SOLE Softec Ultra: Shoe Insoles for Foot Pain Relief
  I have had worsening foot pain for several years and was diagnosed with foot neuropathy. I am not diabetic, but did many years of pole climbing as a telephone repairman. I tried soaking,cushioned insoles, "Good Feet" ,orthotics and even Lyrica,which made my hair fall out and was painful to get off of. Then I went to a local high end running shoe store and purchased their best crosstrainers with Sole ultra footbeds. It took a little while,but my feet started getting better and within 3 months my feet where 70-80 % improved. I now own 3 pairs of Sole ultras and I use them in all my footwear. The black Sole Softec Ultras with just a hint of cushoning seem to be best for me,but I wear the red ones too.If I had  tried these first I would have saved myself a lot of money and pain. Thank you "The Insole" for quick shipping and the best price around!!! Vic
Spenco Earthbound Insoles – On My Third Pair!
    I am my third pair of Spenco Earthbound Insoles and absolutely love them!!! I have some what flat feet so my feet get sore within 2 hr. into my day. Now that I been using this  type of insoles and Gel heel shoes my feet last all day! and I put on over 6 miles a day on my feet and Im in my 60's so they help me alot. rattlinrap
Semi Rigid Orthotic Arch Supports -Shoe Insoles for Foot Pain Relief
  At The Insole we recieve questions from our clients that have foot pain relief from standing on their feet all day, flat feet, over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and more.  Some customers have tried orthotic arch supports that were to hard or rigid and want to try arch supports; however, want one with a semi-rigid and/or somewhat flexible orthotic arch support.


Check out our most popular semi rigid orthotics in a 3/4 length orthotic and full length styles:


3/4 Length Semi Rigid Orthotics:

[caption id="attachment_3658" align="alignright" width="150" caption="PowerStep Slim Tech Orthotics"]PowerStep Slim Tech Orthotics[/caption]

Full Length Semi Rigid Orthotic Arch Supports:

[caption id="attachment_3659" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="spenco thinsoles"]spenco thinsoles[/caption] .
So for those seeking semi-rigid arch supports, we would recommend the above listed orthtotic arch supports or feel free to email us at
The Insole Customer Service.   Let us help you with your foot pain and condition needs today!
Pedag Holiday Insoles: Comfortable Leather Inserts that Work

I was tired of being in constant pain when
walking so I started looking for solutions.
I bought a the Pedag Holiday Shoe Insoles
these last summer and the pain started to
subside almost as soon as I started wearing
They are made of excellent quality
leather and the metatarsal arch support is
perfectly placed. Best of all,they are
very affordable.  I just ordered 3 more
pairs so I can leave them in the shoes I wear
the most. I highly recommend the Pedag Holiday Leather Insoles.