OOFOS Sandals are the Best Foot Pain & Comfort Flip Flops to be Found!!!
  Although at first I was not overly excited by the looks of this sandal, I can tell you it has changed the life of my feet! I am an avid runner and have recently been dealing w/ plantars fasciitis, heel & arch pain and a bruised/sore tendon on the top of my foot.  I have had acupuncture that has helped and deep tissue massage. When I am not in my running shoes, I am in these sandals.  I started with the fuchsia pair, then bought orange and just recently got the mocha.  I literally feel them massaging my feet as I walk around the house, run my errands, etc.  I purposely push my foot down onto the comfortable insole b/c it feels SO good!  I HIGHLY recommend the oofos sandals for anyone with any kind of foot pain/discomfort.  IDEAL for a post run or any high impact activity.  EXCELLENT price for what they do!  I would've paid more. -Jane
Spenco For Her Total Support Insoles are Great for Plantar Fasciitis
  I, too, have been suffering with plantar fasciitis in both feet. I wish I had bought these insoles sooner because they have really helped a lot! I have been wearing them in my sneakers, the only shoes I have been able to wear because of the PF. Concrete sidewalks and cement floors at the grocery store really aggravate my condition. using the Spenco for Her Total Support insoles has helped reduce pain when I have to walk my pugs and grocery shop. Pug Mom
Spenco RX Full Length Ortotic Arch Supports are the Best Insoles

You solved my problem and I'm delighted!! I've been
suffering with metatarsalgia for the last year or so.
My doctor ordered an orthotic insert, which I had made.
It did not solve the problem, just moved it around a bit.

Recently I stopped at a local shoe repair shop
where the repairman
I try the Spenco RX Full Length Ortotic Arch Support. To
my absolute delight, I experienced immediate relief
from my persistent pain. I can't tell you how thrilled 
I am with the product. You need to do more to make your 
products known when folks do computer searches for 
Metatarsalgia products. Thank you so much for creating 
a reasonably priced and effective product.
You can be sure that I'll spread the word.
With gratitude,
min johnson
Orthotic Arch Supports Can Help Alleviate Foot Pain
Orthotic Arch Supports Can Help Orthotic Arch Supports Insoles help many people stand, work, walk, run and live active lives without experiencing pain or discomfort. Statistics show that one in three adults experience foot pain or chronic joint symptoms that restrict day to day activities such as walking and even just standing. These types of Insoles have proven to help.   The arch supports are designed to be replacement shoe insoles to help balance and align your feet to alleviate the cause of foot pain that can escalate to ankle, knee, hip and lower back problems.   Only 15% of people have neutral arches, the rest of us have either flat feet or high arches. When the arch of the foot does not function properly, imbalances result that can sometimes lead to imbalances involving the rest of the body. People can have high arches, or low arches, but the actual problem is not the arch but how the arch functions. Orthotic Arch Support Insoles bring support to the arch allowing it to more easily function correctly for even shock and weight distribution, restoring the balance back to the feet and body. If you suffer from joint pain, Arch Support Insoles could help these pains disappear.   There are many brands of over-the-counter insole styles available on the market today, as well as ones that can be custom [caption id="attachment_4382" align="alignright" width="150" caption="New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insoles IUSA 3810"]New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insoles IUSA 3810[/caption] made by orthotics specialists or podiatrists to fit your unique foot shape and size. However, considering most manufacturers design Insoles with the help of a Podiatrist and then spend years’ clinically testing before any product is released for sale, most people can find what they need in a quality over-the-counter insole style. Also, most off-the-shelf styles can be custom fitted for the individual user.   Naturally, this does not mean that all off-the-shelf brands can fill the bill. Like everything else, there are good quality brands and not so good quality brands. In shopping for the right Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for you, look to see if the brand has received recognition from the American Podiatric Medical Association, the reputation of the manufacturer, what type of guarantee does the manufacturer offer? How long should they last? Are they comfortable? Are they designed to allow for custom fitting? Plus, the type of shoes you wish to put them in and the activity while wearing them.   Top Brands include Birkenstock, New Balance, SpencoSuperfeetPowerstop, and Pedag as these brands have styles that are all doctor designed, clinically tested and are the brands most frequently recommended by Podiatrists to offer relief at a fair price. There are many different styles designed to suit any shoe, including dress and tight fitting shoes, work shoes and boots, casual shoes, athletic shoes such as baseball spikes, football or soccer cleats, running and jogging shoes, and even women's high heels.   [caption id="attachment_4383" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles"]Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles [/caption] Most manufacturers make products for men, women, and kids; however, some manufacturers specialize in designing and producing a product for a distinct class of people, such as Arch Angels Children's Comfort Insoles that makes Insoles exclusively for children. Other Orthotic Arch Supports are designed for a specific need or activity although they can be used for other needs or activities. For example, Spenco Medical Corporation specifically designed and manufactures Insoles for women with their Spenco For Her line. These Insoles are clinically designed and tested and are specially crafted to alleviate foot pain that has slowed sufferers down for years.   If you have been suffering from any type of foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain, then it could be a problem with your feet. Orthotic Arch Support Insoles have so many benefits attached, they could help you relieve or reduce pain you may have been feeling for years. You'll be amazed at the difference you will feel with correctly aligned and balanced feet. Orthotic Arch Support Insoles can be perfect for everyone, including you.   For more detailed information on top brand Orthotic Arch Support Insoles, or to make a purchase, visit The Insole Store today!