Which Orthopedic Flip Flops Look The Best?
Health professionals and health experts are famous for spouting off on how bad flip flops are for your feet. But that’s all different today. Many more brands of thong sandals, clogs and sliders are designed by podiatrists for total support of your feet. Lack of support is becoming a thing of the past with these orthopedic flip flops. You don’t have to argue anymore with your podiatrist about wearing thong sandals or flip flops. Full Story
Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx
"Diagnosed with ruptured posterior tibial tendon. I am 54, 5' 9" 196 lbs. I jog bout 16 miles a week, and paid much money for overpronating shoes. The shoes allowed me to jog short mileage, had to cut back on the road. Started getting depressed since I could not get my miles in. Advised to have surgery with a 9 week recovery, which my physician said would correct the problem. Set surgery date, did research, surgery does not correct deficit for some patients. Turd toss, "to surgery or not to surgery". Found out about Powerstep Orthotics, loved first pair since my pain vanished. Then discovered the blue pinnacle which offered more stability. Gave the Pinnacle Maxx a try, did not like heel cup at first. Seemed to impede my ankle, yet I stayed with them and thus to my surprise, they NOW are my favorite shoe insert. Hypothesis; the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotics have a dedicated heel cup and need a couple of weeks to break in. Bottom line is, it is my favorite orthotic, and cheaper and safer than surgery. Bone and joint physicians may cringe at this solution, yet it has worked for me. Do shop around though, for the best price." -Texas 2