ProThotics Semi-Flex Full Length Insoles
"My Podiatrist prescribed a pair of these about eight years ago and applied metatarsal pads on them. I guess I have finally worn them out, but I can hardly function without them. I suffer from severe pain in the balls of both feet and ProThotics Semi-Flex Full Length Insoles with those pads allow me to be active.I ordered two more insoles and some extra pads just recently. The life of the felt pads and insoles is truly amazing and was surprised to read that some recent purchasers experienced short-lived products. I weigh almost 250 pounds and work in my yard and on my house constantly. I'll check back again to review the newer insoles and pads if I have any problems with the newer products.

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What Is A Bunion, Mom?
December 11, 2015

What Is A Bunion, Mom?


Teenage girls and women who are self-conscious about their feet may be hiding them for a good reason: bunions. If you start hearing questions from the teenager in your life such as “what is a bunion?”, it is smart to start investigating the matter with the podiatrist. Bunions can lead to a whole host of other foot problems, and the sooner they can be stopped from progressing, the easier it is on the bunion sufferer. Full Story
What is Morton’s Neuroma?
Morton’s Neuroma (also known as Morton's Metatarsalgia or Morton's disease) is a condition that occurs in the foot—most often between the 3rd and 4th toes—where the tissue thickens around the nerves leading to the toes. Frequent or constant pressure to this area of the foot will cause the formation of a benign tumor or what appears to be a hard ball under the skin. Full Story
Insoles for Kids
As parents, we are instinctively aware of our children's needs.  When it comes to the proper development of a foot arch as a toddler, support for our bustling youth on the athletic fields, or even our teen whom is transitioning into adulthood, we want what is best in footcare for our kids. Yet the hardest part is actually educating ourselves and finding the best insoles for kids. Personally, with my children active in both soccer & baseball, I have witnessed children coping with foot pain from sever's disease to strained heels & arches. Full Story