Spenco Sandals – Simply the Best Orthotic Sandals Around

I am near 60, have had foot problems all my life with
arches so high that I could not get my feet into most
boots and off and on again plantar facitis.
The Spenco Sandals are the most comfortable things ever
ever on my feet.  I bought 2 in black and two
in beige color just in case they were discontinued.
I also bought one of each color for my sister who has
same foot as me :)  I just wish Spenco would make a
winter shoe as wonderful.  The only winter shoe they
make to date is a very casual/scruffy one.
You won't go wrong with theis flip fop for
support and comfort.
Spenco Total Support Original Insoles:GREAT Insoles!  Better Than I Even Realized!
- I bought the Spenco Total Support Insoles after reading
good reviews about them here (and the price is right,
too).  I bought brand new New Balance 610 shoes that I love,
but the stock insoles have very little arch support.  I have
flat feet so I need some extra support.  I tried the insoles
the night I got them and it made 2-week old shoes feel better
than new - outstanding!
- I've now been wearing them 8-10 hours per day nearly every
day for almost a month. My job has me at a desk one day,
standing in one spot for hours the next, doing a lot
of walking across jobsites another day, and climbing
a 20-foot ladder with tools and supplies other days

- rain, snow, or shine; so I've tried them in
lots of conditions.

- I immediately noticed that my feet were much more comfortable all
the time.  These insoles really seem to keep my feet in the shape
that works best.  The shoes feel new and comfy all day now, instead
of great at first and tiring later.  Comfy feet = happy!

- Eventually, though, I did start to wonder if I was happy because
I was still noticing fatigue by the end of the day.  With my varying
conditions I didn't know if it was the shoes, insoles, or just normal
fatigue.  Well, last week I had to do some car repairs and I wore my
old New Balance (11 years old) while I did it.  That convinced me.
I know the shoes are old, but I immediately noticed the difference
of not having the support of the insoles.  It was uncomfortable in
seconds, not just after a long hard day.  I'm wearing the new ones
while I write this now, and a month later they still feel great
every time I put them on.
- With their low cost relative to other options, you can't go wrong
with these insoles! Comfy, supportive, great fit, and inexpensive...

I couldn't be happier with them.
Arch Angels Childrens Arch Supports: Kids Insoles for Happy Feet
Children's feet take shape and develop their natural foot arches during their early years of life through ages 6 to 8.  Often as parents, we deal with 'grumpy kids' who tire from sore feet by the end of the day. While it's not always the answer, an orthotic arch support for children during the ages of 2 to 8 can assist in providing proper foot support for even shock and weight distribution while the foot develops its natural arch. Most children do not start to develop a foot arch until they are 3 or 4 because the fat re-absorbs and their muscles start to form into the arch. During this phase, their feet can be unstable, they are firing off all sorts of muscles as they try to run and walk. That’s why it’s common for them to fatigue earlier than older kids, and they show this by asking to be carried, or saying their legs are tired. Tripping frequently is another sign of kids that have developing arches. An Arch Angels Children's Comfort Insole with Arch Support can help with the normal development of the arch and the foot. The Arch Angel places your child’s foot in the proper position to encourage it to develop properly. Arch Angels Childrens Arch Supports are [caption id="attachment_4152" align="alignright" width="79" caption="Arch Angels Childrens Insoles"]Arch Angels Childrens Insoles[/caption] designed to help support the arch and reduce some of the muscle strain that is common with active children. A quality comfort insole can help reduce foot fatigue, stabilize the foot to reduce injuries, and give a lift to children to energize them. We find that the Arch Angles Children's Insoles are very popular (not to mention affordable) with our parents.   Arch Angels has just added the Youth Size 4-5 -that can work with a Youth 6 Size Foot Too.  So they are available in Toddler Size 6 all the way to a Youth 5, which are the most difficult sizes in kids insoles to find. Check out the Arch Angels Childrens Insoles at The Insole Store.com Today!
Spenco Total Supports for Her Insoles: Can’t Leave Home Without Them!
  I recently started experiencing foot pain and occasionally having difficulty walking due to a bone spur on my 1st metatarsal.  I tried other insoles before buying this one and honestly, I haven't had any more problems walking since I started using the Spenco Total Support for Her Insoles.  They cushion in all the right places, support in all the right places, and fit perfectly in every pair of sneakers and boots I have.  I'll definitely have to order another couple of pairs because I'm going to wear this one out, lol.   Dezi