Quick Shipping New Balance Insoles @ The Insole Store.com
Attention Managers: I just received my New Balance IPR 3030 insoles that I ordered on August 21st.  They came in the mail TODAY (8/25) at 10 am today.  Great service and extremely prompt delivery.  Thanks. Last night I had decided to take my new Merrell MOAB shoes back to the store for a refund.  The mailman delivered your products and by 11am, I was walking on CLOUD NINE!!! These insoles are just what your representative had described to my wife last week and when I ordered them, they were on sale with free delivery.  Mr.  XXXXXX was extremely helpful and courteous in the phone sales process.  I congratulate him.  Your products are exactly as described by your agents.  Thanks for saving my foot comfort. Russ Campbell Charleston, WV
Mom’s Guide to Women’s Sandals To Wear to Kids Outings
Want to eliminate fear of not having the right pair of comfortable sandals to wear to your kid’s outings this summer? TheInsoleStore.com has the best selection of women's sandals with all day support for your feet. Most anatomically correct sandals cost between $60 and $80 - but are well worth the investment. Many shoes and sandals on the market today are worthless when it comes to rating them for support, however these are priceless. Full Story
Comparing Children’s Sandals For Summer, Part 1
As parents, you want the best for your children. You don’t want to discover years from now that something you did contributed to a health problem in your child. From a foot health perspective, there are a few things you may not know: Full Story