Corrective Insoles: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

What does the term 'corrective insole' mean? It means an insole that goes into your shoe that has the potential to improve your walk, correct your foot alignment, and make your feet happier. That's a lot to fulfill. However, with all the modern technology today, this is much more easily accomplished. Full Story
What are the Best Shoe Inserts for Men?

Men, looking for the right pair of inserts? The criteria for finding the best shoe inserts for men is very different than it is for women.   Well, somewhat different. The main difference between selecting shoe inserts for men and selecting those for women is related to heel size. Women typically wear higher heels than men do which require a different style of shoe inserts. For instance, a woman who wears 'high heels' or dress shoes will encounter an entirely different decision-making process when it comes to selecting the right insert. Most men's work boots have only a slight heel height, one inch or below, if any at all. Men's shoes typically cause less ergonomic problems when it comes to the body. Full Story
arch angels childrens arch supports
"My daughter is 7 and she was complaining that it hurt to walk. I noticed when she was walking barefoot that her ankle was leaning in. So I thought to give the Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles a try. Since I've placed them in her shoes, she hasn't complained. At first she said they feel funny, but after a couple of days she didn't say anything else. The best part is she hasn't said another word about her feet hurting." -Trisha
Choosing the Best Running Insoles

Choosing the best running insoles starts with looking at your running shoes right now. Examine them closely to determine the wearing pattern.     When you walk or run, your feet could be oversupinating or overpronating. Look on the inside part of your shoe (the medial side). Is it wearing more than the outside? If so, this is an indication that you are overpronating your feet. The best running insoles for you will be ones that have an excellent arch support. Full Story
6 Ways to Provide Metatarsal Support and Get Out of Pain

Why might you need to consider metatarsal support? For any of these reasons:

-You have Morton’s Neuroma.
-You have been diagnosed with Sesamoiditis.
-Your doctor called your condition Metatarsalgia.
-You have pain in your forefoot when you are standing during the day.
-You have loved wearing high heels for far too long and the ball of your foot is excruciating. Full Story