Pedag Replacement Leather Insoles at The Insole
(Charlotte, NC)  The Insole has added the Pedag Leather Replacement Insoles to their Replacement Insoles Line-up.  The Pedag Leather Insoles are a thin 100% vegetable-tanned leather topcoat with a latex-free carbon activated padded cushion for odor protection. The Pedag Leather Replacement Insoles are an ideal leather insole for replacing out those old worn leather shoe inserts while adding an odor absorbing property too.  Ideal for casual and dress shoes, The Pedag Leather Insoles are popular replacements for boat shoes (such as Sperry).
Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles Review:  A Thin Orthotic with Flexible Arch Support
Spenco has expanded their line up of the Spenco Total Support Insoles to include a Thin & Max version.   The insoles of most interest (to me) are the Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles as the selection of a true thin orthotic arch support with superior cushioning and a flexible arch support is limited.  -Being that I wear a tighter fitting casual shoe on a daily basis I thought the Thin's would be a great place to start. The Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles are a condensed version of the Original Total Support Insoles with the same polysorb arch to heel support system and tri-pod cushioning that the Total Supports are known for.     The Total Support Thins differ in two disctinct points:
  • -20% Thinner than the Original Polysorb Total Support Insoles
  • -Flexible Arch Support that is ideal for Flat Feet & Low to Neutral Arches (however, suitable for the high arched foot too).
The Total Support Thin Insoles are suitable for a multiple of shoe types:
[caption id="attachment_2929" align="alignright" width="150" caption="spenco total support thin insoles"]spenco total support thin insoles[/caption]
  • athletic
  • casual
  • dress
  • cycling
  • cleated
  • boots
  • track
In all reality,  they are the best orthotic arch support on the market for those seeking more cushioning comfort than the traditional rigid orthotics in a tight fitting shoe.
The Total Support Thin Insoles fit nicely into my leather casual shoes and certainly do not take up a lot of space  - I have plenty of toe room versus when I wore the original total support insoles (see review) and the toe box region of my shoe was a little tight (to the feel) at first.  From a cushioning standpoint, I noticed very little change -despite being @20% thinner.    These insoles are ideal for cleated, cycling, and/or any tight shoe when an orthotic is needed. 
The semi-flexible arch support of the Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles is very nice -definitely a breath of fresh air for those that cannot wear the rigid orthotic arch supports (see at all our Orthotic Arch Supports).  Having a neutral arched foot,  I noticed very little upward pressure (rigidity) on my arch; while at the same time, the orthotic maintained support without allowing my arch to over collapse. The Insoles are great for all foot arch types -especially for tighter shoes; however, they are ideal for flat-feet or those with low and neutral arches who want a bit of cushioning in the arch support too.
Over-all,  The Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles are a welcome addition to the Spenco Insoles line-up.  They fill a much need void in the orthotic arch support arena where cushioning comfort and arch support for tight fitting shoes does not always go hand in hand.  Check out the New Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles at The Insole Today!
Spenco Total Support Insoles are the Best Insoles for Concrete
I don't normally  comment on products I  buy but these are one of the best things I have ever bought. The fit my feet just right. I'm a 11.5 and I ordered the 10-11 and they were fine. Since I put the Total Support Original Insoles in my boots they were perfect. I've had them for about a 2 months and they're still great. I love it when I can walk all day on concrete jumping on and off trucks and never get sore feet. Perfect! Ben
The Heel Lifts by Clearly Adjustable are Great!
I received my order last night when I got home from work. Wow! I’m super impressed with these heel lifts! I’m definitely going to order a bunch more so I have them in all of my shoes. They’re the greatest!   Thank you!   Jan Potter
OOFOS Sandals Review – A Great Cushioning Recovery Sandal
Ok Lovelies, this is no secret… I LOVE MY FEET! And really, we all should!  They take us EVERYWHERE and they can carry a pretty heavy load. This summer I am off on a new kind of Foot Lovers journey.  I’m not talking about the greatest nail polish color or my very favorite DIY homemade foot scrub… although I do adore a good shade of purple… ahhh, and that Sugar Scrub  -heaven! Nope, this is a whole new kind of Chatter about my favorite body part, or shall I say PARTS since most of us have two!?! After months of the truly grueling task of Seeking Employment, l GOT A JOB!!! (I’m singing that part… just cause it feels SO good!) And as with every new employee on the first day of work, I had NOT A CLUE as to what I would be doing.  I was told our workplace is a “casual” setting, and when I arrived to see my boss and another co-worker in Flip Flops…. (The little ME inside my head silently shouted YESS! and did a “Fist pump”).  Hers were bright pink, technically Fuchsia, and looked… bouncy?  OOFOS Sandals!!! [caption id="attachment_2679" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="oofos fuchsia sandals"]oofos fuchsia sandals[/caption] I HAD TO HAVE THOSE FLOPPERS! And so, this day started my new and exciting journey of reviewing orthotic sandals.  Sound sexy?  Say it with me… Orthotic sandals...  First, they MUST be CUTE!  If it is not cute, 90% of us don’t want it!  They have to be comfortable and my initial feeling when hearing the term Orthotic Sandal, wasn’t so comfy… The shoes I put on my feet in the morning need to be the shoes I wear all day.  I don’t know a single mother who wants to be carting multiple pair of shoes around in her car, along with the old Happy Meal boxes and wet towels from the pool.  Finally, I need them to be resilient.  Nothing worse than your flip flops falling apart just before you leave for the beach! Seeing as how I am a “Newbie” to Orthotic footwear, I needed to spend a little time figuring out how to structure my reviews.  My goal is to pass along the best overall foot care product information, in turn making you and your feet happier!  I decided to follow the “Star” rating… with a little bit of a twist. The general idea will be to give the sandal, shoe or insole an “Overall Rating”, and then note Price Points, Sizing comments, level of comfort and finish with anything related to availability (Example: Seasonal colors/styles) I have also chosen to give you some of my personal information…. COMPLETELY going against EVERYTHING my grandmother ever told me about being a “Lady” … I know how frustrated I have been (a few DOZEN times...) to order something Online, get it a few days later, tearing the package open like a kid at Christmas, and then to have all excitement come to a screeching halt because it’s too big, too short, or just plain not what I wanted!  Taking my experiences into consideration, our own body types/activity levels/personal preferences DO play a big part in our purchasing decisions. About me: Age group: 34-45 (go ahead and laugh… but I couldn’t defy Gram altogether) Body type: Petite Shoe size – 5 ½ General Activities/level of activity: Activity Level? OH BOY! I am a mom of 2 boys, ages 12 and 6… (Need I say more?)  LOL!  We are usually running from home to school, stopping somewhere in between, then work, school, football, soccer, bike rides… and the list goes on.. and on…  

