Short Leg Syndrome Could Benefit From Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts

One type of person who would potentially benefit from clearly adjustable heel lifts is someone who has a short leg. Another term for this is called limb-length inequality. Have you been told you have one leg shorter than another?


Here’s info you may not know about short leg syndrome. If you have greater than 1 cm difference between the lengths of your legs, you are more likely to have knee arthritis. But it also increases the risk of developing stress fractures. And if you’re a runner, you can imagine the damage that’s caused by the imbalance while repeatedly pounding the pavement. No wonder why runners with short leg syndrome often have back pain.


Short leg syndrome can be corrected with surgery if it’s serious but otherwise, one of the best ways to approach the issue is with clearly adjustable heel lifts.


clearly adjustable heel lifts

clearly adjustable heel lifts


Here’s how the clearly adjustable heel lifts work. They come in a packet of one lift, since you only wear the heel lift in the shoe of the shorter leg. Clearly adjustable heel lifts are made of a hard type of plastic – not foam or cork that can compress with the weight of your footstep. It may be added on top of the orthotic insole you already have in your shoe.


Clearly adjustable heel lifts may be used with any type of shoes, boots or sandals. You’ll start out with a low heel lift, then give your body a bit of time – up to a week to get used to it, and then adjust it higher. Give your body a bit of time again to accommodate to it and then adjust it higher – in this manner – until you reach the desired height. Your podiatrist or chiropractor will give you the maximum level you’ll need for the clearly adjustable heel lifts. There’s no need to exceed this height because you want to be balanced.


And you can rest assured that heel lifts are effective too since there have been journal reports confirming their efficacy. These medical reports started in 1984. One of them was Clinical Podiatry.


Clearly adjustable heel lifts could be a pain relief method to consider if you have short leg syndrome. Of course, it’s not a cure, but do consider it. You may be exceptionally happy with your results.