8 Reasons For Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics
Plantar Fasciitis is not exactly a fun medical condition to have. Plantar Fasciitis limits your ability to move and causes you to naturally give up on walking. For some, that can mean no more outdoor festivals or events to attend, no more walking, dancing, or performing other physical activities, and even less activities such as gardening or washing your car during the warm months of the year. Full Story
Are Orthaheel Orthotics Only for Heel Problems?
When you read or hear the name Orthaheel, you may think to yourself that since you don't have any serious foot or heel conditions, that these aren't for you. However, this is not entirely true. Orthaheel technology is not only for those with serious foot conditions, but you still need to find the orthotic right for your own individual foot. The Orthaheel company has certainly done their fair share of research on the heel and what happens to our feet and bodies when we walk. Full Story
5 Top Arch Support Inserts for Foot Comfort
If you’re looking for arch support inserts, it’s good to know that the price range is around $19.99 and up. At The Insole Store, you can find great prices as well as great discounts on quality arch supports and insoles. In order for your feet and body to be healthy, you shouldn't have to spend a fortune. On top of the great prices offered, you can also find free same-day shipping when you spend over $20.00 at www.TheInsoleStore.com. Full Story
Excellent Customer Service & Fast Insole Shipping
"I was pleasantly surprised when my wife showed me the package that I received today with the correct insoles. You made me one "happy" customer! We immediately put the incorrect insoles in the box they came in, turned the bag inside out , affixed your label and took it to the post office and mailed it back to you! I wanted to respond to your email that I saw when returning home and not only thank you, but also thank Darrick, Joyce and Ian in getting this issue resolved for me! I put a note in the return package to Austin thanking you guys! I am sure that I will be doing business with your firm in the future and will "spread" the word around to contact The Insole Store should they need any of your products! Have a great Thanksgiving!!" Sincerely, Bill
Choosing The Right Work Boot Insoles
If your job involves walking on concrete, walking down a runway, walking on rocky ground, or simply just walking a lot, then let’s face it – your feet are taking a beating during the day. On top of it all, working extra hours or working anything from 10 and 12-hour shifts can be a bit too much for your feet. Full Story