Best Insoles Ever: DONT waste your money on Dr. Schoals
DONT waste your money on Dr. Schoals or the one where you take the test at your local CVS - WASTE of money.  FOR half that price you get the best show inserts you have ever tried.  I am ordering my second pair of the Spenco Heavy Duty Insoles.   I was using one pair and taking in and out of my shoes so now I know I need to get another set.  I put these in my Sketchers slides.  I put them in my boots, i take out the insoles of my tennis shoes and use these.  What a joke when you start taking out the insoles from high priced shoes.  I even use these in my Women’s - Munroes i get a Nordstrom. I am 57 - my feet hurt when i walk barefoot i have to have RUBBER and cushion ALL the time!  under the heel the arch and especially the ball of my foot. THESE are the best shoe inserts ever.  you don’t feel anything but pure relief!  I use these to walk, stand, sit and I don’t run so maybe those are different but is the materials they use that makes these like shock absorbers under your foot. When I don’t wear shoes that has these in them my lower back hurts and i am in a bad mood. You want to walk more and do things more with these in your shoes because you feel so good. Open back shoes these won’t work unless you use a good glue or get the sketchers thats has a tiny heel that shows up in the back that works for these very well.
Spenco Kholo Sandal Slides are the Greatest
  I ordered a pair of the Spenco Kholo Slides last year and fell in love with them . They are the best sandal's I have ever wore . I love how my foot molds to the sole, they are so comfortable. I just ordered me another pair this weekend . I got the order today. I love how ships out your order so fast. Greatest sandal ever !!! -Bonna
Diabetic Insoles -Proper Foot-Care & Prevention Footbeds
  Diabetics suffer from poor circulation, which is potentially dangerous for the feet and lower legs. From the moment that a doctor diagnoses you with diabetes, you must take proper care of your feet. Those that do not take care of their feet and do not treat their health problems properly are at risk of losing their feet. The problem occurs because the feet do not get enough circulation. Eventually, the patient can lose feeling in the foot and the doctor must amputate the area. A good pair of diabetic insoles can reduce swelling, protect from shock and tearing, and decrease the chances of losing a foot. One of the main reasons why diabetics have poor circulation in their feet is because they lack the proper support. Diabetic insoles are incredibly comfortable and give you the support that you need. Most doctors recommend wearing shoes that fit loosely on your feet, such as those that feature Velcro straps instead of shoelaces. When you lace and tie your shoes, you are more likely to tie the knot too tightly, which impedes blood flow to the area. Slipping a pair of insoles inside the shoes is a simple way to increase blood flow to the feet. In addition, the pressure sensitive fabric such as Plastazote or Microcell help distribute foot weight and pressures evenly to reduce skin tear. The insoles feature multiple layers that are specially treated by heat. The special design ensures that every area of your foot is covered by the insole. With most shoes, your feet only touch a small portion of the shoe. This creates a problem because your feet do not have enough support, which can lead to swelling and pain or numbness. Diabetic insoles completely cover every spot on your foot for more comfort and support. Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you can benefit from a good pair of insoles. Our most popular Diabetic Insoles are the ProThotic Comfort Gel Insoles due to their plastizote top coat and extreme softness and shock absorption properties. Many diabetics find it helpful to use multiple pairs of diabetic insoles, and place a pair inside each pair of shoes they wear on a regular basis. You might find it time consuming to constantly switch the insoles between different pairs of boots or shoes, and even skip wearing the insoles a few days a week. You should wear your insoles every time you wear shoes, even if you are just running to the store or running outside to grab your mail. The insoles offer the kind of support that you need. If you want to reduce swelling and keep your feet protected, reach for a pair of insoles designed for diabetics. For Best Diabetic Insoles in both regular and extra wide sizes, check out The Insole Today!