Should My Kids Wear Insoles?
Your kids are growing fast. It seems like you just bought them a whole new wardrobe and they are already complaining that their shoes are too tight. Thinking about insoles for your children may be one of the last things on your mind, but they are actually extremely important for their health. Below are four main reasons why buying insoles for your kids is one of the best investments in your children’s health: Full Story
Top 3 Best Insoles for Football Cleats
Finding the right pair of insoles to meet your exact needs is important. Many people don't realize that you shouldn't be wearing running insoles if you’re playing basketball or vice versa. Each insole is designed to meet the many different conditions the body is exposed to. All the jumping in basketball puts stress on different areas of the feet than running does. When it comes to buying football cleats for your child, it is important to know that placing just any insole inside the cleat won't be good enough. Football cleats are usually tight fitting shoes, so regular insoles won’t fit inside of the cleats. Full Story