Superfeet Blue Insoles for Knee and Hip Pain
I have one flat foot and one low arch foot and this superfeet blue orthotic insole is perfect for me.  I had to start slow with about an hour a day of use and build up as I got odd little pains in my flat foot in the beginning, but they have now gone away one week later.  My physical therapist said to use these for walking or biking rather than the low volume black ones which I also have.  I purchased these after much research because I was having bad knee pain (from too much pronation) and even hip pain.  Incorrect alignment can cause so many other problems that you would never even think it would.  So these are my main every day orthotic, and I still use the black ones to fit in tighter shoes that I won't be wearing as much. -skiergirl
Pedag Summer Insoles: Soft Cotten Terry Shoe Inserts for Every Day Life
Soft, cool, and cushiony is as succicent as I can be in discussing the Pedag Summer Terry Cotten Shoe Insoles.  Made of 100% pure cotten terry with a grooved and preforated latex backing to both prevent slipping (of the insole) and air circulation,  the Pedag Summer Insoles offer the best in fresh feeling feet for those wearing slippers, boat shoes, vans/converse, casual and dress shoes.   They fit in just about any shoe imaginable. If your like me,  I am often bare footed (or in a thin sock) in any shoe I wear -which is either a leather casual or a converse tennis shoe.  The Pedag Summer Insoles offer a fresh springy feel as the soft cotton terry offers a mild cushion completely different then any gel or foam insole.  The summer insoles do not take up alot of room either -so thin and flexible, they are ideal for even house slippers. Not once have my feet felt hot in the 90+ degree days of summer nor cold in the 20's here in Charlotte, North Carolina.   Even though they are labeled for Spring and Summer, most will find the Pedag Summer Insoles ideal for year round use.  Not to mention, the shoe insoles are washable too!!!  Absorbing any odor or sweat, these cotten insoles are washable and appear to last through a good 3-4 wash cycles -which at basically $10 is a deal. Now the Pedag Summer Insoles come in a women's 6 to a 12 and a Men's 7 to a 14. They run a bit short and narrow so they're ideal for most women; however, if you wear a shoe size even a bit over a whole size (like a shoe size 8.5 -order up to a 9) then one needs to order up a size and they are not ideal for [caption id="attachment_4317" align="alignright" width="150" caption="replacement insoles for tight fitting shoes"]replacement insoles for tight fitting shoes[/caption] wide feet -unless ordering a larger size with the idea of trimming down to fit. If your looking for a thin soft replacement shoe insole, the Pedag Summer Insoles offer a great alternative to the traditional insoles one thinks of.  For these cotton insoles, leather, gel, or foam, The Insole offers the best selection of replacement shoe insoles for both tight fitting and loose shoes.  For a fun, fresh, and thin cushioning insole, check out the Pedag Summer Insoles today!