Cycling Insoles: Great for Wind Sprints and Outracing Dogs
If you’re a cyclist, there’s nothing better than the rush of wind against your face as you’re pedaling down the road. Second best is outrunning – or out-cycling – a dog who darts out from a country farm you are approaching, and wants to challenge you. The fact is that if you want your best cycling performance, then the way to do it is to start with your feet and support them with cycling insoles. This may seem a little crazy, but in reality, there are some pedaling problems that can hinder your performance.  First of all, it’s easy to pedal incorrectly by using the arch of your foot to try to gain strength in pedaling. Pedals are made for the ball of your foot and your toes, not for your arches. If you’re using your arches to pedal, imagine how much pressure is added when you’re straining to get up that hill that looks like a mountain.  Thus, cycling insoles will generally have arch supports just in case you fall back on old bad habits – and meanwhile, they support your feet thoroughly in the arches. Secondly, one of the purposes of cycling insoles is to absorb any friction that occurs from constant pedaling. Friction causes blisters and over time, calluses, which can lead to other foot problems. When your body feels a sore spot such as a blister, it will readjust itself so that the pain isn’t felt. Although this is an adaptive mechanism, it also can become an alignment nightmare – causing other foot, knee, hip, and back problems. The cycling insoles can truly be your friend in this respect. The problem is that cycling shoes have flat insoles on none whatsoever. You pay all that money for them, but they still won’t really give you the support your feet need for the sport. Our most popular cycling insoles for the extreme are the SOLE Thin Sport Custom Footbeds which are a heat moldable (or even wear moldable) shoe insert that is very thin provides a custom arch support.  The most popular feature is that is provides a solid bottom fore-foot for those that need protection from the clamp-0n cycle cleat that rubs the bottom of the cycle shoe.  Note: This Insole has no padding -consider upgrading to the SOLE Softec Response with a 1.6mm cushion top-coat. Our other two most popular cycling insoles are the Spenco Full Length Arch Cushion Insoles that are a pure cushion shoe insert (with cushioned arch pads) that are trimmable in any direction to fit the tight contours of any cycling shoes.  For those seeking solid arch supports with venitlation/drain holes consider the Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles which all these insole can be viewed by clicking here. So simply replace the insoles in the cycling shoes with cycling insoles that have arches and are ready to give your ride the best pedaling power ever.  Check out the Best Selection of Cycling Shoe Insoles at The Insole Today!
Heat Moldable Insoles for That Custom Fit For Your Feet
When you think about the benefits for the feet, heat moldable insoles have to be the most important invention for the last decade!   Heat moldable insoles are insoles placed into the shoes that fit an orthotic directly to the shape of your foot for that custom fit. One big advantage of them is not only that they are heat moldable. It’s that they often are constructed very wisely and contain arch supports, metatarsal pad supports, and heel cups. The materials they are made from last longer than older types of insoles. And they’re softer and more pliable than most typical orthotic arch supports that provide a solid rigid support. The SOLE Custom Footbeds offer the greatest diversity in Heat Moldable Insoles and footbeds.   At The Insole, we offer three distinct styles: SOLE Softec Ultra Custom Footbeds - 3.2mm padded top-coat for those seeking extra cushioning, participate in extreme sports (such as hiking, military, biking), taking up extra space/voloume in a shoe (or boot), or even standing on your feet all day. SOLE Softec Response Custom Footbeds - Offer a 1.6mm padded top coat for everyday wear in both athletic, casual, and even dress shoes. SOLE Thin Sport Custom Footbeds -No padded top-coat for tight fitting shoes.   The Thin Sports are popular for cleated shoes (in football, soccer, track, cycling, and skating/hockey).   The offer the orthotic arch support with out the volume filling top-coat padding. The way that heat moldable insoles work is different from memory foam in your bedroom mattress. The memory foam in your mattress remembers where your body was the last time you slept in the bed. The heat of your body helps mold it into place and typically they operate solely as a cushion versus the SOLE Heat Moldable Footbeds that offer heel and arch support.  They are ideal for both preventing and treating: [caption id="attachment_2685" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Heat Moldable Insoles -SOLE Ultra Softec Custom Footbeds"][/caption]
  • Foot Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Shin Splints
  • Over-Pronation
  • Over-Supination
With heat moldable insoles, you have to heat them up to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit in order to make them ready to feel your body weight. After heating them, you slip them into the shoes you’ll be wearing, and stand on them for about two minutes. this allows for the heat moldable footbeds to form to your heel and arch shape while standing upright when the foot arch is in a full upright stance.  Watch our:  How To Heat Mold Shoe Insoles & Footbed Video
  Athletes notice more stamina and endurance in their sport when they have heat moldable insoles in their athletic shoes. Their feet don’t tire as easily either, even after hours of workouts. When the foot is supported as it should be, then it’s easy to feel good! Heat moldable insoles could be your solution too!
