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports?  Very few people actually have neutral arches.  Podiatrists and other foot care specialists estimate that 85% of all people either have low arches (flat feet) or high arches.  Considering this fact, it is no wonder so many people experience some foot pain resulting from improper foot arch function.  As we […]

Think Shoe Insoles -When Painful Feet Make Walking Difficult

When Painful Feet Make Walking Difficult When painful feet make walking difficult and running downright impossible, the problem could be something easy to remedy or something serious that requires immediate medical attention.  A pair of APMA approved shoe insoles maybe just the solution from The first course of action should be to visit a […]


Many people suffer with knee pain, particularly those who are athletic or very active.  One of the most overlooked sources of knee pain is foot imbalance and misaligned feet due to over-pronation or over-supination.  Our feet take a lot of abuse, and as a result there are many opportunities for structural failure in the foot.  […]