Slip Into Oofos Shoes After Beating Up Your Feet with Activity

Oofos shoes

Oofos shoes


In the last five years, Oofos Shoes has been making a good name for itself. They’re transforming the image of what sandals used to be into a brand new image while increasing foot comfort. They’re making a big difference in people’s lives with their Oofos shoes.


Their name sounds a little funny – Oofos and rhymes with Dufus but there’s nothing funny or ‘dumb’ about their shoes. Oofos created an entire technology based on a specific type of Oofos foam that is used in their shoes to absorb the impact of walking. In fact, their studies show that you can expect this Oofos foam to absorb 37% of the shock delivered to the foot during each step. That shock is a combination of forces such as gravity and the interaction of body weight on the feet.


Oofos shoes could be Oofos sandals, Oofos clogs or Oofos slides. If you’re looking for sandals to wear after you’ve beat up your feet on a 2-mile or 20-mile run or walk, get the Oofos sandals. They’re second to none and are not only supportive but also soft to wear. You can feel the recovery occurring with each step. That’s because you get support for the arch of the foot, support for the heel, and support for your toes; it’s built into the design of the Oofos shoes.


Another way to beat up your feet during the day is to stand on your feet all day long or even dance all day long. But think about it – even if you’re a cyclist, every revolution of the bike pedals is stressing out your feet. By slipping into Oofos shoes after a long bike trip, your feet become instantly happy once again.


Oofos sizing is pretty specific so here’s a little guide to get the right shoe fit:


Women’s Size 6 (9-11/16 inches long)

Women’s Size 7 (10-1/4 inches long)

Women’s Size 8 (10-9/16 inches long)

Women’s Size 9 (11 inches long)

Women’s Size 10 (11-5/16 inches long)

Women’s Size 11 (11-1/2 inches long)

Women’s Size 12 (12 inches long)


Men’s Size 4 (9-11/16 inches long)

Men’s Size 5 (10-1/4 inches long)

Men’s Size 6 (10-9/16 inches long)

Men’s Size 7 (11 inches long)

Men’s Size 8 (11-5/16 inches long)

M<en’s Size 9 (11-1/2 inches long)

Men’s Size 10 (12 inches long)


This is a good time to get out the ruler and measure the actual length of your foot! You definitely want to have the right Oofos shoes sizes!


With Oofos shoes, especially their sandals, you don’t have to worry that you won’t get adequate support anymore. In fact, even orthopedic specialists and podiatrists are recommending Oofos shoes (sandals) whereas in the past, they never liked the lack of support found in sandals. That’s all changed now. Your feet can be happy every time you take a step, no matter what.


Try a pair or two of Oofos shoes and see what you think. These shoes could be the most luxurious and comfortable shoe you own yet.

Tyler McCracken - President of The Insole, leading retailer of shoe inserts, inserts, orthotic arch supports, orthotic sandals, and footwear.

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