Choosing The Right Work Boot Insoles
If your job involves walking on concrete, walking down a runway, walking on rocky ground, or simply just walking a lot, then let’s face it – your feet are taking a beating during the day. On top of it all, working extra hours or working anything from 10 and 12-hour shifts can be a bit too much for your feet. Full Story
5 Orthotics for High Arches To Relieve Pain
At first glance, feet with higher arches don't appear to have any major stresses or serious foot conditions. However, engineers testing the bio-mechanics of feet and foot disorders have found there are more underlying issues with high arch feet than many realize.  If you think about how a flat foot is an overly flexible foot where as a high arched foot is so set in its structure that it is not flexible at all. When you have high arches, you need orthotics for high arches. Full Story
What Leather Insoles to Buy
There are many advantages to wearing leather insoles. One of the biggest advantages is that they are created with all-natural substances, abling your feet to breathe. If you wear shoes with insoles that actually allow your feet to breathe, the cells are able to act as they should and detoxify on their own. When your feet detoxify, it helps to prevent infection. Wearing leather insoles, or insoles that allow your feet to breathe, is very important if you’re diabetic or prone to develop infections that don’t heal fast. Full Story
Five Insoles for Ball of Foot Pain
If you’re suffering from ball of foot pain, you understand just how miserable it feels. Every step is a stabbing sensation and you find yourself doing anything to avoid walking, even if it means skipping a day of work. Full Story