Gel Insoles – Made For A Reason
What are gel insoles true purpose? Gel insoles and other orthotics aren't just something that man created to make money off of. They’re made by many reputable companies that have extensive research and design departments where scientists work away to determine how to best mold your foot into a shoe for maximum comfort. Full Story
Spenco Heavy Duty Insoles are Heavan for My Concrete Walking Feet
I never had problems with my feet until I started working where I was walking on hard concrete floors all day. My feet were painful each night and towards the end of the week I felt wounded and wouldn't do any thing on my day off except keep my feet up. I tried other insoles but last week I tried Spenco Heavy duty insoles. I didn't notice anything until the end of the week when I realized I wasn't in pain. I had completely forgotten about the insoles because my feet weren't painful. Once I realized that a week had passed and I was still going strong I thanked my co-worker for recomending Spenco. I am flabergasted that the insoles work so well. It is my day off and I am going for a run. I now want to see everything Spenco makes. It has turned me around completely and I am so happy that I no longer have painful feet. It's not something you think about until you don't want to walk because you are in so much pain. Thank you very much. Suz