The Time When Having an Extra Arch Support Insert Mattered the Most
It’s easy to go through life and not think much about an arch support insert. There’s so much more to think about – what’s happening on the weekend and how to prepare for it, what’s the next work project and how is it going to get finished in record time and still be accurate, what the next needs of the children, husband and pets are, and what the weather is and how to dress appropriately. Who really has time for thinking much about feet, footwear and shoes or shoe insoles, let alone an arch support insert? Full Story
Why Superfeet Delux Insoles and Inserts?
If you’ve discovered Superfeet insoles by accident you may not know the difference between Superfeet insoles and Superfeet Delux Insoles. The difference is in their purpose. Some are designed for athletic shoes, some are designed for dress shoes, and some are designed for sandals. Knowing what shoes you want to add insoles to helps you decide which Superfeet insoles to purchase. Full Story
In Love With OOFOS Sandals, Slides, and Clogs!
"I have plantar fasciitis and Oofos have made a difference in my life. I can walk without pain when I wear them. I became addicted to them the first time I slid my foot in these shoes. What a difference they have made. I wear them all the time and do not ever go barefoot now. I step out of the shower into my Oofos and feel such comfort. I have the flip flops as well that I love. I adore all the available colors. I also have the slides that I like because I can wear socks with them as the weather cools. I just recently purchased the clogs for winter wear and they are just as wonderful as the flip flops and slides. However, please oh please, offer the clogs in the wonderful colors of the flip flops and slides. I would especially like to see a good bright red in all the styles. I will be wearing these shoes forever and because of my experience with them, my husband and adult children are now wearing them too." - Kathy