Oofos Flip Flops: Just One Type of Oofos Sandal You’ll Want in Your Closet

Oofos flip flops

Oofos flip flops

Have you loved wearing flip flops in the past, even though your podiatrist and smart friends told you they were bad for your feet? If so, be aware that the future of flip flops has arrived. GOOD flip flops are here, and they’re called Oofos flip flops.


They’re built in an orthopedic way – with good arch support, a perfect ergonomic shape for your foot, and cushion for the beach that makes your feet say, “Ooo la la!”  How would you feel all day long if you could have happy feet? Get used to the idea because with Oofos flip flops, you’ll throw out all your other flip flops after the first time wearing them.


Oofos flip flops are made with a type of foam called OOfoam, and proven to absorb 37% more impact as you walk. Oofos flip flops are great for the summer when you’ve just finished a five-mile run and your feet feel like they need to recover.


Oofos flip flops come in different colors – plum, black, mocha, navy, and fuchsia. They’re guaranteed to make you feel better; in fact, Oofos flip flops and Oofos sandals in general will “make YOO feel better”, according to the Oofos Company.


The Oofos flip flops align your foot bones in the place they are supposed to be, something that’s quite important if you’re at the beach. One little misstep in a slight indentation in your sand can throw off your posture but when you’re wearing the Oofos flip flops, then your foot has less of a chance to go awry.


If you’re questioning whether or not you want another pair of flip flops, Oofos makes other types of sandals, too. You can slide your feet into a pair of Oofos slides, or clogs.

Oofos slides

Oofos slides


Or why not just have a few pairs of each – Oofos flip flops in fuchsia, Oofos slides in navy, and Oofos clogs in black or plum?

Tyler McCracken - President of The Insole Store.com, leading retailer of shoe inserts, inserts, orthotic arch supports, orthotic sandals, and footwear.

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