Stop Hot and Sweaty Feet with Cooling Insoles

cooling insoles

cooling insoles


Cooling insoles are the best aide for many people in different situations. For example, you may be a person who sweats a lot during the day. If you’re sweating a lot in the rest of your body, then you’re also sweating a lot from your feet. Having cooling insoles could make your feet a lot more comfortable, temperature-wise, so that your feet aren’t too hot.


Cooling insoles are also great for people who have to wear work boots all day long, and often work overtime. When your feet are ‘trapped’ in work boots all day and you’re standing a large proportion of the time, your feet will swell about half a size and they’ll begin to get hot. Cooling insoles have many benefits in this situation – they are generally cushiony insoles, too. They support your feet so when you walk, you have less extra stress on the tiny muscles and bones of the feet.


Cooling insoles are also great as insoles for any pair of shoes in your closet for the summer, especially athletic shoes. If your feet aren’t hot while you play your sport, then there’s less stress in your foot muscles and bones.


Some examples of cooling insoles are ones that use all natural types of materials such as Angora wool or leather, or newly-created high tech materials that wick moisture away from the feet.


The Pedag Leather Insoles have a leather upper and latex-free activated charcoal bottom layer that accomplishes the purpose of cooling insoles. There’s an added bonus with this type of cooling insole – that the charcoal is great for decreasing foot odor. Pedag Leather Insoles are created by the Pedag company, a German company that believes in using only all-natural ingredients in their insoles and orthotics.


Pedag also makes Angora Wool insoles. Natural furs also have an ability to both keep the body warm in cold weather and cool it when it’s summer. What a luxurious cooling insole the Angora Wool cooling insoles are. There’s an anti-slip bottom layer in these insoles as well.

Angora Wool Insoles

Angora Wool Insoles


And if you are the type of person who likes to have just about the same number of insoles in your closet as you have pairs of shoes, check out Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles. These are the highest tech insole of all three types. You’ll find a terry cloth top layer with a natural sisal bottom layer. The insoles also feature silver nanoparticles that are known for odor eating ability and keeping bacteria scared to even come around. This pair of Pedag cooling insoles is perfect for sweaty feet.


There are lots more cooling insoles to choose from but these are the ones I like best. The bottom line is this – don’t suffer anymore from hot and sweaty feet. Get some cooling insoles.

Tyler McCracken - President of The Insole, leading retailer of shoe inserts, inserts, orthotic arch supports, orthotic sandals, and footwear.

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