OOFOS  (said oo-FOSE)

Overall RATING:   ✰✰✰✰✰

    [caption id="attachment_2769" align="alignright" width="150" caption="OOFOS Sandals"]OOFOS Sandals[/caption] . I bought the OOFOS Thong (flip flop style) in Black.  I opted for black, considering the likelihood of my oldest needing to borrow them. My Initial reaction? Unfortunately, no one was Camera Ready for the “WIDE EYED” “HOLY (Stinkin’) COW!!!!”Where have you been all my life???” look I had on my face.  I swayed side to side and rocked back and forth letting my feet process this new sensation. Bouncy was sort of an accurate description!  Like moon shoes maybe? I wore these every day for a full two weeks to be certain my review would be “shopper” worthy. As far as durability goes... they certainly surprised me! No problems wearing them in the yard, or rain, they cleaned up great!!! The price was more than I would have paid in the past for sandals but this is one of those things that I feel to be worth every penny... and I HAVE to add that I will never be able to return to $5 flip flops!  I now have new standards for my shoes.  As far as sizing goes, as recommended I went up to a Women's Size 6, as the OOFOS tend to run a bit tight -so if your a 1/2 size (like me at 5 1/2) you definitely want to order the next full size up! It seem like every day I noticing new things. First, it was my 7 block walk... technically 14 (7 there and 7 back). And my knee wasn't hurting? Why? The right knee ALWAYS bothers me after walking in flip flops... I began taking mental notes about how my body overall seemed to be responding. My lower back wasn't bothering me at night... and then there was the absence of the annoying tingling in my toes??? All of the sudden I realized, I was standing straighter... this was incredible! I've been living with these annoyances that became a part of my daily routine, and now they are BETTER! Is it the Orthodic?? Or the OOFOS bringing my body parts into perfect harmony???  The OOFOS definitely provide a soft cushiony orthotic quality that I LOVE….. -Liz