Shoe Insoles: What You Should Know

The term “shoe insoles” refers to arch supports, inserts and orthotics that are placed into the shoe to correct a person’s walk while providing pain relief too. When you purchase a pair of shoes, they normally come with a pair of insoles. However, often the normal insoles won’t be good enough for a person’s feet. As a result, every step can start to fatigue the foot muscles, which can lead to foot pain, collapseof the foot arch and other foot care problems. Simply by replacing the current insoles in a pair of shoes, you can bypass the foot fatigue that leads to new problems. Shoe insoles that contain extra cushioning, arch supports, metatarsal supports and heel cups have made a big difference in the lives of patients who frequent the podiatrist’s office and seek help for foot issues. If your seeking general descriptions of shoe insoles or footcare conditions/issues, check out our Shoe Insoles Guide or Foot Care Terms & Conditions (and insole recommendation guide) at The Insole Athlete's seek additional foot support to assist with the extreme stresses put on one's foot.  Whether a cushioned insole or orthotic arch support, shoe insoles assist with providing the proper foot position to assist with one's stride and alignment from your foot to lower back. Doctors often recommend shoe insoles for diabetic patients and those with arthritis in the foot. Diabetics often [caption id="attachment_2614" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Foot Pain Relief"]Foot Pain Relief[/caption] suffer from a condition called peripheral neuropathy where they don’t feel their toes, and shoe insoles for them give them lots of toe wiggle room. Even if you don’t have any problems with your feet, there are other reasons to consider getting shoe insoles for the shoes in your closet. First of all, your feet will have an easier time supporting you when some of the compressive forces are taken off your feet with every step you take. This translates to getting to the end of your day without tired feet. Secondly, by customizing the shoe insoles to your unique foot, you can prevent a lot of foot problems that can occur overtime especially when pushing the extremes in sports, weight, flat feet, high arches, or other foot care conditions.  Let alone that there are wool insoles for warmth or cool, skiing and hockey insoles, and inserts for high heels too. To select a pair of shoe insoles, you must know your shoe size and the type of arch you have in your foot. There are basically three types of arches – flat foot (no arch to low arch), normal arch, and high arch. Then remember to always select the higher shoe size if you’re a half size. For example, when purchasing shoe insoles, if your foot is 8-1/2, always select the higher shoe size of size 9. Shoe insoles can be inside each pair of shoes you own, resulting in happy feet all the time! Treat your feet to a new refreshing feel at the Insole Today.  
OOfos Sandals are the most comfortable orthotic sandals
These are the most comfortable orthotic sandals I have ever worn. I got a pair two months ago and wear them almost daily. After a long day walking around in dress shoes, these are perfect for my walk home. I also wear them after work outs or just any time while walking around. They are the most comfortable shoes, let alone sandals, I have ever had on my feet. B Hunt  
Extra Wide Insoles: When Extra Wide Shoes Aren’t Enough
Have you been using extra wide insoles with your extra wide shoes? Some people are born with wide feet; some are born with narrow feet. Others have feet with normal width but they develop bunions or toe spread and then need extra wide shoes. Whatever the cause of your wide feet, one thing that you’ve probably realized is that no matter how hard you try to stuff your feet into narrow shoes, it’s not going to work. And if you still try, like we all do from time to time, the result is pain. Another realization you may have had already is that having extra wide shoes are not enough; although they make your feet feel better, your feet still need a lot more support: whether it be from an extra-wide cushioned insoles or orthotic arch supports.  The problem starts when regular shoes, no matter how good they are or how expensive that they are, can’t possibly have the right insole for your foot when they’re mass producing shoes made for a standard foot.   There is an answer, though. It’s extra wide insolesLuckily with technological advancements, extra wide insoles are available in all sizes and for dress shoes, athletic [caption id="attachment_2593" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Spenco Polysorb Extra Wide Walker Runner Insoles"]Spenco Polysorb Extra Wide Walker Runner Insoles[/caption] shoes, and boots. Here again, because extra wide feet aren’t the norm, the regular shoe insoles on the market won’t be right for you. Regular insoles that aren’t wide enough end up putting pressure on your feet at the edge of the insole where your foot hangs off them, altering the biomechanics of the foot. And that leads to foot problems. For example, blistering can occur or delicate nerves may be squeezed on pressure on the foot in a certain location, causing a painful neuroma. Your feet are the foundation of your entire skeletal structure.  It is imperative to provide the best in alignment for every activity during the day other than lying down. Even when sitting, your spine needs your feet planted firmly on the floor for balance and stability. Because of this, you have one chance to get it right for the day to go right. That chance starts with good extra wide insoles to fit your extra wide shoes. Extra wide insoles will often have heel cups to align the bones of the feet properly, arch supports, cushioning for the ball of the feet and also extra cushioning for the entire foot. But their biggest advantage is that they are wide enough for every part of your foot to benefit. Check out the Best Selection of Extra Wide Insoles at The Insole Today!  
