SOLE Ultra Insoles:  Amazing Heat Moldable Orthotic Shoe Inserts
After going through many different and expensive insoles
(Dr. Scholl's custom fit, Superfeet) I found the 
SOLE Ultra Insoles.  

The heat mold feature is great and they have enough padding 
to be very comfortable. I'm glad I found these I bought a
very expensive pair of Danner boots and these insoles made
them fit like they should.

Shipping was fast and arrived a day earlier than predicted.
The Insole is the Best Priced & Customer Service 
oriented shoe insoles website out there. I am
going to order more pairs for all my shoes and boots. Will
absolutely order again from The Insoles
Spenco Cross Trainer Insoles -A Great Cushioned Insole for Foot Pain Relief
Due to my low arches, I need insoles to exercise without pain.  I've used different ones in the past (most recently Superfeet in my cross-trainers and running shoes) but always had a little discomfort due to lack of cushioning.  I've been using the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles for the past few weeks and have no complaints.  I haven't tried running with them yet, but will attempt it soon.  I also bought a pair for my mom and she's very happy with them.  I usually don't write reviews, but I just had to for these insoles. JV  
Superfeet Copper DMP Insoles Review
The Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles are a great alternative to the standard insole or orthotic arch with an adaptable DMP Foam Padding that adjusts to your individual foot shape. If your dealing with over-pronation, supination, or foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis, then a quality orthotic arch support can be the cure to your foot pain problems. Superfeet Premium Insoles are known for their patented stabilizer cap and deep heel cup that provide stability, shock absorption, and flexibility that reduce over-pronation and allow for a proper foot function through the stride of one's heel strike to toe-off. The Superfeet Copper Insoles are Superfeet's first wear-moldable orthtotic arch supports with a Three-Layered DMP Foam system featuring a Dynamic Molding Process that adjusts to your feet for a personalized fit. No oven baking nor boiling in water for achieving that customized moldable orthotic arch fit with the Superfeet Copper Wear-Moldable Insoles. The Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles are ideal for all foot arch types for casual, working, standing, golf, light-hiking, and other low-impact activities. We've also found that our customers at The Insole with low arches prefer the Copper Insoles in their winter skiing & snowboarding boots too. These Trim-to-Fit Premium Insoles from Superfeet offer the ability for a customized fit without giving up the qualities of an orthotic arch Support. Personally, I felt like the wear moldable foam padding adjusts to my individual foot nuances and pressure points. As a result, the insoles do not create pain in a spot wear my foot maybe out of the norm. We carry all the Superfeet Premium Insoles at The Insole For those seeking an orthotic arch support with a customized fit, The Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles are the insole for you. Visit us at The Insole Today!
Pedag Viva Insoles are Great Leather Arch Supports
Twice the quality at half the price is how I'd describe the Pedag Viva when comparing them to other arch supports. The rigid foot bed is semi-flexible and maintains its shape even after years of use. The genuine leather top cover isn't something you'd expect at this price - it's soft, comfortable and provides a low friction surface that your foot can glide over, preventing pressure points or blisters. The heel cushion and metatarsal pad round out the comfort package. The slim profile doesn't take up much space in your shoe and the leather top cover is very thin, which means your toes won't feel cramped for space. Simon
“Clearly” a fan of  Clearly Adjustable Heel LIfts
 Day 5 with my Clearly Adjustables!  I tried these out with
much reluctance and now will wear them as I wear my "undies"
WITH EVERYTHING! They come in layers, each a millimeter
thick, so I had a girlfriend help me measure my inseam
- one leg was just under a half inch shorter than the
other.  I started with3 layers (equates to 3 millimeters).
I have since learned that depending on the shoe
I need to go back and forth between
3 or 4. I was surprised how quickly they molded to my
foot, even when transferring them from one pair of shoes
to another, I only "felt" them for a few minutes
(less than 15 minutes for sure).
Clearly Adjustables