I love these insoles!
Super comfortable and seem very durable and well made.  -Raquel The Spenco Gel Insoles offer a solid build gel insole for cushioning comfort superior to what one will find in the corner drugstore.
Don’t Walk…RUN to BUY these OOFOS Sandals!!!
I tried these recovery sandals on in a shoe store and could not believe how they felt. They didn't have black in stock, so I ordered them online at The Insole ...and I literally have not worn any other shoe in 3 days!  Flip flops have traditionally hurt between my toes, but not these!  And they feel like I am walking on pillows. No knee joint pain (hey, I'm at "that age"), no achy feet after standing all day... and over the weekend, the young adult crowd at my house tried them on and were AMAZED.  I am ordering a pair for my whole family....and  PLEASE produce OOFOS Sandals in other son's fiancee hopes to be able to wear a pair at her wedding reception next year!!!!! -Elizabeth
Make Special Occasions More Comfortable with Dress Insoles
Dressing up for a special occasion can be one of the most uncomfortable things you face, and all because of your shoes. Let’s face it, dress shoes are not very comfortable. The idea behind the shoes is that you only wear them for a short period of time. Dress Shoe Designers do not expect you to wear the shoes for hours at a time, or spend hours on your feet. Unfortunately, you might find yourself in this position, depending on the occasion. Dress insoles provide one way to keep your feet more comfortable during those special events.   Some insoles feature a design for men’s shoes. Men’s shoes are typically more comfortable than women’s shoes, but only because the designs for women involve a heel or pointed toe. Some men’s shoes do have a slight heel, which makes the shoes uncomfortable. There are also some designs for men that have a sloped toe or upper part, which forces the toes together. Dress Shoe Insoles work with the men’s designer styles. The insoles offer a more comfortable fit because they offer some cushioning or padding for the foot. The design keeps the foot from slipping and sliding inside the shoe. You can also find dress insoles designed for women.  The insoles work for all types of women’s dressy shoes, including wedges, flats and high heels. High heels are particularly bad, and most experts believe that women should only wear the shoes for a few hours or less every day. When it comes to a special occasion, such as a wedding or party, a woman might wear the shoes for six hours or longer. The insoles create a padded surface inside the shoe, which adds padding to the arch of the foot. With most shoes, your arch receives little support, which is what causes the pain or discomfort. There are Insoles designed for specific types of dress shoes, including stilettos. Stilettos feature an extremely thin and high heel, which offers little to no support for your feet. Dress insoles feature a design that completely covers the bottom of the shoe, which keeps your feet from rubbing against the shoe. While you might not feel like dancing for hours in your feels, the insoles can certainly make walking and dancing a little more comfortable. You can even find insoles that [caption id="attachment_2673" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Superfeet High Heel Easy Fit Arch Supports"][/caption] prevent your feet from developing blisters when wearing dress shoes. The Insoles has assembled the best selection of:
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