Superfeet Black DMP Insoles Review -The Best Sensitive Feet Orthotic Insoles
There are times during our lives when our feet become more sensitive than normal and this can become an issue if an orthotic arch support is needed for proper foot support and foot conditions.  Superfeet has come out with the best orthotic arch support for sensitive feet.  The Superfeet Black DMP Premium Insoles offer the best in orthotic support while providing a soft cushioning buffer to offset the rigidity that orthotic arches are known for. I have worn many orthotic arch supports and have helped many customers in finding the right insoles for their feet.  I assure you that Superfeet Insoles has created the orthotic arch support for those who have not found an orthotic that is comfortable to wear: The Superfeet Black DMP Insoles.   Those who are new to the World of wearing orthotic shoe inserts often need to take some time in getting used to wearing the orthotic.   Your foot muscles and tendons will take some time to properly stretch and adjust to their new proper foot positioning.  Personally, I didn't truly appreciate what wearing an orthotic did for me for a good 90 days.  My feet and body have never felt better. At The Insole, we occasionally talk to customers that cannot stand the hard custom orthotics or rigid over the counter shoe inserts either (see all our orthotic arch supports inserts).  Typically we try to identify the customers issues (and ask what their doctor recommends) and find the proper shoe insoles for their feet.  At times, an orthotic arch support is absolutely essential and cushioning is needed too.  Their are alot of orthotics with some padding; however, the Superfeet Black DMP Insoles are made with a "Dynamic Molding Process" of Three Layers of custom molding padding that relieves plantar (mucsle) pressure with a soft velvety feel on top.  Really the top layer cushioning is like no other cushion pad I've felt on an orthotic arch support.  As expected, Superfeet Insoles provides their patented Encapsulating Stabilzier System with a deep heel cup and orthotic arch support that properly aligns the foot into a  proper neutral stance to assist one's foot from heel strike to toe lift off during a walking/running stride. Now, I have a neutral arched foot and typically enjoy the Superfeet Green Insoles (ideally made for a neutral to high archedSuperfeet Black DMP Insoles foot).   However, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Superfeet Black DMP Insoles.  The extra cushioning is incredible and I often go bare-footed or wear a very thin sock with my casual shoes -the softness of the top layer is hard to describe.  Remember the "Coffee Talk" skit on Saturday Night Live with the quote:  "It's Like Butter"?  Well -that is what comes to mind. The Superfeet Black DMP Insoles are ideal for flat feet, and low to neutral arched feet; however they can be worn by high arched feet too.  They are ideal for casual and dress shoes; however, appropriate for athletic shoes for light work-out needs.  The thin streamlined design of the Superfeet Insoles makes the Black DMP's ideal for tighter fitting shoes. Do you find yourself looking for an orthotic arch support that doesn't hurt your feet?  Have you given your feet enough time to adjusting to what your wearing?  For sensitive feet, the best orthotic arch support is the Superfeet Black DMP Insoles.  Check them out at The Insole today!