Inserts for High Heels: Great for a Special Comfort

Sometimes the best way to learn is by having fun. Ready to have fun learning about the different types of inserts for high heels?

Below are a few different types of heel inserts for high heels.
  1. 1. Apara Gel Arch Appeal
The Apara Gel Arch Appeal provides discreet Gel Cushioning for Arch Relief in any shoe. The Cool Clear Silicone Gel Arch Cushion improves foot comfort and shoe fit. A slick look to slide in your heel for a great feel for your foot. Full Story
When To Get Turf Toe Insoles and What Turf Toe Is

Turf toe is often found by those who jam or overuse the big toe.  You can overuse it by participating in various types of sprinting activities, such as in running or jumping. These types of activities can be associated with pain, swelling and stiffness in the big toe region near the joint. Full Story
SOLE Softec Ultra Custom Footbeds
"I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for about 6 months. It sidelined my running and became very painful to walk, especially in the morning. I contemplated going to a podiatrist, but did extensive research on the symptoms and cure. A lot of recommendations were for stretching exercises like rolling your heel on a frozen can of orange juice. Although some of the pain was temporarily relieved, it didn't solve the problem. The problem was that I needed more arch support! That's where the Sole insole came in. I put these in every pair of shoes I owned and within a month the pain slowly subsided. These are the answer if you have Plantar Fasciitis. Try them but make sure to give it some time."

New Balance Supportive Cushioning insoles
"I always thought that I had to purchase a certain shoe to help with my arch support, but these insoles changed that way of thinking. I have always had some sort of heel/foot pain when on my feet for prolonged periods of time, especially after a work shift. First I changed out of some basic black tennis shoes to some Doc Martins, which helped, but I still had some pain/discomfort after my shift. I have had no pain since I paired these up with my Doc Martins. The same result occurred when I tried them in my casual wear Merrill shoes! I highly, highly recommend these insoles to anyone with heel pain and a higher than normal arch. I had to post this here because of how much these helped me! I paid 50$ at a retail store, but I know where I'll order them now! :)"

Do You Have Ball of Foot Pain? Here’s What to Do About It
If you have ball of foot pain, then the last thing you want to do is park far away from the entrance of any store. You'll feel justified sitting in your car waiting for someone - anyone - to give you their best parking space. You most likely have even tried sneaking into a handicapped parking spot once or twice to avoid that pain found in your every step. Full Story