OOFOS: The Sandal That Must Be In Your Shoe Closet – and Why
Even the name 'OOFOS' sounds like fun, and when you’re outside in the summertime at the beach, at a festival, on a date, or sightseeing, you want to be having fun.   But, there’s nothing funny about OOFOS sandals themselves. The designers call them OOFOS because of the special type of foam called Oofoam used in them that impacts the way your foot absorbs shock from walking. With OOFOS foam in the sandal, your foot can absorb 37% more impact – without fatiguing. This makes it the perfect sandal to wear after any hard, athletic workouts. Full Story
Cycling Insoles: Great for Wind Sprints and Outracing Dogs
If you’re a cyclist, there’s nothing better than the rush of wind against your face as you’re pedaling down the road. Second best is outrunning – or out-cycling – a dog who darts out from a country farm you are approaching, and wants to challenge you. The fact is that if you want your best cycling performance, then the way to do it is to start with your feet and support them with cycling insoles. This may seem a little crazy, but in reality, there are some pedaling problems that can hinder your performance.  First of all, it’s easy to pedal incorrectly by using the arch of your foot to try to gain strength in pedaling. Pedals are made for the ball of your foot and your toes, not for your arches. If you’re using your arches to pedal, imagine how much pressure is added when you’re straining to get up that hill that looks like a mountain.  Thus, cycling insoles will generally have arch supports just in case you fall back on old bad habits – and meanwhile, they support your feet thoroughly in the arches. Secondly, one of the purposes of cycling insoles is to absorb any friction that occurs from constant pedaling. Friction causes blisters and over time, calluses, which can lead to other foot problems. When your body feels a sore spot such as a blister, it will readjust itself so that the pain isn’t felt. Although this is an adaptive mechanism, it also can become an alignment nightmare – causing other foot, knee, hip, and back problems. The cycling insoles can truly be your friend in this respect. The problem is that cycling shoes have flat insoles on none whatsoever. You pay all that money for them, but they still won’t really give you the support your feet need for the sport. Our most popular cycling insoles for the extreme are the SOLE Thin Sport Custom Footbeds which are a heat moldable (or even wear moldable) shoe insert that is very thin provides a custom arch support.  The most popular feature is that is provides a solid bottom fore-foot for those that need protection from the clamp-0n cycle cleat that rubs the bottom of the cycle shoe.  Note: This Insole has no padding -consider upgrading to the SOLE Softec Response with a 1.6mm cushion top-coat. Our other two most popular cycling insoles are the Spenco Full Length Arch Cushion Insoles that are a pure cushion shoe insert (with cushioned arch pads) that are trimmable in any direction to fit the tight contours of any cycling shoes.  For those seeking solid arch supports with venitlation/drain holes consider the Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles which all these insole can be viewed by clicking here. So simply replace the insoles in the cycling shoes with cycling insoles that have arches and are ready to give your ride the best pedaling power ever.  Check out the Best Selection of Cycling Shoe Insoles at The Insole Store.com Today!