The Superfeet Green Premium Insoles are the Best High Arch Supports
  I've had many different inserts that i only use while playing sports.  I have very high arches and these have been the only pair of inserts that I have had any success in not pulling my arch in.  I didn't find any them to be more comfortable than the sole of the shoe itself but then again when do inserts feel 100% comfortable and have arch support.  I highly recommend getting a pair of the Superfeet Green Premium Insoles!!! I LOVE THEM!
OOFOS Sandals are the Best Foot Pain & Comfort Flip Flops to be Found!!!
  Although at first I was not overly excited by the looks of this sandal, I can tell you it has changed the life of my feet! I am an avid runner and have recently been dealing w/ plantars fasciitis, heel & arch pain and a bruised/sore tendon on the top of my foot.  I have had acupuncture that has helped and deep tissue massage. When I am not in my running shoes, I am in these sandals.  I started with the fuchsia pair, then bought orange and just recently got the mocha.  I literally feel them massaging my feet as I walk around the house, run my errands, etc.  I purposely push my foot down onto the comfortable insole b/c it feels SO good!  I HIGHLY recommend the oofos sandals for anyone with any kind of foot pain/discomfort.  IDEAL for a post run or any high impact activity.  EXCELLENT price for what they do!  I would've paid more. -Jane
Spenco For Her Total Support Insoles are Great for Plantar Fasciitis
  I, too, have been suffering with plantar fasciitis in both feet. I wish I had bought these insoles sooner because they have really helped a lot! I have been wearing them in my sneakers, the only shoes I have been able to wear because of the PF. Concrete sidewalks and cement floors at the grocery store really aggravate my condition. using the Spenco for Her Total Support insoles has helped reduce pain when I have to walk my pugs and grocery shop. Pug Mom