Soccer Insoles for Cleats in Cushion and Orthotic Support
Alot of stress and strain is created on the foot during extreme sports.  Soccer players typically face a thin shoe'd cleat were they can feel the shock of the spikes hitting the ground and maintain no arch support nor shock absorption.  Soccer Insoles can add not only additional cushioned shock absorption but a proper orthotic support for a solid foundation from the feet on up to the skeletal structure. The most common complaints we get from our soccer playing clients Full Story
Let’s say you already recognized the fact that you need arch insoles. Perhaps you were examining your shoes one day and saw how worn they are and realize it’s time for new insoles, and you know you feel better when you wear arch insoles. Or maybe you were on the job and heard a discussion in the lunchroom of the top executives discussing their industrial/work insoles. Whatever the reason, arch insoles are a support for feet that aren't perfectly made. Full Story
If you've been asking this question over the last week or two, you no doubt have been feeling foot pain when you wear high-heels. We've all been warned before not to wear high-heels. We've heard that high heels damage our feet. When the heel is higher than the forefoot, that high-heel you are wearing changes the entire dynamic of walking. There’s more pressure on the ball of the foot instead of the equal dispersion of the impact of walking on the entire foot. It’s like you’re tiptoeing around all day long. Full Story
  It can be difficult to understand that some of the smallest bones in the body – the sesamoid bones –  could possibly cause so much pain when you have sesamoiditis. In fact, not only do you have pain, but you can have cramping in the foot that’s affected and calluses can start to form. In some cases, there’s a  sensation of heat and burning in the forefoot, too. Full Story
Why Do My Shoe Insoles Squeak?
From time to time, we recieve an inquiry from a customer saying "Hey -what's the deal!?!  My Insoles Squeak!!!"  It certainly can happen and we find it occurs primarily with our semi-rigid or rigid orthotic arch supports that have some type of hard plastic heel to arch support.  Often the sound will go away after a few days of breaking in a new insole. Most of the time the squeaking occurs for an insole being to tight for the shoe Full Story