Spenco Ironman Race Performance Insoles
If you’re a runner, you know that your professional running insoles can easily outlast your running shoes. The lightweight running shoes are the worst when it comes to lasting a long time; some of these will only last 200 to 300 miles. That means if you’re running 10 miles a day four days a week, you’ll need a new pair of shoes in 5 to 8 weeks! Heavier running shoes will last anywhere from 300 to 500 miles, and you’ll need a new pair of shoes in 8 weeks to 13 weeks. Meanwhile, the professional running insoles such as the Superfeet Green Premium Insoles and Spenco Total Support insoles will last at least 6 months, if not a year. Other running insoles that are well made include the following: • Spenco Ironman Race Performance Insoles – These are great as running insoles because the Ironman includes a lot of running. These running insoles are built to improve energy return, which means making the muscles of the feet work at their optimal capacity and not a bit more. Thus, you end up saving energy in the process. They include motion control so that overpronation is wiped out. There’s 0.24 inches thickness at the heel and 0.15 inches at the forefoot and a nice metatarsal dome on these running insoles. The dome can help you prevent too much stress on the ball of your feet. Find out more here: http://www.theinsolestore.com/spenco-ironman-race-insoles.html • Spenco Total Support Original Insoles – These control pronation as well; thus, they are a little better than the average running insoles. However, if you don’t overpronate your feet while walking or running, then it’s not an issue at all. These Spenco Total Support running insoles also have a feature called the Reverse Motions Extension that assists in propulsion. Here’s a link for you to check out: http://www.theinsolestore.com/spenco-total-support-original-insoles.html • CurrexSole RunPro Insoles – Low, Medium or High Arch – These have an advantage of sensor gels beneath the heel and big toe. This allows the foot to gain momentum in propelling itself forward from the big toe. These have a one-year unconditional guarantee. The link to check out is http://www.theinsolestore.com/currexsole-runpro-insoles-low-arch-footdiscs.html • New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles - The most unique thing about these insoles is that they have custom made air flow channels built into them that are essentially like air conditioning. They also contain a Plastazote top coat, which is body heat moldable. They conform to the shape of your feet. All New Balance insoles are EVA, PVC and Latex free. They are for diabetics and those who may have peripheral neuropathy. The link to find out more is: http://www.theinsolestore.com/new-balance-pressure-relief-insoles-ipr3020-1.html When it comes to running insoles for men with large feet, Superfeet Green Premium insoles may be purchased up to shoe size 17. Spenco Total Support Original Insoles are available in up to shoe size 15. Everyone has running insoles options, and these are some of the best to be found.

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The first thing to consider when choosing running orthotics for overpronation is that some companies may not specifically list in their description that an insole or Orthotic is going to reduce overpronation. (Overpronation is what happens when the foot rolls inward during the time your take a step and place your full body weight on the ground.)   A foot’s medial longitudinal arch that collapses during walking is one of the root causes of overpronation. When the arch can’t withstand the pressures of the body weight and gravity acting upon them, the entire midfoot section widens and the foot rolls inward. This stresses out the muscles and tendons of the bottom of foot and may also put tears in the plantar fascia.   Thus, excellent arch support that is accompanied by a deep heel cup that keeps the foot aligned can definitely prevent overpronation during walking and running.   Here are 3 Orthotics that runners can use to prevent overpronation:   1. Powerstep Signature Leather Orthotics (full length) http://www.theinsolestore.com/powerstep-signature-leather-orthotics-full-length.html   These running orthotics for overpronation have a natural leather top coat, built-in arch support and heel cradle for foot stability, and have a polypropylene support shell for a bit more structure. The foam is about 1/8th inch deep. The EVA base layer is rated Shore A 40 for hardness (harder than chewing gum and not as hard as a tire). These orthotics for overpronation are not specifically marketed for runners but they may be used for that purpose. They are accepted and recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association.     [caption id="attachment_10472" align="alignleft" width="150"]Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Support Insoles Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Support Insoles[/caption] 2. Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Support Insoles http://www.theinsolestore.com/birkenstock-blue-footbed-casual-arch-support-insoles.html   These may sound like they shouldn’t be worn by runners because of the word “casual” in the title but they may definitely be used by runners. You can consider them perfect running orthotics for overpronation because not only do they have Orthotic arch support and metatarsal support – support for both arches of the feet – but also raised side so that your feet are NOT going to overpronate period.   These are preferred for those with flat feet or medium arched feet.   [caption id="attachment_10473" align="alignleft" width="150"]Spenco® For Her Total Support Insoles Spenco® For Her Total Support Insoles[/caption] 3. Spenco® For Her Total Support Insoles http://www.theinsolestore.com/spenco-for-her-new-style-total-support-insoles.html   If an insole or Orthotic has the 3-Pod Cushioning system in it (a Spenco creation awaiting patent awards), then you can bet your life on it that it’s good to go for overpronation. Count the Spenco For Her Total Support Insoles in your list of running orthotics for overpronation.   The whole purpose of the 3-Pod Cushioning system is for preventing overpronation. You’ll find advanced arch support in the For Her Total Support Insoles to also prevent the foot from collapsing in the medial longitudinal arch area of the foot, arch support in the metatarsal area of the foot, cushioning throughout the entire Orthotic and recommendations from the American Podiatric Medical Association too.   The For Her Total Support Insoles are another winner for those searching for running orthotics for overpronation.
Spenco Supreme Men's Slipper Bison Suede Sherling
Men’s slippers have changed a lot from what they used to be. In the past, slippers never had any dimension to them; they were simply nice soft material sewed together to cover the feet with very little structure to them. Now, things are a lot better if you get the right men’s slippers. You can find men’s slippers that are orthopedically designed plus they have nice soft material. Because they are orthopedically designed, your feet are supported. And this matters a lot, especially if you’re presently experiencing foot pain or having difficulty because you have foot conditions. Here are a few different men’s slippers that your husband or man friend will love: Spenco Supreme Men’s Slippers Bison Suede Shearling – About $90 http://www.theinsolestore.com/spenco-supreme-mens-slipper-bison-suede-shearling.html These are handsome men’s slippers; brown on the upper, white fur on the inside, and rust brown sole with a black heel area. Big advantages of these men’s slippers: • Prevents overpronation and oversupination • Deep toe box gives you lots of wiggle room • Metatarsal arch support relieves pain in the ball of the foot • Non-mark and skid bottom • Zero-drop technology – This is where the height of the men’s slipper at the heel and the height of the slipper at the front of the foot are equal, which decreases stress on the Achilles tendon and other areas of the foot. • Heat moldable • Loved by the American Podiatric Medical Association Spenco Northern Men’s Slipper Camo – About $70 http://www.theinsolestore.com/spenco-northern-mens-slipper-camo-nylon-fleece.html These are traditional looking with a camouflage design any man who’s been in the military will feel comfortable with. The advantages of these men’s slippers are similar to the previous Spenco men’s slippers. Big advantages of these men’s slippers: • Prevents overpronation and oversupination • Deep toe box gives you lots of wiggle room • Medial longitudinal arch support • Deep heel cup • Metatarsal arch support • Zero-drop technology – This is where the height of the men’s slipper at the heel and the height of the slipper at the front of the foot are equal, which decreases stress on the Achilles tendon and other areas of the foot. • Heat moldable • Loved by the American Podiatric Medical Association • Recommended for those with shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Achille’s tendonitis, flat feet Spenco Northern Men’s Slipper Red – About $70 http://www.theinsolestore.com/spenco-northern-mens-slipper-red-nylon-fleece.html These good-looking men’s slippers are red on the top with a black heel and toe guard. The red area of the slippers is stitched to give it a somewhat preppy look. The advantages of these men’s slippers are exactly the same as the previous two. Spenco Northern Men’s Slipper Chocolate – About $70 http://www.theinsolestore.com/spenco-northern-mens-slipper-chocolate-nylon-fleece.html These are black uppers and gray on the sole with similar stitching as seen in the Spenco Northern Men’s Slipper Red version. There you go. Four awesome men’s slippers that you can choose from to make your man’s feet the happiest they’ve ever been at home.