It can be difficult to understand that some of the smallest bones in the body – the sesamoid bones –  could possibly cause so much pain when you have sesamoiditis. In fact, not only do you have pain, but you can have cramping in the foot that’s affected and calluses can start to form. In some cases, there’s a  sensation of heat and burning in the forefoot, too. Full Story
Why Do My Shoe Insoles Squeak?
From time to time, we recieve an inquiry from a customer saying "Hey -what's the deal!?!  My Insoles Squeak!!!"  It certainly can happen and we find it occurs primarily with our semi-rigid or rigid orthotic arch supports that have some type of hard plastic heel to arch support.  Often the sound will go away after a few days of breaking in a new insole. Most of the time the squeaking occurs for an insole being to tight for the shoe Full Story
Have you ever heard of Prothotics? Prothotics insoles are insoles designed for employees who are on their feet all day long. They’re a brand of insoles that are developed to improve the work performance of the employees and decrease time spent away from work because of issues related to the feet and posture. Full Story
heel cups

Advantages of Using Heel Cups

Why would you want to consider heel cups for your shoes? Actually- there are several reasons to. 1. Heel cups offer pain relief to sore and sensitive heels. 2. Heel cups reduce foot fatigue. 3. Heel cups keep your heel properly aligned when you walk, thus preventing the development of other foot issues. Full Story
How To Care For Your Spenco Insoles
Caring for your Spenco insoles is extremely easy. Mostly it includes keeping them clean and dry. But if your Spenco Insoles become wet or dirty, follow the following directions to save them from permanent damage. Spenco gives these directions as guidelines, please refer to specific insole directions for specific types of insoles. Full Story