New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insoles: Great Cushioning and Price
  I had purchase the New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insoles at a New Balance store and loved it. When I found this web-site and checked the prices I was actually able to purchase two pair for what I paid for one at the store. I have been telling everyone about this site -The Insole Store. For those of us with HIGH ARCH INSTEP this is a must have product. I have them in my running and working shoes. -Windwalker   iusa3810
Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports -Foot Pain Relief in All My Shoes
  I am overweight, a diabetic and old.  My brother offered to take me on an all expense paid trip to Paris ( lots of walking and cobblestsone).  I said yes and then the PAIN began. I was suffering from foot pain.  My podiatrist said get the green ones - Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports.  Within TWO days I could walk again without pain.  I went to Paris and had a great time.  After two years I am still wearing them.  I have them for all of my shoes--even those cheap boat shoes my Dr. said not to wear work fine with the inserts.  It was and is a miracle. Happy Feet
Pedag Insoles: Leather, Wool and Corrective Shoe Inserts

  One of the best pair of insoles for your feet could be from Pedag International. Pedag Insoles are made in Germany and built from a manufacturing standpoint that unless it’s the highest quality, it’s not worth anything. These insoles are made from genuine cow-hide and are leather insoles, but they also make pure angora & sheep wool insoles as well as corrective shoe inserts too. Now just imagine having these truly natural materials next to your feet; it’s a winning idea for many people. You won’t ever find Pedag Insoles at your corner drugstore, only at specialty niche stores. Founded in 1955, Pedag was built on the idea of helping people solve their foot pain issues with the finest quality insoles on the market. The Pedag Insoles were built around their leather orthotic arch supports and shoe inserts line.  

The most common Pedag Leather Insoles are:

  • Pedag Viva-Mini (Holiday) 3/4 Orthotic Arch Supports-3/4 orthotic for heel cushioning, arch support, and ametatarsal pad.
  • Pedag Viva Orthotic Arch Support Inserts -a full length orthotic for heel cushioning, arch support, and a metatarsal pad.
  • Pedag Comfort Leather Insoles -a shoe insole with a deep metatarsal pad for foot cushioning.
  • Pedag Bambini Childrens Arch Support Insoles -a 3/4 orthotic arch support for children.
Building on the Pedag Tradition of Fine Quality Leather Insoles, Pedag brought on a line-up of wool insoles made from 100% angora, lamb and sheep wool. Their wool insoles are built with the idea of providing soft cushioning insulated warmth (or cooling -depending on the season) with a quality not expected underfoot.

The Pedag Wool Insoles are:

  • Pedag Alaska Wool Insoles-medium plus wool insole with latex backing
  • Pedag Angora Wool Insoles-low plush wool insole
  • Pedag Pascha Wool Insoles-high plush wool insole with cork backing
  • Pedag Solar Wool Insoles-quilted wool insole with reflective barrier
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There is one other arena in the World of Shoe Insoles the Pedag excells at -corrective shoe inserts. Pedag Insoles makes a variety of corrective heel inserts and 3/4 shoe inserts too.
  • Pedag Perfekt -a leather heel pad for extra cushioning supports.
  • Pedag Stabil -a heel lift for Achilles tendinitis, stability, and leg length discrepancies.
  • Pedag Correct -a heel insert to offset bow-legs or pigeon toes (knock knees).
  • Pedag Correct Plus -a 3/4 shoe insole to offset bow-legs or pigeon toes (knock knees).
  • Pedag Point Heel Spur Insert -a cushioned heel insert for adding in heel spur pain relief.
  • Pedag Step Arch Support Insert -an arch support insert for neutral to high arched feet.
  • Pedag Balance Arch Support Insert -an arch support insert for collapsed arches, flat feet, and low arches.
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As you can see, Pedag Insoles provides a well-rounded compliment of leather, wool, and corrective shoe inserts and orthotic arch supports. If your looking for shoe insoles for your athletic, casual, or dress shoes, look no further then Pedag at The Insole Store.
Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles: Great insoles that did curative work  for me!

These are the item, Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles, I had horrible
plantar fasciitis for over six months and tried a lot of
"other cures".  I was in the process of returning a pair
of shoes when the manager said , put these in and remove
the insoles. Within a week  no pain, no more gobbling
Advil, so I went to, and bought two
more pair. I'm sold on these orthotic arch supports.
Now to find a pair I can use in my  running shoes.