Sandal Insoles: The Latest Way to Express Your Fashion Sense

We’re in another day and time where sandals don’t have to have one-colored insoles anymore. If you have a lot of shoes in your closet, dig up some of the ones you purchased five or 10 years ago. Look at the insole area, the part where you place your feet. What do you see?
Most likely you’ll see sandal insoles that are BORING. They are one color and usually that color is tan or white or other solid color.


Now slip on your sandals and ask yourself how comfortable the sandal insoles are that come with the shoe. If your answer is they aren’t comfortable at all, then consider Apara Sandal Softies. These are names after the undefeatable Hindu goddess – or so the Hindus thought. These sandal insoles transform your sandals into high comfort, walking on clouds types of sandals. They are clear-colored and you simply peel the back off them and then stick it onto your old sandal.


This is great for everyone literally because who wants to have sore feet. But if you are super fashion-conscious, then you want Flop Topz Pink Ribbon Sandal Insoles which have a design of little pink ribbons sprinkled over a hot pink background. Now that’s style that speaks for itself. Imagine you’re at someone’s home where you have to remove your shoes. All the guests shoes and sandals are all lined up in the outer hall of your friend’s house. Then it’s time to leave.


Flop Topz Sandal Insoles

Flop Topz Sandal Insoles


Everyone has to go get their shoes and they’re scanning all the shoes to search for their own shoes (or sandals). They spot some pretty hideous-looking insoles on some of the other guest’s shoes but their eyes zoom in on your Flop Topz Sandal Insoles. Wow, they think to themselves. Whoever has those sandals has a lot of style. They wait around to see whose Cinderella feet are going to fit into the shoes with the pink ribbons. And it’s you. They make a mental note of your exceptionally good taste in sandals.
You just earned some credibility without trying, just by being you.


By the way you can also choose from a whole line of sandal insoles from Flop Topz. If you’re wild at heart, go for the Flop Topz Gray Leopard Sandal Insoles. If you’re money savvy, go for the Flop Topz Diamond Floral Sandal Insoles. Kind of artsy? Select the Flop Topz Perfect Paisley Sandal Insoles. There are a lot more to choose from at