Graphite Orthotic Arch and Cushion Insole: ProThotics Semi-Flex Insoles
(Charlotte, NC)  The Insole has added the ProThotics Semi-Flex Full Length Insoles to their line up of shoe insoles.  The ProThotic Semi-Flex Insoles offers the best of both worlds with a graphite orthotic arch support coupled with a superior cushioning Poron heel to toe pad, and a Vygel Heel insert for superior cushioning and stability. Tyler McCracken, President, states "We had been looking for a replacement insole to the Sof Sole Graphite Performance Insoles when Impluse decided to dis-continue the product.  We felt the this was an excellent all around cushion insole with arch support that is in demand.  ProThotics actually used to make the Sof Sole Graphite Insoles for Sof Sole -so who else was better for providing the best graphite replacement insole.   The Semi-Flex Insoles offer a superior cushion for soft shock absorption coupled with a graphite orthotic arch support." The ProThotics Semi-Flex Full Length Insoles are available in Men's and Women's Sizes and are ideal for athletic, casual, and dress shoes.
Cycling Insoles: Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles for Foot Pain Relief
You saved my feet!  I just finished cycling 300 miles in 3 days in a cancer Fundraiser in Massachusetts (the Pan Mass Challenge with 5400 cyclists raising 36 million dollars).  I had trained by riding 2500 miles in the last 7 months.  I kept re-injuring my right foot in various ways. I tried new bike shoes, switching insoles form other sport shoes, adding Dr Scholl's metatarsal inserts, moving cleat positions, etc. Some things helped one problem, but created another. Other changes made no improvement at all or made it worse.   Then I ordered the Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles from your site.  The site quickly helped me find cycling-suitable insoles with better than typical metatarsal support.  After not being able to ride 30 consecutive miles without pain for 9 months, I rode 300 miles in 3 days without ANY discomfort thanks to your insoles.  I just want to thank you, and yes, I'll be back shopping at Online Insole Store this fall!
Superfeet merinoGREY Premium Insoles: Wool Orthotics at
(Charlotte, NC)  The Insole is excited to announce that Superfeet Insoles has added the Superfeet merinoGREY Premium Insoles to the trim-to-fit orthotic arch supports. The Superfeet merinoGREY Premium Insoles are made with 90% merino wool and are an ideal orthotic arch support for neutral to high arch feet.  The Merino Grey Insoles are ideal for high impact activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, industrial, military, skiing,  and snowboarding boots.   If your a low to neutral arched foot, choose the Superfeet merinoWHITE Premium Insoles. Tyler McCracken, president states "It's great to see Superfeet step up to the plate in reaching customer demand.  A high impact insole like the Superfeet Green Insoles with a Wool Top Coat had been repeatedly requested and met with the Superfeet merino GREY Insoles" Check out the Superfeet merinoGREY Insoles Today!
Rigid Orthotic Arch Supports: Shoe Insoles for Solid Foot Support
We carry the largest supply of orthotic arch supports found anywhere ranging from low arched to high arched foot orthotics and from hybrid cushion orthotics to very stiff and rigid orthotic arch supports.  Most whom never worn an orthotic arch support prefer an orthotic with a bit of a flexible arch support and/or additional cushioning.  All of our feet are different and our preferences of feel separate; however, we find a majority of our orthotic customers prefer a rigid orthotic arch support that locks the foot arch in place and positions the foot in a completely balanced position to help absorb weight and shock evenly throughout the foot structure for proper balance and support that assist not only one's foot -but ankles, knees, hips and lower back too. (SEE OUR RIGID ARCH SUPPORT INSOLE Recommendations BELOW):   Those whom are new to wearing orthotic arch supports are sometimes taken back from a rigid orthotic as they feel it's to stiff; however, are not willing to give their feet muscles and tendons time to adjust to stretching into their new position -as their feet have been out of alignment for a long time.  Personally, I truly didn't appreciate a rigid orthotic arch support until a good 30 days of wearing; afterward, I could really feel the difference.  Truth be told I appreciate an orthotic over cushion insoles.   Of coarse if one is experiencing severe foot, knee, or hip pain, one should seek a medical opinion and/or access if they have the right size insole or proper orthotic for their foot.

Our most popular rigid orthotic arch supports are:

[caption id="attachment_3036" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Supports"]Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Supports[/caption] 3/4 Length Orthotics: Birkenstock Blue Footbeds (low to neutral arched 3/4 orthotic -very stiff) Birkenstock BirkoBalance Insoles (neutral to high arched 3/4 orthotic -very stiff) PowerStep Slim-Tech 3/4 Orthotic (neutral to high arched orthotic -stiff some flex) Pedag Holiday (viva-mini) Leather Orthotics (low to neutral orthotic -stiff)   Full Length Orthotics: Pedag Viva Leather Insoles (low-neutral arched orthotic -stiff) Spenco Orthtoic Arch Supports (neutral to high arched orthotic -stiff some flex) Spenco Total Support Max Insoles (high arched orthotics-very stiff) Superfeet Green Premium Insoles (neutral to high arched orthotics -very stiff) Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles (low to neutral arched orthotics -very stiff) Superfeet Black Premium Insoles (flat feet to low arched orthotics -very stiff) Sof Sole FIT Insoles (in a low, neutral, and high arched orthotic -very stiff) [caption id="attachment_3038" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles"]Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles[/caption] There are also specialty orthotic arch supports like the Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles for cleated shoes, Ice Skates, and even Heeled Western boots or the Superfeet woolyWHITE Premium insoles with a merino wool top-coat.  For those needing a stiff orthotic but as much cushioning as posisible, The Superfeet Black DMP Insoles are an ideal sensitive foot orthotic. Of coarse if you have questions or do not see what you want -you can contact one of our Foot-Care Specialists at The Insole too! So if your seeking solid foot support to assist with over-pronation, supination, or even collapsed arches, a rigid orthotic arch support maybe the answer for you.  A number of our customers find foot pain relief from Achilles Tendinitis, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, and Shin Splints with the use of a rigid orthotic.  Check out our Selection of Rigid Orthotic Arch Supports Today!
Spenco Total Support Insoles are Great for Foot Arch Pain!
  I ended up buying these for a pair of Merrell hiking boots that I use around the house for my yardwork (cutting grass, weeding, etc.). So far, I have had no problems with these - they are very comfortable. I have professional orthotics for arch pain that I usually get after walking in regular shoes for 30 minutes. So far, I have not experienced any pain when using the Spenco Total Support Original Insoles - even for long periods of time. Thank you!!! John B.   The Insole check out Orthotic Arch Supports Inserts to see all our Orthotics