Polysorb Insoles Help You Get Your Game On

Polysorb insoles

Polysorb insoles


Do you prefer to be a part of the game instead of on the sidelines watching? What sporting activity gets you excited the most—running, playing basketball, tennis, or maybe weight training? Whatever sporting activity you prefer, Polysorb insoles will provide extra comfort and support to your feet.


Is the removable sock liner in your favorite athletic shoes feeling a little flat? Polysorb insoles are a great way to upgrade and extend the life of your favorite athletic shoes. They not only provide added comfort and support, but they will also improve your performance.


If you are a runner, jogger, or walker, your feet spend a lot of time pounding the pavement. That pounding takes a toll on your feet. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer insoles are a great product to try because they work like a shock absorber. The forefoot and heel strike cushioning helps to reduce the friction caused by your activity and re-energizes your feet.


For those of you who play basketball, tennis, or like to do aerobic exercises, your feet need a lot of support and cushioning too. Polysorb Cross Trainer insoles will cradle your feet, support your arches, and help absorb the pounding your heels endure. These inserts will help improve your overall performance.


If you haven’t found it out by now, the most popular selling insoles for sports enthusiasts are the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer insoles. Not only do customers endorse them, but so does the American Podiatric Medical Association. They awarded these insoles the prestigious Seal of Acceptance.


Another great insole for anyone who likes to walk, run, or jog is the Spenco Polysorb Walker Runner insole. These insoles provide high quality cushioning with the help of the deep heel cupping and metatarsal pad. They are ideal for athletes who need extra shock absorption for rear foot impact sports.


Weight-bearing activities, such as basketball, create something called ground reaction force (GRF), which is a force exerted by the ground onto the foot. The Spenco GRF Basketball Replacement Insoles are designed to counter this force. These insoles provide the athlete forefoot cushioning, stabilization, and arch support. This kind of system is designed to promote a more effective stride and push-off. In the end, better support means a potential reduction in the risk for ankle sprains.

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles


Some of the concerns that athletes encounter are heel pain and leg pain. Polysorb insoles are recommended to anyone who is active enough and requires an insole that provides extra shock absorption.  Many of the customers’ reviews tell stories of how these insoles have helped alleviate their heel and leg pain.


Increased physical activity also leads to an increased risk of blisters on the bottom of the feet. Wearing Polysorb insoles helps to reduce friction that causes potential blisters. No more need to worry about carrying extra bandaids around with you.


The Polysorb insoles are available in several sizes for both men and women. If you have been looking for a way to improve your game, the extra support you will get from these insoles may be the perfect solution.