OOFOS Sandals Review: Family Fun at the Beach
I knew the OOFOS Sandals were unique when we brought the first shipment in at The Insole Store.com -little did I realize the comfort and fun the OOFOS provide.  They were immediately a hit with everyone in the store- some wearing them daily to work.  Honestly, we were having a hard time keeping them in stock -so I waited while everyone raved about how soft & cushioning  the OOFOS Footwear feel. Now that being said, my whole family of Max, Emmy, and K were already sporting there Fushcia, Tangerine, and Mocha OOFOS Flip-Flops.  They loved them and my kids essentially have worn them every waking moment over the summer.  In fact, they are so popular with our kids, I made a conversion chart on the products page so that parents could help determine which size is right for their kids too.  OOFOS is certainly a healthy alternative to providing proper foot support for kids sandals. The OOFOS Original Sandals and OOAhh Slides are made out of a proprietary new closed cell OOFOAM [caption id="attachment_3008" align="alignright" width="300" caption="OOFOS Exploring the Mountain Trails..."][/caption] Technology.  They are softer than any flip-flop, sandal, or slide on the market -and (as my kids remind me) certainly better than CROCS.  They have a soft arch support and inclining heel for heel to toe walking action that provides cushioning comfort throughout one's entire gait. They are appropriate for flat feet, low arched all the way to a high arched foot -as they adjust to your foot arch type.  OOFOS Sandals far excel EVA Foam based Sandals as they do not absorb water, float, and do not break down as most traditional sandals do. NOW, I will warn you.   At first they do not feel like anything you've ever worn.  Put them on and walk around for 5-10 minutes -you'll love the OOFOS if you give your feet a moment to adjust to the feel.  The OOFOS tend to run tight in sizing -so I'd recommend going up a size to ensure a good fit. For me,  I broke out my first pair of OOFOS Black Sandals for our family vacation to Folly Beach, SC this year.   As a matter of fact, It's 7 a.m. now with the waves lapping, sand pipers gliding around, and I'm sipping my favorite coffee with my OOFOS dangling from my feet.  I have got to say that these sandals, known as recovery sandals too, are fantastic.  I've worn them all day around the beach and our walking tours of downtown Charleston complete with cobbled stone streets, and the aquarium too.  No Foot Pain!  For that matter, no leg, knee, hip, nor lower back pain either. The OOFOS are known as recovery sandals and from the response we've had from our customers, I can tell you it is true.  From Achilles Tendinitis to Plantar Fasciitis and those recovering from knee or hip pain from extreme sports or from surgery.  The over-whelming response is "Thank-You"   Check out the reviews from our customers on the OOFOS product pages to read for yourself. At the moment, the OOFOS Sandals & Slides come in Four Colors, Black, Mocha, Tangerine, & Fushcia for their introductory year on the market.  Look for new colors to come out for the next Spring year. Our main warehouse manager (and former nurse), Suzette, reminded me that the OOFOS are perfect for people on their feet all day especially nurses, waiters/waitresses, retail workers, etc.  Her one statement is that a closed toe style, like CROCS, would be ideal.  Well, I will let you in on a hint -OOFOS has listened and will debut their new OOFOS going into the Holiday Season -sign up for our Newletter or Friend US on Facebook to be the first to know! As you can see, I can't say enough about the sandals.  Sure -they are a bit more expensive than a $5 Flip-Flop; however, there is a big difference in look, feel, comfort, and lifestyle.  Trust me - Treat your Feet & Yourself to OOFOS Today!
Spenco for Her Total Support Insoles are Better than Custom Made Inserts!

Spenco for Her Total Support Insoles

I have been looking for something to replace my $500, oversized, hard, custom orthos.  My feet constantly hurt, my knees and legs hurt and then my hip started hurting.  I purchased these less than a month ago, and got instant releive all the way to my hips.  I can tolerate being on cement floors all day without waddling to bed in the evenings. I am ordering 2 more pair of the Spenco for Her Total Support Insoles! P. Jean
Prothotics Therapeutic Wide Diabetic Insoles Now at The Insole Store.com
(Charlotte, NC) The Insole Store.com has added the ProThotics Therapeutic Wide Diabetic Insoles to their line-up of Diabetic Insoles and Wide Shoe Insoles.  The ProThotic Wide Diabetic Insoles feature a multi-density top coat of Plastazote and open-cell polyuretane for superior cushioning and shock absorption. The ProThotics Therapeutic Wide Insoles offer a cost-effective over the counter insoles for diabetics, arthritic foot, and those with sensitive feet needs needing a softer insole.   Tyler McCracken, President, states "our customers with wide feet have had difficulty in finding Wide Shoe Insoles for their sensitive foot needs.  The ProThotics Therapeutic Wide Insoles are the best over the counter diabetic & arthritic shoe insoles on the market for providing comfort, cushioning, and protection for foot pain relief."
Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles: Odor Eaters Now at The Insole Store.com
(Charlotte, NC)  The Insole Store.com has added the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles to their shoe insert line-up.  The Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles feature 100% Cotton Terry Cloth top-coat with a Sisal Padded Cushion that are ideal for athletic, casual, and dress shoes. Tyler McCracken, President, states "We are excited to add the Pedag Deo Fresh Insoles as we feel the shoe insoles are the best odor eaters on the market for eliminating smelly feet odors.  The Deo Fresh Insoles have a Nano based silver infused into the insole that absorbs odors while the insoles natural fibers absorb and wick away foot moisture and sweat." The Deo Fresh Insoles are ideal for those who like to go barefooted or wear light socks as the soft cushioning cotton terry top coat creates a fresh and dry feel for your feet.