Navy Sandals: The Sandals That Always Go With Jeans

Why would anyone want navy sandals? There are at least four reasons.


  1. Navy sandals go perfectly with blue jeans.
navy sandals

navy sandals


Have you ever been in a quandary about what shoes to wear with your jeans? Fashion experts will tell you to either wear a color that matches your top as an accent or to wear a color that is subdued on your footwear. The accented color will bring attention to your top, but if you don’t want that, then navy sandals would be the perfect choice. They’ll keep your feet cool during the summer months yet will help you still look stylish.


  1. Navy sandals don’t draw attention to your feet.

If you have wide feet, bunions, or a bandage on your feet, then the last thing you want is attention to your feet. Wearing navy sandals, your sandals will blend in with your outfit – such as jeans – and not stand out, drawing attention to themselves.


  1. Navy sandals may be allowed for those who wear uniforms in the summer.

Uniforms can be boring! Any company that allows you to wear sandals is considerate of your needs and comfort. A good pair of navy sandals that falls in line with orthopedic sandals will work best since you are most likely on your feet for many hours during the day.


Some recommendations would be navy sandals made by the Oofos company. Oofos navy sandals are designed for the most comfortableness in your feet The concept of orthopedic sandals is a relatively new one. Generally sandals are flimsy and do not support the feet. For years, those who needed any type of support for the feet were not able to wear any sandals in the summer and had to suffer through the heat wearing full shoes. Oofos solved the problem by designing sandals in a way that included arch and heel support and incorporating fashion. The Oofos navy sandals are an excellent choice for those who have missed out on fashion over the years due to their feet.


  1. Navy is a color that stands for strength and courage.

That’s why the military and those in leadership positions wear navy. Navy sandals can complete the image you are trying to convey about yourself.


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