Odor Eaters: Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles Bring Refreshing Life Back To Your Feet
Normally my feet do not sweat nor smell; however, the other day I had an important meeting to attend and one of my co-workers said "Hey, do your feet smell?"   LOL -odd as the question my sound, we are in the foot business with assisting customers in finding the right insoles for their footcare needs.  Before I could answer,  I was handed a pair of Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles.  The Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles take a nautralistic approach to deodorizing while providing soft light cushion to your shoe wearing experience. While I must say the photo's (we will work on improving that) do not do justice.  The Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles are great odor eaters for those with a foot smell problem or those simply looking for a little extra help.   The odor eaters come in a black soft cotton terry top with a natural sisal bottom which is infused with NANO Technology that is part of the secret to it's success. What I like most about the Pedag Deo Fresh's is that they are very soft to the feet with a nice addition of cushion.  For those that go bare-footed or wear a light sock, the feeling is very noticeable.   The black color is simply genius.   For one the odor eaters are designed to absorb the sweat and dirt from our feet, but the black color hides that look from embarrassing moments of when others can see the insides of your shoes. Now here is the great thing about the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles versus the every day Odor Eaters at the drugstore counter:  The Pedag's are machine washable while maintaining their odor eating qualities.    The deo fresh insoles are not a deodorant and chemical infused insole like those drugstore varieties either -using a nano based technology, the Pedag's have micron sized silver particles infused throughout that chemically attract and bond (or absorb) the molecules that make up items such as sweat and dirt.  Essentially removing the sweat and dirt from your foot, disconnecting it from your natural heat, and providing a natural deodorizing effect, that provides for cool fresh feet. [caption id="attachment_2968" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles"]Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles[/caption] For any one with smelly or stinky feet, you have got to try these insoles.  Have you ever thought about having a little something extra?  The other great part of the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles is that they will easily fit over an existing shoe insole, over the counter orthotic arch support, or even those custom-made rigids your walking around on.  We have many customers that want an insole to fit over their existing orthotic and these odor eaters are the answer. Check the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles out at The Insole Store.com  Today!  They are very affordable and priced right so you can have a pair for every shoe you wear.
Pedag Holiday: Great Insoles for Tight Fitting Shoes
  I bought a pair of the Pedag Holiday Insoles 2.5 years ago and love them. They are thin enough to wear with dress shoes and even some slippers. The leather is comfortable and the plastic is strong. I have looked a long time to find where I can purchase these online; I just found this site yesterday. I plan to buy three more pair. Thanks for a great product!   Susan   From The Insole Store.com:  Susan is taking advantage of our everday "Buy 3 or More" and receive and additional 10% Off Retail Pricing.
Spenco Total Support Original Insoles: Great Orthotic Arch Support
  I began having foot pain after walking a couple miles, I tried adding some gel insoles but that didn't help, so I tried the Spenco Total Supports after reading that the pain might be caused by not enough arch suppport (I have medium-high arches). I added them to my running shoes & they are very comfortable & I have much less pain now. I would buy these again Steve    
Kids Insoles: Toddler to Youth Size Insoles for Arch Support
It's that time of year when our children are going back to school and fall sports is getting ready to kick into high gear.  Some parents have been advised by their doctor that an over the counter orthotic arch support for their child's flat feet are in order or kids complaints about foot pain result in the online search for the Best Kids Insoles.  Yes, their hard to find at a local store; however, The Insole Store.com provides the Best Childrens Insoles for Toddler, Kids, Youth, and Junior Shoe Sizes. The most common search is for an orthotic to help promote the proper foot arch development of a childs foot which doesn't fully develop until age 6 to 8.   It's not uncommon to use a mild orthotic arch support that assists in providing a proper foot foundation.  Often you'll find that when your child's foot pain is relieved, they have more pep in their step, and the end of the day crank-i-ness drastically subsides. For Childrens Arch Supports consider one of the following: [caption id="attachment_2319" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles"]Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles[/caption] Toddlers Insoles & Kids Insoles:
For Kids Insoles to Junior Inserts:
Now if your not seeking to correct flat and low arched feet and simply seeking kids cushioned insoles or insoles for tighter fitting shoes, there are options.   The Spenco Kids Premium Polysorb Insoles are the
[caption id="attachment_2182" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Insoles for Kids Cleats"]Insoles for Kids Cleats[/caption] best memory foam cushioned insoles on the market.  One of the most challenging arenas is finding an insole that provides cushion and cushioned arch support for tighter fitting shoes and cleats (for baseball, football, and soccer).   The absolute best insole on the market for tight shoes and cleats are the KidZerts Childrens Insoles.  The Kidzerts 3/4 and full length insoles are a milder arch support that promotes the natural development of a childs foot.  For those seeking an orthotic arch support for ice skates, nothing beats the Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles for Hockey Skate Insoles.
There are also instances where one may want just an individual shoe insert for a specific spot of your child's foot to alleviate foot pain too.  The Insole Store.com provides the best childrens shoe inserts:
Regardless of the situation, there is a shoe insert, 3/4, or even full length insole for your child's foot.  From Sever's Disease, Flat Feet, and even cushioned insoles, The Insole Store.com has the best Kids Insoles from Toddler to Teen.