What Are Supination Insoles?
If you were told you need supination insoles, it’s because you oversupinate, or roll your foot outward, when you walk. Supination insoles are high arch insoles. You don’t consciously do this. It’s something that happens when you walk. What it means is that your foot turns to the outside – all your weight is put on the outside of your foot as you walk. In normal walking, the weight is distributed through the center of the foot. However, if you put your weight on the inside or on the outside of your foot during walking, it affects your foot and your entire body. Full Story
Overview of the Spenco Orthotic Line
The Spenco Orthotic Line is quite extensive. It’s composed of five different types of footwear support: • Spenco RX® • Spenco Kids® Insoles • Spenco Polysorb® Insoles • Spenco Gel Insoles • Spenco for Her® Insoles Full Story
8 Reasons For Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics
Plantar Fasciitis is not exactly a fun medical condition to have. Plantar Fasciitis limits your ability to move and causes you to naturally give up on walking. For some, that can mean no more outdoor festivals or events to attend, no more walking, dancing, or performing other physical activities, and even less activities such as gardening or washing your car during the warm months of the year. Full Story
Are Orthaheel Orthotics Only for Heel Problems?
When you read or hear the name Orthaheel, you may think to yourself that since you don't have any serious foot or heel conditions, that these aren't for you. However, this is not entirely true. Orthaheel technology is not only for those with serious foot conditions, but you still need to find the orthotic right for your own individual foot. The Orthaheel company has certainly done their fair share of research on the heel and what happens to our feet and bodies when we walk. Full Story