Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx
"Diagnosed with ruptured posterior tibial tendon. I am 54, 5' 9" 196 lbs. I jog bout 16 miles a week, and paid much money for overpronating shoes. The shoes allowed me to jog short mileage, had to cut back on the road. Started getting depressed since I could not get my miles in. Advised to have surgery with a 9 week recovery, which my physician said would correct the problem. Set surgery date, did research, surgery does not correct deficit for some patients. Turd toss, "to surgery or not to surgery". Found out about Powerstep Orthotics, loved first pair since my pain vanished. Then discovered the blue pinnacle which offered more stability. Gave the Pinnacle Maxx a try, did not like heel cup at first. Seemed to impede my ankle, yet I stayed with them and thus to my surprise, they NOW are my favorite shoe insert. Hypothesis; the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotics have a dedicated heel cup and need a couple of weeks to break in. Bottom line is, it is my favorite orthotic, and cheaper and safer than surgery. Bone and joint physicians may cringe at this solution, yet it has worked for me. Do shop around though, for the best price." -Texas 2
Pedag Viva Summer Insoles
"I received my Pedag Viva Summer Insoles a couple of days ago, slipped them immediately into one of my favorite pairs of shoes, and transformed the shoes into walking on clouds. These insoles are really comfortable, and in the extreme heat of New Orleans, they kept my feet feeling cool. When I took off my shoes, my feet did not stick to the bottoms as usual. I am so impressed with these insoles that I think I might just wear them in the winter as well when I don't want to wear socks but want that feel." -Chris
Sof Sole Fit Insoles – Great For Your Tight Shoes

Have you ever noticed that regular, basic insoles don't fit right in certain shoes of yours sometimes? Your feet feel too snug inside your shoes, and as a result, they wear down your skin leaving you prone to developing blisters. If this describes your situation, you might need to consider wearing special insoles designed for extra tight shoes. Full Story
Corrective Insoles: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

What does the term 'corrective insole' mean? It means an insole that goes into your shoe that has the potential to improve your walk, correct your foot alignment, and make your feet happier. That's a lot to fulfill. However, with all the modern technology today, this is much more easily accomplished. Full Story