Pedag Viva Insoles: Instant Pain Relief from Leather Arch Supports
  I had excruiating back pain.  Wearing flat shoes only made the pain worse.  I had previously bought the half-sole version (pedag holiday insoles). The relief was instantaneous.  I just could not believe.  I have a pair of winter boots that had little arch support and my back pain returned.  I bought the Pedag Viva Orthotic Arch Support Insoles and again instant relief.  Thanks much for making a quality product. Rita
Sof Sol Fit Insoles: Great Arch Supports for My Feet!
I've bought 3 of the Sof Sole Fit Performance Insoles (for me
-the high arch style) now; to keep in all of my different
pairsof shoes: work, gym, everyday wear, and they're amazing.
They provide great support, and still allow for you to move
freely (working out at the gym, running, playing basketball).
They're still comfortable enough that I don't even realize
they're inserted into my shoes after the brief adjustment
I noticed someone said it felt like you had a golf ball in
your shoe. Well, to that I'd say you probably don't need
the "high arch" supports, obviously, or you haven't waited a
brief moment for the adjustment period. Of course they're
going to feel a little different at first, they're
correcting your flat feet, and your feet aren't used to that.
GIve it a little time to adjust, and you'll love these
arch supports. 

I would highly recommend the Sof Sole Fit Insoles, as they've
provided a great service to me.
Justin M.