Sof Sole Airr Orthotics: Great for Standing at Work All Day!
I work on concrete floors wearing steel toe shoes for 12 hrs at a stretch and am on my feet the majority of the time .  I contacted The Insole Store and described my personal stats, weight, foot arch type etc and asked for their recommendation.  This is the Sof Sole Airr Orthotics they recommended.  I checked out their recommendation as well as some of the other items on the site and asked their opinions.  The rep I was dealing with stuck with the Airr Orthotics even though some of my other comparison choices were either more or less expensive. After wearing these insoles for 4 straight shifts (50+hrs total) I can say they are everything the rep said they were.  It took a day or so for the insole to adapt to my foot shape but they are fine now.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this site, The Insole, and the sof sole airr orthotic insoles to others.
Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts: An Ideal Leg Length Discrepancy Shoe Insert
A few months ago, I joked about being invited to go "Running" in the mornings. I found this amusing... the 'morning' part... yes that was funny, but the idea of ME running?? That sent me into a series of memories from my childhood with visions of my mom and coaches screaming from the sidelines of the soccer field "RUN ELIZABETH! You have to RUUNNN!"
In Gym class, I was definitely NOT the girl that put her hair in a ponytail and ran my laps gracefully around the track.  I looked more like a DUCK, painfully running in a 3 legged race...  My running became quite the joke. One even I took part in... but the truth was it HURT ME to run!
Fast-forward (quite) a few years, and discover that I have a slight leg-length discrepancy.  This is where one leg, hence the name, is slightly shorter/longer than the opposite leg. So a good friend suggested Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts. He said, in that "I know you won't listen to me, even though I know I'm totally right" kinda way, that he thinks a heel lift would really help.  A heel lift??? No. BUT, then it was suggested again, AND yes... AGAIN... HA! So, I tried the D@MN heel lift!
Whatdoyaknow... I now "Stand Corrected" (Pun totally intended... I crack myself up!) But I mean it, I stand corrected.  It's like the new and improved version of ME. And, I stand corrected as in, he was Right. :-)
Clearly Adjustables (they ARE Clear and Adjustable...)
Available in 3 sizes:  Small (up to W7.5/M6) Medium (W8-10/M6.5-8.5) Large (W10.5+/M9+)
Each package contains a heel-lift that is made up of 12 layers.  Each layer is 1 mm thick.  This allows you to get that "custom" fit (not to mention at a GREAT price).  To get started, I asked a girlfriend to help measure my inseams.  Based on the difference I was able to "guess-timate" how many layers I wanted to start with. I learned that too much OR too little can be uncomfortable.  The good news is that you can play with these until they feel just right (ha... this is where the Adjustable comes in). And because our feet are all so different, some people will be more comfortable using the short layers while others will prefer the longer ones. I use 3 - 4 layers depending on the shoes I am wearing that day.   They DO work with my heels, and my boots, the BEST part of this story... it
FINALLY occured to me that my leg-length discrepancy could be the cause of my atrocious running style.  So why not try them in my tennis shoes and see where they take me! Right??? Ohhh YEAH!  And I did!  THIS GIRL RUNS NOW!! Without pain!  Some might even say I appear Graceful!  (ok - ONE person said that...)  I think I'm even going to try doing the COLOR RUN next time around!  I need to work on getting out of the neighborhood without being winded first... but I'll keep you posted!
Clearly Adjustables - You are CLEARLY the PERFECT fit for me!
The SOLE Softec Ultra Custom Footbeds Feel Amazing!
  These are AMAZING insoles! You haven't worn a true insole until you've tried these - Sole Softec Ultra Custom Footbeds.


- High Arch that feels amazing and really sucks up into your foot - Very stiff support in most of the insole - Deep heel cup provides excellent heel support - Excellent padding that helps the forefoot feel super comfortable - Relieves stress on your feet and has proper stiff arch support


- Kind of expensive (but for what you’re getting, they are totally worth it) - Because of the extreme arch support and extreme shape of the insole, they take up a lot of room in your shoe, which means you have to tie your shoes tighter in order to keep your foot in the shoe. These insoles are meant only as a replacement, not to add more support, you have to take out your old insole. - Because of the radical shape, it takes your foot 2-4 days to get used to the stiffness and padding and it actually makes your foot hurt the first few days   The Sole Ultra Insole is amazing for standing around, running, and in general if you need extreme support and padding in an insole. They are not for lower profile shoes or dress shoes. And comparing these to Green Superfeet isn't even fair. I used to think my Superfeet were the best insole ever... until I got these ;) These are FAR superior to the Superfeet. The Superfeet are more just stiff arch/heel support, with little to no padding. These Sole Ultra insoles are very stiff if not more, but ALSO have amazing padding that absolutely outperforms the Superfeet by a wide margin. Best insole I've ever found so far, and I've tried a lot!  
The Insole Store: Best Insoles & Customer Service!
I just received my order, I look forward to trying them out. I just wanted to thank you for the extra note you included, handwritten :Enjoy the Insoles! It really shows what amazing customer service you have....thank you :)
Spenco Walker Runner Insoles: No More Heel Splint Pain
  Since wearing these spenco walker runner insoles I have no more heel splint pain.  As an avid runner, I tried many, many different inserts over the years, but none really seemed to work very well.  I was still experiencing heel splint pain in my left foot.  I am very thankful that someone that I run with daily highly recommended these inserts.  I decided to give them a try.  I was able to run the Chicago Marathon last year pain-free and did not experience any heel splint pain.  The quality is excellent.  I felt like my feet were being massaged especially when I hit the "wall" portion of  the marathon.  I know that these inserts made all the difference for me in terms of comfort.  I ran and ran and ran to the finish line pain-free! Lauren