Make Special Occasions More Comfortable with Dress Insoles
Dressing up for a special occasion can be one of the most uncomfortable things you face, and all because of your shoes. Let’s face it, dress shoes are not very comfortable. The idea behind the shoes is that you only wear them for a short period of time. Dress Shoe Designers do not expect you to wear the shoes for hours at a time, or spend hours on your feet. Unfortunately, you might find yourself in this position, depending on the occasion. Dress insoles provide one way to keep your feet more comfortable during those special events.   Some insoles feature a design for men’s shoes. Men’s shoes are typically more comfortable than women’s shoes, but only because the designs for women involve a heel or pointed toe. Some men’s shoes do have a slight heel, which makes the shoes uncomfortable. There are also some designs for men that have a sloped toe or upper part, which forces the toes together. Dress Shoe Insoles work with the men’s designer styles. The insoles offer a more comfortable fit because they offer some cushioning or padding for the foot. The design keeps the foot from slipping and sliding inside the shoe. You can also find dress insoles designed for women.  The insoles work for all types of women’s dressy shoes, including wedges, flats and high heels. High heels are particularly bad, and most experts believe that women should only wear the shoes for a few hours or less every day. When it comes to a special occasion, such as a wedding or party, a woman might wear the shoes for six hours or longer. The insoles create a padded surface inside the shoe, which adds padding to the arch of the foot. With most shoes, your arch receives little support, which is what causes the pain or discomfort. There are Insoles designed for specific types of dress shoes, including stilettos. Stilettos feature an extremely thin and high heel, which offers little to no support for your feet. Dress insoles feature a design that completely covers the bottom of the shoe, which keeps your feet from rubbing against the shoe. While you might not feel like dancing for hours in your feels, the insoles can certainly make walking and dancing a little more comfortable. You can even find insoles that [caption id="attachment_2673" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Superfeet High Heel Easy Fit Arch Supports"][/caption] prevent your feet from developing blisters when wearing dress shoes. The Insoles has assembled the best selection of:
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Awesome Insoles for running!
I buy expensive, high quality running shoes, but still developed lower leg pain.  I tried a pair of these insoles after a shoe store salesman recommended them.  I ran my best 5K time with them and with no leg pain like I had before. Very happy! I ordered 2 more pair from The Insole ( for less $ than the store ) for my other athletic shoes. -Jen   Spenco Walker Runner Insoles To Check out all the running insoles at The Insole
No More Plantar Fasciitis Thanks To Spenco Total Support Insoles
I'm a 52 year old male with wide feet and high arches. I'd been suffering with plantar fasciitis in my right foot to the point where I kept a cane next to my bed for those first few excruciating steps in the morning. I would get home from work and my foot would throb and ache. I bought these total support insoles after some internet research and they changed my life! It took about three days for my feet to get used to them and within a week, my foot and heel pain was GONE! I no longer dread getting out of bed in the morning and I have tons of energy after work. These are certainly worth every penny and had I known the final result, I would have been willing to pay 5 times as much for them. Just ordered a second pair and will NEVER wear shoes withot these insoles again. THANK YOU "The Insole store" for taking my pain away!!!! Edward
Hiking Insoles Take a Hiking Boot to the Next Level
Experienced hikers know that the most important part about hiking is the feet! If your feet are hurting or injured, then it’s just about impossible to get back to your ground zero where you left in the time you estimated for your trip. That’s why they never leave home without hiking insoles and a good pair of hiking or military boots. These insoles are special insoles developed for the sport of hiking. There are three primary features found in hiking insoles:  heel cup, arch support, and extra cushioning. A heel cup assist in using your own natural fat pad on the bottom of your heel by holding it in place to absorb shock and weight. Arch supports assist in keeping the foot arch from over-collapsing so that the many small muscles on the sole of your foot aren’t stressed out too much from all the walking. And extra cushioning is a big plus in hiking insoles so that while you’re walking over jagged rocks, your feet are adequately cushioned and the rocks don’t bother you. You will need the extra cushioning on the sole and on the balls of [caption id="attachment_2282" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Spenco Earthbound Insoles"]Spenco Earthbound Insoles[/caption] the feet. Other than good hiking insoles, experienced hikers will tell you that your hiking boots should fit. You should have adequate ankle support and a high lacing system. And of course the hiking boot should be waterproofed. But do remember to replace the hiking boot insoles that are in the boot when you buy them with hiking insoles that are specific for your foot. It means comfort and pleasure while you hike. Check out The Insole's quick hiking insoles guide for descriptions on cushioned insoles and orthotic arch supports for backpacking, hiking, and military boot insoles Today!
The Most Amazing Sandals…  OOFOS Sandals
I NEVER write reviews, but I had to for this OOFOS Sandal Slides. I have never put on a sandal (or shoe for that matter) that gave me instant relief.  I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis for almost 2 years now and have not been able to wear sandals... period.  That is until I walked into a local store and found the slide version of this sandal.  I instantly was sold and just had to find more to order! The Insole was the only store that answered the phone by the 2nd ring and helped with all my questions.  I now have 2 more pair (one flip-flop) and another pair of slides.  They have incredible heel cushion and brilliant arch support.  I have very high arches so it's hard for me not to wear insoles, but this shoe allows me to walk all day and still be comfortable at the end. The only negative: I have wide feet and the band on the slide is a little narrow.  You may want to try going up a size if you have wide feet.  Otherwise, this truly is the best thing since sliced bread!  Thanks to The Insole for a FAST and easy purchase/delivery process. JF