5 Thick Insoles Your Feet Will Love
If your feet feel better when you wear warm fuzzy slippers at the end of your day, this gives you a clue that if you had thick insoles DURING the day, you’ll feel better. Full Story
Choosing Wool Insoles
January 8, 2015

Choosing Wool Insoles

With new advances in orthotics, your feet can now experience nothing but the ultimate in foot comfort. Consider how your feet feel on a cold, snowy day inside your boots or shoes. Keeping your feet warm is important since they get cold fast, and could even suffer from frostbite if exposed for too long.  From Flat Fluffy Wool Insoles to Orthotic Arch Supports, TheInsoleStore.com has the best selection of wool shoe insoles. Full Story
Orthotics for Minimalist Runners
20% to 80% of runners will experience injuries every year, with most of them in the knee. The primary risk factors for developing injuries were a history of previous injuries in male runners. Surprisingly to some, if the training distance was increased each week, this helped prevent the knee injuries. Full Story